Or you might get this Variable Speed Scroll Saw and make something AWESOME this Christmas!

Hitachi DS18DFL Cordless Drill Makes Drilling Easy!

A couple of years ago I was told by a friend about this drill that he has been using. It is the Hitachi DS18DFL 18 Volt Li-Ion Cordless Drill. I was so accustomed to my old power drill which was plugged in with an extremely long wire, but when I heard about this one I had to try it myself and I haven’t looked back ever since.

Service Carts and Accessories

Service carts are simple in construction and are built to transport heavy loads in residential, commercial and public settings. These are used for transporting food or for storing tools in areas where there is space restriction, mostly in flights, restaurants, and warehouses.

Fall Lawn Mower Tune Up Steps

Fall is a great time to tune up your lawn mower. This article includes helpful hints on how to tune up your mower this fall.

Bosch Cordless Screwdriver Benefits

Discover the benefits of using a Bosch cordless screwdriver to quickly install and remove all sorts of fasteners. Learn to prevent lower-arm injuries by using efficient cordless screwdrivers instead of traditional manual screwdrivers.

Plumbing Tools and Ridgid Parts

Any plumber would tell you that a wrench is your best friend when it comes to plumbing jobs. Indeed, a wrench is the most basic tool that any plumber should have. It can be quite confusing to select which wrench to purchase with all the different kinds of options available to you. Wrenches can differ according to their type and brand.

Ryobi String Trimmer Parts – Getting the Best From Your Lawnmower

Any kind of lawnmower can serve you well when it comes to basic homeowner grass trimming or trimming on more extensive areas. However, there are two types of lawnmowers that you might want to exclude from your list of favorites.

Essential Tips to Using a Circular Saw Safely

For small home improvement projects whether you replacing your floors or building a wood deck, circular saws are invaluable tools to have. The following are safety guidelines to using a circular saw without causing harm to yourself or those around you.

Two Essential Jobsite Power Saws

I construct built-ins and perform custom mill work installations. Two powered saws I always take with me are the miter saw and hand circular saw. These two saws handle all the cutting operations required on the job.

Favorite $50 Woodworking Tools

In woodworking, there seems to be no limit to the quest to acquire the latest tool. Some of us are even guilty of spending more time reading about tools than actually working with them. But there are a few tools that stand out in terms of their usefulness and bang for the buck. Below are my three favorite tools in the under $50 category.

Features to Look For When Purchasing a Black and Decker Circular Saw

A Black and Decker circular saw is really convenient to have around the home and can come in handy for dozens of small projects you might have. Before you buy, there are several features that are absolutely essential that will help to reduce injuries and provide more convenience.

How to Start a Basic Tool Kit For Your Home

Moving into your first house? Here’s some suggestions on how to stock your tool box so that you can make minor repairs on your own.

Reasons to Purchase a Makita Circular Saw For Home Improvement Projects

Using a Makita circular saw is an excellent choice as they are ideal tools whether you are building a wood deck or a cabinet for the home. The following are reasons why you should seriously consider getting a circular saw from Makita for projects around the home that need to be completed.

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