BREAKING! 14 New tools Announced from Milwaukee, RIDGID, and DeWALT!

Discover How a Reconditioned Sliding Miter Saw is a Kool Tool

Conversations about a Kool Tool may not include the Koolest of the Kool tools, a Sliding Miter Saw, but it most definitely should. Imagine for a moment the next woodworking project you work on includes making miter cuts on some trim molding. What will you use to make the perfect miter cuts?

How to Choose a Sliding Miter Saw and the Best Saw Stand Combination

If you are like me purchasing a new Sliding Miter Saw and the Best Saw Stand combination is a major undertaking. Looking at all the home improvement and wood working places raise more questions than they answer. Read on and you will discover the time tested methods to make the purchase decision that is best for you.

Ratchet Straps – Keeping Cargo Secure

Ratchet straps, also commonly called tie downs or ratcheting winch straps, are one of the most reliable means of tying down and securing cargo for transport, or simply keeping stacked goods stable and stationary. The reason that they are superior to other tie downs, such as bungee straps, is that they allow the user to take up any slack in the strap, by means of the ratchet, and to precisely control the amount of tension in the tie down strap. This means that one can provide much greater stability than other tie downs.

Multimaster Tool – All-Purpose For Your Convenience

These cleverly designed little gadgets are a must have for any shop, or sometimes just to keep around the home. In the world of one thing that will do almost anything, the multimaster tool is king. With this, you are able to have one tool to do many different jobs, making it extremely convenient and space saving.

Equipment Rental For Commitment Phobes

Why buy when you can rent? So you’re thinking of tackling a DIY project but don’t know where to start? Equipment rentals make DIY projects a breeze and help you stay in budget.

Mini Tillers Can Do More Work Than You Think

If you are a fan of gardening then you really need to check out mini tillers. You can get big results from a small machine.

Floor Sander – Keep Your Floor Smooth

In order to find the most suitable kind of floor sander for the project that you wish to accomplish, sometimes it helps to explore the various types that are available. Starting with the smaller variations, the first type of floor sander to look into is the edging sander. These are usually used in tandem with other sanders for larger projects- similar to using edging tools in painting.

Material-Handling Trucks and Carts

Material-handling trucks and carts help in easy loading and transportation of goods. They are of great use in many of the industrial and commercial settings and are now widely used in refineries, shipyards, manufacturing sites and even in warehouses.

My First Pink Tool

Tired of my husband’s big bulky tools, I bought my first pink tool. Now I want a whole set.

Pink Tool Set

Not only is my new pink tool set stylish, but I can keep my tools organized and right where I need them. Another plus is that a portion of the price goes to breast cancer research.

Which Power Tools Suit Your Needs?

Sometimes, a screw needs to be put through drywall in your home or a bolt may need to be put through concrete. In either case, certain power tools are designed for the strength and needs of the job.

What is an A-Frame Ladder?

If you have trouble reaching something that seems to just barely be out of reach, then you might notice yourself grabbing for that small mini step-stool. This step-stool is also called an a-frame ladder. There are many times you might need this type of ladder.

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