Ryobi Battery Shredder… Yes… A Cordless Garden Shredder… It’s Actually a Thing!

Who would’ve thought that battery shredders would one day be a thing?

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Look Ryobi you've got a little sister Now how do you know she's my little Sister and not my little brother because She doesn't have one of these G'day everyone welcome back to another Tools and stuff review today we've got Something a little bit different in that It's a Ryobi tool and I don't do Ryobi Tools too often I've got a few of them But haven't reviewed that many so it's Rare in that it's a Ryobi review it's Also a bit different because this is the First 36 volt Ryobi I have reviewed or If you're in the states that'll be the First 40 volt Ryobi exactly the same Tools exactly the same batteries just a Different voltage printed on the side And the other reason it's a bit Different is that as far as I'm aware This is a world's first the world's First battery Shredder Now by battery Shredder I don't mean it shreds Batteries although that would be a fun Video to make it is a cordless Shredder For your garden it is the R36x shr 10. now I don't know if this Will ever be available in the States Because they never released the AC model Which I've had for quite a number of Years now and is my favorite Ryobi tool But as far as I'm aware never been Released in the US now Ryobi 36 volt Stuff is primarily aimed towards outdoor Power equipment gardening stuff all that

Sort of thing so there's shredders hedge Trimmers weed eaters blowers snow Blowers lawn mowers that sort of thing Maybe in the future they'll do some Other tools that are quite cool that They could do with a 36 volt system We'll have to wait and see but I haven't Seen any that aren't sort of outdoor Garden type related stuff and if you Want to see any other 36 volt slash 40 Volt Ryobi outdoor power equipment Tested on the channel just let me know Down in the comments and I'll see what I Can do or I'll see what Ryobi can do so I haven't paid for this tool or the Batteries that run it and that's why you Saw that paid promotion thing up in the Top Corner when we first started this Video right let's take a closer look at This thing shall we I have assembled it And one of the first things I noticed Straight out of the box is that this was Not attached Ryobi it's um meant to be Stuck on there it's a little bit sticky On the back but not sticky enough so I'll have to glue that on there because We don't want moisture from rain or Anything getting in there not that you Should be leaving this thing out in the Rain of course but you get a quick Shower or anything which will happen Then you don't want it getting in there Let's stop for another siren right so Let's assume this is all stuck on nicely

On the right we have an on button slash Speed button we have a massive stop Button in the middle here we have a Reverse button on the left and we have a Calibrate button here we also have three Lights so this thing overloads it'll Tell you I would have thought it would just Jam The other one just well we'll get to the Other one shortly the AC one We have a bin light and we have a Tension light I'll show you the bin Light Can you even hear it running It is whisper quiet until you pull this Out Oh not happy So it's got some safety sensors in there So that you can't stick your hand up Underneath into the blade so if you Remove your bin It will beep and the red bin light will Come on Stick the bin back in And we should be good to go again Like that Yes it is running When I reviewed the AC version I said it Was a silent Shredder that's what I put In the title and everybody tore me to Bits saying yeah better silent as an Airport Um As if I'd come up with a name but this

Is part of the whisper series and I tell You what let's put it on full whack I don't even know if the microphone's Gonna be picking this up with all the Background noise of the road and Everything but yeah she's going full Whack right now and it is super quiet it Stayed that quiet while it's cutting Then this is awesome you could cut in The middle of the note if you wanted to Provided they put some lights on it ah They missed something there didn't they Like the AC version it has a reverse Button The reverse only works if you hold your Finger on it so while you're holding it It runs otherwise it doesn't and it runs Pretty darn slowly This is just for when you've made a jam The Tool's struggling it's overloaded Push this and it will hopefully back Your material out sometimes it works on The AC one sometimes it's still jammed And you you've really got to get in There and pull it and yank and Potentially even pull the whole tool Apart which I've had to do a few times And from time to time you need to Calibrate these things That spinning wheel with all your blades On is pushing against an aluminum plate On the other side and every now and Again you need to bring that aluminum Plate over so that your Gap isn't too

Large as your material won't be going Through and cutting properly it'll just Sort of be getting crushed and getting Little Cuts put in it and it'll end up Still in one piece in your bucket which Is annoying so every now and again you Need to shift that plate over and this Has an automatic way of doing it you can Do it manually or you can do it Semi-automatic with this you've got a Knob on the side here which is similar To the AC version and so you follow the Instructions on the side here turn it One way to make it go in and the other Way to make it go out pretty basic And what you want For the optimum cutting distance When you do it you want a little bit of Aluminum shavings coming off just a just A fraction so you tighten it up until You get a little bit of shavings and Then you just back it off by a fraction Like about one millimeter just enough That the blades can cut your material as It goes through the batteries slot in The front here You can put a 2 amp power a 4 amp power A 6 amp power looking at the size I'm Not sure of the new 12 amp power will Fit in there the seven and a half I'm Not sure about the size of that either Being that I'm fairly new to this Platform But the four and the six and the two

Will fit no problem at all this is sort Of spring-loaded it doesn't have any Seals around it to stop moisture getting In but your battery is elevated inside There and with that and the plastic Cover your battery should be all good But like I say don't get it wet don't Hose it down to clean it it is not rated For dust or moisture you've got to look After it a bit look into the two of them Next to each other the AC on the right The battery on the left you can see that The buckets are a different color so They're both 55 liters but the one on The right has an awkward locking lever Which I've never really liked and you Lock that up and it will then activate The sensor so that your tool will run Except it's not actually on that tool Anymore because it crapped out and I Removed it most of the sensors on that One don't listen Ryobi have been removed And possibly that'll happen to the one On the left as well we'll have to wait And see if you make safety features too Damn annoying then people remove them And it makes it even worse so you've got To find that fine balance these Companies do because some of them are Just Overkill and people bypass them the New battery version can be folded up so You can fold up the legs if you undo a Few uh Wing nuts on the back you can Fold It Up put the bucket on the top

There so that it's basically that height Which I will never do because it will Always be ready to go I'm not going to Put it away for the winter or anything Like that because yeah I use this thing All year round this one here so I will Be doing that with this one as well my Aim hopefully is to have this one Sitting up on the deck so that I don't Have to get out of lead every time I Want to use this plus the advantage with This over this I can wheel this exactly To the tree where I'm cutting whereas This I tend to put in one place and you Drag everything to it whereas this you Can just move around your garden to Wherever you need it nice and easy back To the legs this one here has far Sturdier Non-foldable legs but they feel a bit More solid than this one This tool is much heavier to get up onto Its back wheels to move around if you Are elderly or slightly in feebled in Any way then that is a much more Difficult tool to move about this one Very light and easy to just Push around doesn't drop down with the Thump that this one often does when You're trying to control it and it just Drops like that the new battery one Comes with this plunger this one didn't Um use that for shoving jammed debris Through your hole and speaking of holes

Let's take a closer look at the holes This is the hole or shoot or feeder or Hopper or whatever you wish to call it On the AC one slightly curved figure at One end see this end is where the Cutting is done basically pushes Everything over inside here over to this Side it only Cuts as it goes down that Side same as this tool but it's on the Other side so they've done a complete 180 on that so if you're looking at the Back with the handle back with the Handle cuttings on the right on this one Cutting on the left and they've gone With a three leaf clover sort of design And just tilt it up so you can see it There much lighter tool that's for sure So it'll be interesting to see how that Works that might be quite handy because Often with this one you have tiny little Branches sticking out the side that'll Stick out here and out here and then it Catches and you've got to turn the thing To try and get them to line up with the That bit of the groove whereas if this Has got a few bits sticking out the side Like that it might just be enough to Help you get some difficult branches Through Now when it comes to branches size wise This one 40 millimeters the old one the AC 45 so they've dropped a little bit in Capacity moving to battery not Surprising

40 millimeters in soft wood that is 35 In hardwood I'll now just briefly run Them so you can see how loud they are or How silent they are or how whisper quiet They are right I have my microphone in My hand I'm going to place it near each Unit let's start with the silent model Which you got to remember it's silent Compared to a standard Shredder the Plate ones that I was talking about Earlier that you would get at most big Box stores and hardware stores so let's Give it a whirl and see if it really is Silent [Music] So a lot of people don't think that's Silent fair enough it is noisy-ish but It's not that bad you don't need Earmuffs let's try the new cordless one It's on the slower speed now the high Speed Foreign [Music] So how loud is it when you put a branch Through it well let's go try that out For the inaugural shred we've got Something not too big here It is um starts off at about one inch Diameter And we'll ramp it up from there That's pretty quiet A bit of noise on me but You wouldn't have to wear him off Let's take a look and see if we need to

Calibrate this thing oh we most Definitely do so that's what happens When you haven't got the blade set right You kind of just Give a branch a bit of a bit of a Scraping So yeah that is no good so to fix our Cutting issue we can do it manually by Winding this knob in and waiting for the Cutting sound which is quite scary and Then taking a note of the shavings that Go into the bin you'll see some aluminum Filings dropping into the bin So once you've done that you can leave It running against that bit of aluminum To sharpen the blades that's what Ryobi Say and then once you've done that for About 30 seconds just back it off a Little bit so you get that sort of one Millimeter Gap I'm going to try the slightly more Automatic way which involves Turning the knob still But letting the tool stop when it's in The right place To do such a thing We need to use the calibration and the On button so let's give this a well You will hear it run what you do is push The calibrate button and then push the Power button for one second We've now got a red tension light on Now turn the knob clockwise [Music]

It's quite a way out no wonder it wasn't Cutting Okay It's now in contact we now back it off a Tiny bit and in theory That should now be the optimum position Let's go stick another brush through it Right let's take a look now and see if It has Chewed up the way we want it to I Need another hand Looks a bit better Right so you see the way that it cuts up The branches Cuts them into that sort of size chunks And the leaves are sort of Hit and Miss On whether you um End up with whole leaves coming through Or whether they get chopped up I find It's better when there's quite a few Going through it once on the other Shredder anyway Because then they're more likely to get Chopped up if there's only a few going Through at a time they tend to just drop Through Anyway I'm happy with that Let's get to work if the rain friggin Lets me so there we go first bin done What I'd like to do now is a runtime Test I want to see if one of these four Amp hour batteries lasts for 40 minutes That it states on the box if it does That's one amp hour for every 10 minutes

Roughly so a six amp hour battery the Other battery I've got should last an Hour how much difference does the slow Speed and the fast speed make I'm Guessing that's on the slow speed that It lasts that long and I will probably Run it on the high speed so we'll see How long it lasts but the issue is I've got to get 40 minutes of fine Weather and Auckland hasn't had 40 Minutes of fine weather it's since the Second of January I think The first half of this year has just Been absolute rat I've been trying To film this the last few days and it's Just taking forever because every time I Pull the pull the damn Shredder out get The camera out it rains it rains for Five minutes and then Starts to dry out you get everything Outside again and then you get two Minutes of filming and then it rains Again and I'm looking over at the clouds Now and I can see it is not going to be Long until the next one So I might have to wait until tomorrow Damn it right let's see if we can go 40 Minutes 4 amp hour battery shut up dog Laughs [Music] [Applause] [Music] All right that's um been number one done [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Music] Okay out battery is overloaded [Applause] It's cold It says on the front here if shred it Does not turn on remove battery for 10 Seconds reinsert Has been 10 seconds Let's see what happens now we should Probably try and reverse this seeing as It's jammed in there at the moment [Music] All right let's try again [Music] [Applause] [Music] We're also at bin number two [Applause] Seems to squeak a bit more when it's Full All right next battery is showing two Bars [Music] All right that's been number four [Music] That's number six A bit muddy here Um yeah it's a bit muddy everywhere in Auckland at the moment it's been such a Wet year Anyway I think she's almost done she's down to

One bar So let's see how it goes I think it Might choke on this next Branch let's See [Music] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] Just died [Music] One flashing green light She's done Toasted finished Okay So We got about six and a half buckets So that sort of fits with my theory Ahead with six amp hour battery Because I was using that and I used down To two bars and I'd done four buckets I Thought oh yeah maybe about eight eight Of the bins for the six amp hour battery Which would be six for the four amp Power battery So there we go and now I'll have to go And grab the six just so I can finish Off here And as for the run time a little bit of Me waffling there so around 49 minutes Bit of waffle emptying the bins all that Fix into that time so I'm thinking it Was probably 40 to 45 minutes run time Which is what it said on the box so

Can't complain about that I guess I Didn't think it would last that long not Constantly sort of chewing through it Like I was on the top speed I thought 40 Minutes would be slow speed feeding it Through at a certain rate you know but Yeah I'm happy now just like using any Tool there is a skill involved to use in This thing most of it you'll learn as You go along but there's certain things Like when you've got a bent Branch like This make sure you shove it in the side With the big shoot hole else if you put It in sideways and the blades spinning Here it won't catch this and then you Just Jam the thing up and you can't get Anything to go through so certain shape Branches you'll learn are a bit tricky To put through it you've got to try and Jam them over to that side first and Make sure they catch once they're caught And they're being pulled they usually go Through now you will have seen me doing This this in the video that's just to Spread out the clippings in the Collection bin because they all sort of Drop at this end and if you don't move It around it sort of piles up and the Thing will jam up when the Bin's only Half full so you need to just Unfortunately give it a tweak like that And when you're feeding things into the Hopper if you're putting through a lot Of wet stuff do that first and then if

You've got some dry Timber some dry Branches stick that through towards the End it helps poke through all the wet Stuff and just clean out the blade and Stuff if you do a lot of gunky Sort of wet stuff or gummy stuff it will Stick to the blades but yeah put through Some dry stuff at the end and it'll help Clean all that off okay now we're Going to get to the sort of thing that I Will use this for on a daily basis or This detritus here is from parrots I've Got a lot of parrots and they eat a lot Of branches they like destroying Branches Huh And so they go through a lot of greenery And thankfully we've got a fair bit of It so I'm going to put some Palm leaves Through and some bamboo incidentally A Palm leaves is something I need this For more than just about anything else Most of this property is covered in Palms boy But on the box it says the only thing They actually specify the only plant They point out is that it's great for Palm fronds now if you're a Botanical Purist like me the term Palm fronds will Incense you the leaves not fronds but That's another story Let's go She's trying to film you mate So anyway we'll start with the bamboo

And we'll see how we go with that Starting with a dry bit then uh almost Completely dried it and then a fresh Green bit because with the AC version The bamboo is absolutely hopeless it um It sort of gets crushed and ends up in Like sort of strips you don't know the Camera being in your face yeah hello Um But it doesn't it doesn't cut it into Tiny little bits it works okay with dry Bamboo but not the green stuff so So we're gonna start with the dry head To the green see how it goes I might Need to adjust it for this [Music] Is it gonna be cut up or not Look at that beautiful So the green one will not end up like That Unless they've made some improvement to This thing that cuts bamboo let's keep Going So that dice that perfectly as well Let's see how it does with the green one The real test here All right Now it's pretty much done what the AC One does see how it's left this big Strip here like this It's just a bit too tricky to cut bamboo So it doesn't work too well when you're Trying to pulverize it to put on your Garden

But that's not too bad like if you're Going to pulverizer to put in a bin then Yeah but yeah doesn't really like bamboo Right just going to go for it now you Can see everything go through it might Speed this bit up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] So as you can see it diced all of those Different materials all those different Um plants should I say Quite easily that's a leaf base of a Palm it won't of course do massive Leaf Bases like that one there for instance Had to cut off that leaf because that's Way too big to go through As uh some of these leaves that I've got Up here Because the the ptos the stem of the Leaf up there they're like over four Inches in diameters so they won't fit in At all will they noisy bird Huh Noise bird okay so I know you're all Going to want to see what happens when I Push my luck so I'm going to start with This Branch here which is getting Progressively thicker as it goes along It'll probably do okay for the first few Inches but then there's going to be

Trouble whenever you bung something Bigger than a hole into that hole There's always trouble Lots of people have found that out the Hard way mostly Catholic priests I think we'll go in for a close-up on This Okay so it didn't work how I wanted it To work but another interesting thing That happened is either the water Dripping just here drip So much water came squirting out the Other end of this Branch as it was Getting crushed So it's overloaded But it didn't overload with the overload Button it's just overloaded the battery I think Let's take a look at the battery No battery's not overloaded So if something does Jam you've got that Reverse button there but it should have Automatically reversed let's try again Throw it on the slow speed Foreign So that's what usually happens the Overload light comes on and it backs it Out for you automatically so that's the Two things that will happen it'll either Do that or the whole thing will just Stop then you take the battery off give It 10 seconds put the battery back on it Should work again but make sure you Immediately go backwards not forwards so

Let's try it one more time [Music] Oh That's pretty cool I wish the other one Did that because the AC one that I have Some of them might do that because the AC one I've got is one of the very early Ones there's been several iterations of It but the AC version if it jams it just Goes the motor freaks out and you've got To quickly rush over and hit the stop Button because if you don't do it in Time it either overloads the tool which You can reset by pushing a button but Sometimes it doesn't work and you've got To pull the thing apart or it blows the Power board that you've got it plugged Into or it blows your rcd or it blows Your GFI or it blows your fuse But this one Just realizes and backs it back out Which is pretty cool although that very First one I was in the high speed and it Didn't work the next two I did in the Low speed did work let's put in the high Speed again see what happens There we go So it's working first one Just a anomaly I guess [Applause] Ah So don't push your luck too much else You will end up stuffing this thing Firewood for that but and it may have

Jammed up but it seems to have cut Everything up just fine right so verdict Time well compared to the AC unit it's Not as powerful which is to be expected I mean this is still pretty cool for a Battery tool oi stop looking at your System like that amazing what you can do Now with battery tools and this is Another example of something that you Think they never would have bothered Doing in battery but they did and it Works but remember it's for home Garden Use it's not for commercial use It's for occasional use not for trying To jam as much as you can through it as Quickly as possible but it's fine for The sort of thing I do anything over 40 Mil I would keep for firewood anyway so It's perfect it chops up all the small Stuff and you keep the bigger bits for Firewood and you get to use a chainsaw Which is even more fun than a shredder Of course I would have liked to have Seen some sort of battery indicator on Here because you have no idea how the Battery is doing because you can't see The lights when it's in the it's all They don't light up through the side or Anything so you have to open up the lid To push the button it's a bit of a pain So some sort of battery indicator on Here would have been quite good when it Comes to run time I find you get about One and a half bins full of material

From each amp hour So I'm not sure if that will entirely Equate throughout each battery because Batteries do different things depending On how much output they can put out in Yada yada not just the runtime but a 4 Amp hour battery gives you about 40 Minutes a 6 amp hour gives you about 60 Minutes or one hour so the largest Battery if it fits in there I'm not sure 12 amp power would take two hours to Deplete which If you think that's not long enough well Then don't buy any battery tools because That's about as good as you're going to Get from any battery tool to be honest And as long as you've got a fast charger Not the one I'm using which is a little Bit slow takes about four hours to Charge a 6 amp power battery which is a Little bit too slow but if you get a Fast charger and you've got two maybe Three batteries you should be able to Keep going all day no problem at the Beginning of the video I said this was The world's first battery Shredder and I Kind of still stand behind that although There are some other sort of alternative Ones around but this as far as I can Tell is the first one by a cordless Power tool company I have seen another One where they have taken an ego motor And Battery system and then attach that To a different brand of Shredder so I

Don't really count that this is the First one that's sort of Made by all the sort of companies that You will see on a regular basis in shops But technically probably not the first Made Cordless Shredder and here comes the Rain again I know a ton of people will Say why do you need a battery Shredder You could just plug the thing in but This is great it means you can wheel it Anywhere on your property if you've got A large property you can wheel it Anywhere take it anywhere you want don't Have to worry about plugging it in you Don't have to worry about Multiple extension leads you don't have To worry about getting electrocuted you Don't have to worry about dropping the Lead in water and mud and all that sort Of stuff so it is very cool for that I Do think you need to be a little bit More careful with it than the AC one Advantages it has over the AC one that I Have is that it's much lighter and Easier to move around it's much quieter To use much much quieter whisper series It is very quiet you do not need ear Protection with this I normally do have Earmuffs on because I have music playing Through it while I'm doing this and I'm Doing it for an hour or two it doesn't Feel quite as sturdy as the AC one it Rocks around a bit more if you've got

Something aggressive going through it Like that Branch I put through earlier To try and jam it up I am going to have To go and find a 12 amp hour battery now To see if it fits in this thing and get A a faster charger but overall I am Happy with it I would be a bit more Careful with it than I would with the AC One just to look after it but maybe a Little bit But it does what it says on the box so You can't complain at that if you want To see more Ryobi tools reviewed let me Know down in the comments what they are And I'll see what I can do don't bother Putting snow blower snow sweeper snow Anything because there ain't no snow Here okay I live in Auckland in New Zealand and it never snows here never Okay so I can't test it I don't even Know if Ryobi and New Zealand would Stock such a thing because I don't know If anybody would use it anyway so sorry About that one I do have a few more Coming up such as this the new framing Nailer So cheers for watching guys and I'll see You on another one soon I'm gonna have to give her a clean she's All grubby Look at a poor old girl

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