How To Make A Simple Chaff Cutter Using Chain Saw | DIY

How To Make A Simple Chaff Cutter Using Chain Saw | DIY

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Today I show you how to make a chaff cutter from an chain saw. I used chain saw to power this chaff cutter. This chaff cutter has a rotating blade. I used a hacksaw blade to make this chaff cutter blade. This chaff cutter blade is rotated by the chain saw to cut the grass. I step down the chain saw machine speed by using the sprockets and chain to multiply the torque for this diy chaff cutter machine. This diy chaff cutter cuts the grass very fastley. This mini chaff cutter machine is very compact in size so this chaff cutter machine can be very easily portable from one place to another place. This homemade chaff cutter is very simple and easy to make. This homemade chaff cutter machine really works good. I hope you will enjoy this chain saw hack.

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