CEENR Universal Battery System for ALL TOOL BRANDS. This is why you shouldn’t buy it.

The CEENR PDnation Battery System is not for anyone who uses tools on a regular basis. It is a toy, and a bad one at that.

I’m not putting a link for you to buy them because after testing them and opening them up, I don’t think they are safe.

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[Music] This is the new PD Nation battery from Cena is that how you say it c n a bit of An odd word now it's not just a battery For Cena power tools this is a battery For every Power Tool not every Power Tool but if you run Craftsman DeWalt Milwaukee Makita Bosch inel works both Types of Works ones black and& Deca Porter Cable Ryobi there may be more That I've missed I don't know all of Those they can be run with this battery How on Earth does that work tools Because that's just just looks like a a Weird shaped hard drive or a power bank Or something well with the aid of one of These you can turn it into a battery for All the tool Brands I just talked about And maybe there'll be more in the future Who knows or will there be a future this Was sent to me for free along with an Adapter for Milwaukee Makita DeWalt and Bosch and today I'm going to tell you Even though I got these for free why I Think this is a bit now I know a Lot of people have been waiting for a System like this and they're really Happy about it and they think it's Really cool but it's no use for people Who use tools every day and I'm going to Tell you why for starters it's a 4 amp Hour battery and that's it so that's the Only one they make and by the time you Put this on it it is a fairly Big 4 a

Hour battery they turn out to be just a Tiny bit bigger than a standard Makita Battery 3 4 5 or 6 amp so if they were To make a bigger one cuz this only has One row of 21700 cells in it which we Will look at later but if they want to Do another row this starts getting into Quite a big clunky battery just to get Any decent run time that's complaint Number one next up um it just doesn't Feel like a tool battery it does not Feel like it would withstand tool Battery abuse now I'm talking about People that use tools every day I'm not Talking about DIY people that use them Twice a year I'm talking about real guys Who use them every day why won't it last Well this is not polycarbonate it's not Pa6 tool plastic with or without glass In it it is just ABS so toughness wise Not quite as good as real battery shall We say not only that you have to clip This on the top now this is held on with Two extraordinarily thin rails which Could very easily snap off under impact And the adapter here is held in place With this tiny little pin that's it so You've got more points to go wrong where Are you line up D so you've got contacts In here that with vibration and Everything are probably going to come Loose cuz you've got that set that you Would normally have plus you've got Another set there that you would never

Have in any other battery so that's Potential failure point and getting it On and off is not the nice niest thing In the world it's got a very crappy Little button on the end here which Doesn't really protrude much and so yeah Held on with that tiny little pen I mean It's so small that could so easily just Break off or snap off or just pop off With heavy vibration and we will look More closely at the inside of these Things in a moment and um something Confusing going on so strengthwise I Don't think it's that good when it comes To charging you cannot charge these Things with the adapters on them so you Can't stick a Makita adapter on the top Of this stick it on your Makita charger Charge it there's only one way you can Charge this thing and that is with one Of these that's right a USB cable a USBC To be precise you stick a USBC cable Into this little flap on the end there's Also a usba a here that is for charging Your phone that's a nice feature being Able to just charge directly from the Battery but I'm going to tell you why It's also a bit dumb if we look closely At these I mean these are held on with The tiniest little flap I mean oh there Is not much holding those on at all that Is going to fall off very quickly and if You are a user of tools every day this Is going to get full of what dust dirt

Mud water and then how good your USB Charger going to be after that not very Good at all one would think not to Mention you can't pump the current Through this like you can through a real Charger that you've got plugged into Your wall you just can't deliver the Same O So this thing takes forever to Charge they say 90 minutes in the little Manual thing it comes with that would be Under the optimum conditions with the Best possible amount of power delivery Coming from this thing it took me about 90 minutes just to get it from three Bars to Four Bars this thing is super Slow to charge so absolutely no good on A job site because it's not Tough Enough It's a pain in the butt to charge and it Takes too long to charge you are going To end up snapping something there right These are are weak points at the best of Times I just hear people complain about USB's not working all the damn time Putting it on your battery is a massive Failure point it has a very cheap clunky Battery fuel gauge then there's also the Issue of backup I don't think you're Going to get much backup from this Company when it comes to these batteries And are you even going to be able to buy Them for very long I certainly wouldn't Put my money on it because there's a Good chance one of these other companies If not all of them will sue this company

Now this company Cena makes knockoff Battery charges and knockoff batteries So they've already got a pedigree of Sort of breaking the rules shall we say Um so there's a good chance if I had to Put my money on it I would say it would Be this company that might decide for More than one reason to Sue this a They're using this B they're using the Lithium ion cells to make a tool battery Things that Milwaukee have the patents For so if they wanted to pursue it this Company might not be around too long so You might not be getting any backup at All so for all those reasons without Even using it this is not a battery for People who use tools every day so this Is a battery designed for people who use Tools perhaps say on a clean bench like This in their garage once every now and Again couple of times a month something Like that and they want to buy a Makita Drill and a DeWalt saw and a plumbing Tool from Milwaukee and they don't want To have to have three charges which is Fair enough charges take up a lot of Space buying batteries for each system Costs a lot of money so you could have One that does all of them fantastic as Long as you baby the battery because the Battery for all the reasons I've just Pointed out is not going to withstand Day-to-day abuse and if you think that's An exaggeration then go look at any tray

The majority of guys will destroy these Batteries so fast this charging point is The biggest failure that I see on it Let's now test the claims that they Don't fit on a standard charger from Whichever company you happen to be using For this one we're going to use Makita so doesn't seem to go on they've Done something to the rails or something To stop it from going On to help prevent trouble um but that Then makes me wonder why on Earth have We got the yellow section here if you're Familiar with Makita 18 volt batteries You'll know this yellow section for um Balancing the cells in your batteries But why on Earth is it there if you Can't put it on the charger because this Has nothing to do with the tools the Tools do not have an area that clips Into that piece this is what the base of A Makita tool looks like there is Nothing for that yellow area none of Them have anything that reads that so Why on Earth would they bother putting It on there oh that's a tight fit are You kidding Me um yeah why is it there because it Doesn't work on the charger doesn't work On the tools are they putting it there Just to make you think that it's doing Something just to try and convince you That it's a Makita and that it's Actually going to help you in any way

Cuz this battery is not going to have The cells being balanced by charging it Through this tiny little USBC port and You can't do it properly through the Makita charger so does this battery fit On the Cena knockoff charges I don't Know and if so then does it really have The tech to go through into to this and Then balance the cells or is this all Just make believe let's open it up and Just have a look if it's actually Connected to anything now these are About to go on the market and if after This review you still actually want one I'll try and find a link and stick it Down Below although personally pricewise I Don't think it's any cheaper than buying A real battery from what I've seen but Hey what do I know any review tools for A Living okay so here it is on the inside We've got the positive and negative here And the negative is jumped over to this Other contact here this one here empty These aren't the Makita ones remember These are just the ones that go in the Top of their Battery and all of this can't be doing Anything it all has to be fake and why Do I say that well if you take a close Look at that board you will see there is Nothing even on It yes it's got some contact to attach

To the tool that is the only part that's Actually functional the positive and the Negative like I said the rest of this Board is completely empty there's Nothing solded onto it so it's Potentially there to put you off and Make you think that there's something There but it also may just be that this Is what they use in their other Batteries And they haven't got around to changing Them out they just thought oh yeah That's easy we'll just Chuck that in There we just won't bother putting all The other bits on it that we need when We make out fake batteries but as it Stands out of the box this is in my Opinion there to make you think this is Better than it is anyway let's put this On the actual battery and go and I have Trouble lining those Up go and put this on an actual Makita Tool and see how well she goes because This is a 21700 00 battery and if you're A Makita 18vt lxt user you'll know that None of the batteries have anything Above an 18650 so let's see how good this goes Let's test it on a circular s if you use Battery power tools to make a living Everyday then this is probably going to Be the thing that tips you right over The edge and puts you off these Batteries completely first we'll just

Make sure everything's working [Music] Right sounds good good let's [Music] Go what what just Happened it Stalled and now it won't go let's take a Look at the battery push the button Nothing happening no lights visible Says the battery is pretty much dead so Come back into the workbench for a Minute so still showing nothing so maybe If we plug in the battery again to Charge maybe something will happen right Here's another thing that's a bit sort Of odd about it I mean they advertise This says you know charge it up with Your USB cable off your laptop how many People who are using power tools are Doing that really if you're charging up Your tool batteries from your laptop You know do I need to say anymore it's One of those if you know you know um I'm Going to tap into it with this how's This eh power stack with a Ryobi adapter On it let's see what happens let's plug This in Here expecting Builders to not stuff Those in 2 minutes is it's asking a lot Right let's see what happened and we got Oh look we got four lights back so Fourth light flashing so saying it's up To three bars and the last one is still Just topping up so we can unplug that

Now and we're back in Action hopefully It'll work let's get back outside Cena Battery take Two Uh-oh exactly the same Back to the bench to get the thing to Work now what happens if I do the same Thing with a Makita let's stall it with A genuine Makita Battery so I deliberately stalled it There now what's going to happen when I Pull the trigger oh look at that I can Stall it to my heart's [Music] Content the battery doesn't have a heart Attack the only way it's going to stop Is if it gets overheated a quick little Overload and stalls which happen all the Time when you're using cordless power Tools isn't going to affect a real Battery on any of the brands they'll all Just start up as soon as you pull the Trigger again worst case scenario you Have to let it cool down but I don't Think you could even get this to cool Down because it's going to jeez that's Hot already that's going to Overload when you do just about anything And then it's not going to have the Chance to get too hot you wouldn't think Back to the bench so I'm pretty Disappointed I had a bunch of tests and Things I wanted to do with this battery But there isn't really any point um I

Know people have tested the voltage drop And how many watts and all this sort of Stuff it means absolutely nothing with This battery if you can't actually use It to power your tools on a daily basis This would be okay if you're putting in Small screws with an impact driver but If you're going to push it at all it's a Waste of time absolute waste of time you Cannot use this to help make you money This is a battery system for people who Don't actually use tools complain about That comment down in the comment section But it's true this is not up to Snuff This is a toy it's just it's not good Enough it's not good enough for it's not Good enough to be used you cannot use This you could never use this on a work Site it's just not capable and all the Ways I've shown you and so there's no Point of me testing it up against the Real ones it's just cuz it's just going To keep cutting out and that will drive Me insane before the end of the video Having to come and plug it into a crappy USBC cable to reset the damn thing that Is a major fail that alone that having To reset it all the time with a USBC Like that is enough for me to say that This is a waste of space if I get one Comment from someone who builds houses With tools all day every day a builder Not just a DIY or anything that says That this is a good system and that it

Looks really good I will be shocked Shocked if you want to use tools from a Different system if you've got one System say you've got Makita or Milwaukee and you want to buy one from The other brand you've got Makita tools You want to buy the Milwaukee nail gun Cuz Makita don't have one yet just Buy one of these and just stick it on Top of your battery it doesn't make it That much different to using one of These you know it's and this will work On all of the batteries that you have You don't have to buy another separate Battery that is let's face it Potentially not going to I can't even be Bothered opening it up I was going to Open it up I was going to have a good Old play with this thing but it's so Disappointing so disappointing let's Take a look at the battery cells you Can't really see it there but it's a Molly cell but if you have a look either Side of what you can just see as the Writing there it's been blacked out Somebody has gone through with a marker Pen and blocked out all the identifying Numbers on the battery cell which seems Pretty damn dodgy to me so are these Even genuine cells or if they are Genuine cells are they a bad batch or Are they not the cells that they Claiming that are in there they don't Have the capacity that they're saying I

Don't know either way this battery there Is nothing good about it it's dodgy as All hell if you want to odd tool that's Different to your battery system just Buy one of these they're about 20 Bucks this is going to cost you couple Hundred bucks unless you get it on the Opening special so and then each one of These is up to like around $25 each oh And if you think that this is the future That this is what companies are going to Have to do in Europe because they've Changed the regulations and brought in a Law that says All Battery Systems have To be compatible with each other through All tools that's baloney okay that was An April Fool's joke if you got it from This video or anybody else who saw this Video there was just some guys pissing About okay doing an April Falls joke and So many people seem to fall for it I Know I'll still get comments of people Saying that this is a real law so I Can't in good conscience even though I Was sent this by the company I I can't Tell you it's good because I think it's Not okay so some of you are going to Disagree of course but here I'm telling You the truth I'm telling you how it is This is not up to Snuff when it comes to Using tools on work sites it's just not Good enough now the type of people that Are really going to want this and buy it You know what they are on the count of

Three 1 2 3 Exactly cheap skates uh people that Don't care about copyright infringement Don't care about anything if they think They can get something Cheaper they will buy any piece of crap If they think it's cheaper and they will Pretend it's just as good as the proper Ones just to make themselves feel better Or something and they will put up with How annoying this battery is and the Ridiculously slow charge time and having To reset it when it cuts out and Everything just so they think they can Save a few bucks on having to buy an Original one cuz the companies they're Just rubing us off with the batteries Yada yada so yeah it's for those people And so what more can I say and I know I've reviewed a few fake tools on this Channel uh just to see if they were any Good you know out of curiosity compared To name brands I've never done batteries Though because I just these batteries Are dangerous enough especially if you Saw this video they're dangerous enough Without buying knockoff ones where you Have no idea if there's any quality Control they've got nobody to answer to They slap any old name on the names on All the knockoff ones change on a weekly Basis so they've got no accountability And I don't want to risk burning down my House for such things but of course

Cheap skates don't worry about that sort Of stuff the comment section of this Video is going to be a delight I can see That anyway thanks for watching let me Know why you like it and why you hate it Down in the comments section I know a Lot of people are going to say I was too Nasty on it and that other tool reviewer Said it was great hey I know a lot of People don't like being told the truth But there it is see you later guys [Music]

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