Milwaukee M12 Planer Review. Better than the Milwaukee M18 Planer?

The Milwaukee M12 Planer is a great addition to the line up, but it’s not without it’s flaws…
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[Music] Foreign [Music] Welcome back to another tools and stuff Review or if this is your first time Just welcome I guess today on the bench The Milwaukee M12 planer so I'll tell You the features and specs of this thing I'll show you it doing some cuts and Then I'll tell you a bit more about each Particular thing that needs talking About so let's get on with it it is 56 Millimeters wide or just over two inches It has a Groove in the base for putting A bevel or chamfer on your Timber it has A maximum cutting depth of two Millimeters going up in 0.1 millimeter Increments it has a dust Chute on both Sides of the tool Just flick a lever and it will do it Whichever side you want the tool has two Blades But also storage on the back with two More blades and a tool for changing Those blades and those blades spin at 14 500 RPM it has a kickstand in the base That is spring-loaded so you can just Pop it in and lock it back in place has A battery indicator on the tool it Weighs 1.6 kgs without a battery it Comes with two attachments in this part Of the wheel this one goes on your tool So that you can extract dust and this is A hose attachment to fit over said dust

Chute in this part of the world the Model number is the m12blp brushless Planer and if you are in the US it is Two five two four and if you've come to This video just to see if this is better Than the M18 version well you can stop Watching right now because I'll tell you It is right let's go planing [Applause] Foreign [Music] No cut Point one Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] So I just showed you a few of the depth Settings there you'll be pleased to know That on xero this thing does not take Any material off unlike the M18 so They've managed to get the dial a bit Better on this than they did on the M18 Version and it turns and clicks nicely Nice and easy

Works perfect but once you are cutting At a depth over about one and a half Millimeters you will notice as you will Have seen in the video that the dust Chute clogs up pretty damn easily you Need to go quite slow if you don't want It to clog up so I've found if you're Doing passes of two millimeters as well As going slow you are best off hooking It up to a vacuum to suck that stuff Away and then it seems to work fine and Also when you are using it on the full Dip we take a look there two bars Showing that was on four this was Freshly charged battery when I started Doing those last Cuts I did about I Don't know how many passes I did half a Dozen On a piece of Timber that was only 600 couple of feet long And it's already sucked half the life Out of this thing so when it's on two Millimeters and you're pushing this Thing to its maximum that battery will Get the living daylight sucked out of it If you've got it on a more reasonable Sort of depth setting that the tool Isn't struggling with say like half a Millimeter Then much better much much much better The battery life is much longer But under heavy load it will suck that Battery juice let's see what it's like Now with a vacuum attached to it

[Music] Oh [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So that was two millimeter depth of cut Against the Grain the M18 wouldn't have Been able to do that so much less Cloggage when you have a vac hooked up It's quite an ingenious little clip this Thing and even the adjustment for Flicking from left to right is quite Cool just easy on the front there just Flick it side to side couldn't be much Simpler works well this you'll see has a Little clip on the base here And it has a special groove on the tool That it slides into so you slide it in From the front and it will click into Place and when you want to release push Down on the little lever and then slide It back off again and that of course Works on both sides of the tool you just Flip it up the other way bang Nice and easy bang but you're not going To be using dust extraction real quick And easy to take off might be a bit Quick and easy to lose though too Unfortunately [Music] So as you can see we've got a bit of a Dip in the piece of timber here so this

Will take another few passes just to Sort that out how'd that go battery wise Still on four bars that was a fresh 6 Amp hour battery at the start of that so Overall it's a good little tool but I'll Just tell you some of the things I like And dislike about it let's get that out Of there Thank you It um goes through the battery real Quick but that doesn't worry me too much So it's not the sort of thing you're Going to plane all day with really if You're going to be straightening out a Heap of walls or something then you're More likely to use a bigger planer you Know an 82 millimeter planer rather than This one but this is great because it's Small and light be nice if it had a like A belt hook on it so you just have it on Your belt because this would be perfect Just on your tool belt when you say up On rafters or something you just want to Maybe just take a Nick off something you Could just whip this out quick little Pass and you're done Chuck it back on The Belt all depends on what you do for A crust of course the little kickstand I Love the little kickstand just being Able to slide it in like that I wish More companies had ones like that Because these little kickstands piss me Off they get in the way they break They're just a bit of a pain so that's

Great that you can just pop that to the Side like so This here with the blades in which are Carbide blades I might add they've got Carbide in them so they're meant to last A bit longer hitting things like very Small nails or Staples Um it's cool that there's blades on here And it's cool that you get two sets with The tool so you get the set that's on it And you get that replacement set in There they're double-sided so you get Basically four sets of blades you could Say but it's a little bit loose and I'm Just afraid that You're planing up all the time Um and it could easily sort of drop out Doesn't have much to just for it to just Be loose and fall out Not a huge deal but I imagine you'll see Quite a few of them around soon that Don't have those in them [Music] [Applause] Just remembered something I haven't yet Filmed to show you in the video and that Is how deep you can rebate Pretty good it's pretty darn good for a Such a small little tool a lot of Planers only rebate to about seven mil Nine mil somewhere around there you can Get the makitas of course which will go Up to 25 there's very low profile on This side too you can't get flush up

Against something but you can get pretty Close Within oh about 3 8 of an inch 10 mil But also you can rebate about 17 or 18 Mil I haven't actually checked the depth Yet for the rebate test we will use a 2 Amp Hour battery which is freshly Charged we'll do one millimeter passes [Music] [Applause] Wait a minute we're getting wider every Time so the issue I had there was the Blade sticks out the side a little bit On the drum and so it was cutting the Side here every time and just making This thinner and thinner so you've got To be careful with that it really needs A fence if you're going to do that Rabbit like that so yeah rebating Rabbiting just be aware you are going to Be cutting that side of you trying to Line it up hard up against that every Time Chamfer works great [Music] [Applause] And I'll just now show you the tool Running Cutting with that side of the drum like I just said so I'm not even going to put The plate on the timber it's going to be Next to it like so [Music] As you can see the Blade's sticking out

The side of the drum has sliced a path All the way along 17.8 millimeters deep so we're down to One light with that two amp power Battery so choose through it pretty Quick what you just saw has almost Depleted that one battery already so if You're going to do a ton of planing with This thing you're gonna need a ton of Batteries to go with it what else did I Want to tell you about this thing oh the Trigger so it is a Milwaukee so Unfortunately M12 tools seem to have Awful triggers and handle designs so It's got that bulbous uncomfortable Handle that Milwaukee M12 tools often Have they've got it quite nice and thin There it's not too bad in the shape but It does have this hideous trigger here So to use it you have to flick this in Before you can pull the trigger So it's a safety feature I I get it I Understand you need safety features of Planers if you pick them up and you Accidentally touch that and and the Blades like up against your leg or Anything like that or up against a work Piece whatever it's um not a good Outcome But this safety switch is horrible Um I would have far preferred some sort Of button here on the side a little Trigger down with your thumb or a push In with your thumb then this thing

Um because hey it's a little bit awkward I mean you get used to it but you've got To sort of flick it up and then pull the Trigger it's sort of a bit weird and It's just damn uncomfortable that is the Problem as with so many Milwaukee switch Areas I would love Milwaukee Tools so much More if they had decent hand grips and Decent triggers decent areas where the Switches and triggers are that don't cut Into your fingers because this area here Is so sharp You push that in but all around it is Just that's it's horrible it's just Horrible something to work on Milwaukee For the next one just put a put a thing There say boom your thumb goes in the Side touches it and you then just push The trigger you don't need this silly Little flap Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] That pass the rest of it feels pretty Smooth that's a bit of a ridge there but Yeah give that a go over with a random Orbital sander and it'll be good to go All hooked up to the dust extractor so No mess Down one bar on the battery happy with That in Lawson Cyprus which by the way Just smells amazing this tool is great

If you don't do too much planing or you Don't want to Lug around a massive big Heavy 18 volt or 36 volt version of a Planer this makes planing light and Easily accessible to more people and if You're interested in small light M12 Tools I've also got the review Of this nibla coming up I love this Thing this thing is very very cool Uh yeah great little tool both of those Were given to me by Milwaukee for review Purposes so I like this little thing It's fairly accurate for what it is and It's more accurate than the M18 so That's good it does struggle with Pushing out the chips though with that If you're doing deep Cuts I I'd Recommend using this thing as a one Millimeter pass tool or less two Millimeters it can do but you've got to Either go super slow so it doesn't clog Up or make sure you've got a really good Vac going on it so that you can do those Deeper passes And of course also have plenty of Batteries for that but it's a great Little tool to add to the M12 lineup There's some really cool M12 stuff Around now Milwaukee seem to just keep Making cooler and cooler little M12 Tools like that and that Nibbler that I Showed you just a moment ago very Nifty Little tools with plenty of power and They're now getting good features on

Them this has got some good features This has got some good features so yeah They they're cool little tools I wish They would work on the comfort and the Hand grip and the trigger areas a bit More but apart from that it is a great Little tool and that's that I guess I'll See you on another one soon cheers guys [Music] [Music]

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