Big Green Egg Grilled Peaches – Ace Hardware

Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, show you how to grill peaches on a Big Green Egg. Add this with ice cream for a delicious summer treat.

Hey guys Chef Jason race Hardware Grilling expert today's recipe is all About Peaches on the Big Green Egg we're Going to give them a little bit of sweet A little bit of heat and a lot of bit Big green eggs so let's head out and get The grill started first then we'll get Back in here and get our work done we Went ahead and refreshed the charcoal We've added our Speedy light in here and Now we will get this fully ignited we'll Allow this to burn out which takes about 7 minutes once that's done we will come In and get set up we'll adjust the top And the bottom at our Grill gate and get Ready for direct cooking today the Speedy light has gone out which means Time to get to step number two so we're Going to go ahead and set our grill Grate in here we're going to close the Dome adjust the top and bottom vents now To maintain that temp 350° ingredients starting off today We've got some of those beautiful Beautiful peaches and you know when they Are in season they are absolutely Amazing we have a little bit of olive Oil today that's going to act as kind of A a little bit of a release agent from The grill little bit of a binder for the Brown sugar cinnamon and then you know We have a lot of different rubs Available at your local Ace today we're Using our Ace exclusive zoi the great

Thing about this we're giving it sweet And we're giving it some heat first Thing I want to do is go ahead and get The topping done so we'll add our brown Sugar to the Bowl we will add our Cinnamon in there as well and then a Little bit of that zoei then we'll go Ahead and mix this up set it aside You're ready for the peach es now that We have the Big Green Egg heating up we Need to do a little bit of our prep so First thing I want to do is I want to Make a little flat spot here on each Side of the peach because what's going To help uh not roll around is that flat Spot then we'll cut this right down the Center like so we'll go ahead and just Give it a Light twist now we'll H get in Here with a spoon and we'll just take Those pits out all right we've got all The pits taken out and hey guess what as You can see things don't always go as And if you break some of them in half Don't sweat it because they're still Going to be delicious and work just fine Now we'll go ahead and lightly base These with a little bit of olive oil and Then time to head out to the egg and Make sure we are all set so we're Preheated 350° we'll go ahead and lay These pit side down uh just so we can Get some grill marks and we'll let these Guys go for about 3 minutes or 4 minutes Uh or until we get to that desired dness

So we're looking for some grill marks And we're looking for a little bit of Color now that we've got them loaded Let's go ahead and shut the lid and We'll let these go for about 3 to 4 Minutes let's check in on these right at That 3 minute Mark we'll go ahead and Burp the egg open that up and let's see Where these are sitting at like we said Uh 3 to four minutes we're going for a Little bit of color on there a little Bit of char let these go another minute Right a little bit more on there here we Are at the 4minute Mark let's give these A check I think we're good to go here Right all right now we're going to go oh Look look at that we're going to go Ahead and flip these over now and you'll See why we made that little Slice on That one side cuz guess what they now Sit flat we don't have to worry about Them rolling around well almost all of Them sit flat except the ones I broke so We'll get these guys flipped and then We're going to go ahead and start adding Our brown sugar zoi mix to the top of These just to get a little bit of sweet Heat added to them all right now that we Have that last little bit of zoi brown Sugar mix on there we'll go ahead and Shut the we're going to let these cook For about 3 minutes and then we'll be Ready to take them off here we are right After 3 minutes and oh my word look at

Those we are done it is time to take These off get them onto a pan and then Guess what you know I'll see you in the Kitchen grilled Peaches on the Big Green Egg little bit of sweet little bit of Heat now I wonder what I could do with These we'll show you that coming up next Now that we have the peaches and we've Identified we're going to use a little Bit of ice cream show you how to build This amazing dessert so I'm going to go Ahead and load a couple peaches in a Bowl just like that make sure we save All of that amazing topping that goes in There and we'll go ahead and add that Ice cream in like so and then check it Out we're going to add a little bit of Fire honey over the top of this now just To absolutely add that beautiful Finishing Touch right and then well we Had a little bit of left over this so We'll go ahead and sprinkle that on Cheers not too shabby at at all for a Great summertime dessert now if you're Looking for something that goes amazing With dessert stay tuned because coming Up I'm going to show you how to do dual Zone steak cooking on the Big Green Egg That coming up next

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