How To Drill Into Stucco – Ace Hardware

Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, show you a quick way to drill into stucco.

Hi Luman forini Asus home expert in this Video we're going to show you how to Drill into Stucco stucco is a masonry product and While it's typically applied over wood Framing it might also be applied over Some type of cement or block or brick as A finish and so in order to effectively Drill through stucco you need to use Masonry bits look for drill bits that Specifically say designed for masonry Brick work stucco and then put that on The end of a hammer drill see a hammer Drill not only turns the bit but hammers It while you're actually trying to drill The hole it gives you better control and Makes the drilling process a lot easier Coming up next my video on how to use a Hammer drill [Music]

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