Cats In-Store – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story, we see how Porter Ace Hardware in Missouri is helping their local cat rescue. Meet Codie, store manager, and see why her community store event is essential for like the cat adoption team.

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[Music] Cody is the manager of our Smithville Store I charged her with uh with coming Up with events for the store and the First one that she came to me with was a Cat adoption [Music] I am a huge cat lover I've always been Involved in rescue so I came to Alex and I asked him if that would be an event That he would like to pursue and he said Go for it I'm Teresa Jennings and I'm With Aces sanctuary and cat rescue Um Cody actually reached out to us after We made a post on social media meeting Um more locations to host our adoption Events So not being able to get out in the Community in a place like Porter's Ace Hardware or any of our other supporters Um We wouldn't be able to reach as many People so a lot of times We're not gonna Get the adoptions that we need to save More lives we are strictly no kill so if We are at capacity we can't take any More in until we adopt more out so Cody Not only sets us up with like Porter's Ace but she also Fosters for us so she's Taking care of a lot of our cats um and She's always putting in a lot of time And love once I was connected with Asa Sanctuary and cat rescue We we started fostering for them I've

Had 43 cats come through my house and Get adopted out so it's really exciting We have customers all the time that come In and they're looking to our event Board to see when the next cat adoption Event is going to be I think it's great When they do events like this it brings People from the community out gets them In the store but it also raises Awareness for some of the good causes That that are around the area people Want to meet the cats even if they're Not willing to adopt they'll make Donations to the rescue and they'll just Ask lots of good questions as far as Ways that they can help to me um Saying that we are the helpful place Means that we are compassionate here my Cats they are my whole world seeing them And knowing that like they came from a Rough life too they've been adopted as Well and thinking of what their lives Could have been and knowing that like I Was able to play a part in putting them In in this type of loving environment Where they are the best thing in the Whole world to me and I just want that For I want that for these other cats and I want I want that experience for other People as well Foreign [Music]

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