Makita News November 2023 Makita Cordless Framing Nailer, Compact Impact Drivers and New Batteries!

New Patents for a Makita Framing Nailer, Impact Drivers, Impact Wrenches and a new Makita CXT 21700 cell battery.
Makita Framing Nailer Patent Pics
Makita 9803
Makita 12″ Mitre Saw
Makita Update October Part 1
Makita Update October Part 2
40v HIGH OUTPUT 4Ah Battery
Makita 173 Impact
Makita Multi-tool Hack

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Guess what it's that time of the month [Music] Again good day everyone have you seen One of these before this I reviewed a Few days ago check it out up in the top Corner if it's not up there have a look Down in the description yes this is a Genuine Makita something a bit different So if you want to know what it is like I Say have a look down in the description It'll be called Makita 9803 before I Show you some of the new patents let's Take a quick look at some stealth Mount Gear I know I've shown you stealth Mount Stuff before and given some away while The good guys at stealth mounts just Keep sending it to me so I've got some More to give away to one of you guys so Leave me a comment down below if you Want some 18vt stuff um it's not just 18vt those 2 or 18vt these will go on Any drill or impact driver and this is For your track saw rail so those Aren't specific to any particular Voltage or anything but those uh 18V Tool holders and battery holder so let Me know down below just tell me what Country you live in or if you want to Tell me a joke or something that's fine As well but just tell me what country You live in and I will give these away To somebody I will draw it and put up a Post before my next Makita video which Will be on the 8th of December okay so

Keep a lookout for that don't listen to Anybody who says you've won down in the Comments section of this video it'll be A lie only pay attention to my proper Name tools and stuff official and make Sure you know don't don't go clicking on Any bloody WhatsApp thing or telegram or Any of that so that'll be like I Say December the 8th so let's get those Out of the way if you want double the Chances of winning I've got some more to Give away over on my patreon channel so Take a look down in the description for A link to patreon if you want to get Into that I do videos on patreon you get Them first you get them like a week Sometimes a couple of weeks um sometimes They go off on patreon they never ever Come up on YouTube so you might get Lucky um plus I also do other updates on What I'm filming and stuff as I go along Sort of behind the scenes and give away Makita tools all the time just gave away An inflat to somebody in Canada today so 40 Vol inflat so if you want stuff like That have a look at the old patreon down There in the description right let's get Into this thing this is a Makita 2 a Power 12vt battery for years there's Only been 2 Amp and 4 amp but now there Is a 5 a hour version that's right let's Take a look at it on the screen now this Is a slim 5 a battery the standard 2 a Battery has 18650 cells in it three of

Them running lengthways down the battery Whereas this new one has 21700 cells It's got Samsung 50s cells which are Sort of as as good as you get uh when it Comes to lithium ion cells and so they Can put out 5 amp hours in a package not Much bigger than this certainly smaller Than the 4 AM power battery which is a Double layer of cells it's got six cells In it that has just been released in Japan and hopefully we'll be rolling out Around the rest of the world not too far Away now it's going to be a bit wider Than this and a little bit taller the Width maybe it'll cause a problem on Some 12vt tools I can't think of any of The top of my head um but it may cause a Problem in some of the 12vt radios or Something like that um that are you know Enclosed in the back I can't say for Certain off the top of my head right now We're going to get into the patents now Maker have released a few patents Recently showing different Motors and Different impact mechanisms and stuff For impact drivers and impact wrenchers Trying to get them smaller more Efficient more durable that sort of Thing and so first up here we've got a 40 vol what looks like a half in impact Wrench which is smaller because of the Mechanisms that they're putting inside And also supposedly a little bit quicker And a little bit like less impact on you

The user because this one has the Dual Spring technology that you might Remember from this impact driver in the Back here let's take a look this is the DST stands for dual spring technology so That gives you a little bit of it won't Um Focus here come on focus on that one That's It so it has two Springs in here so that It as one's pushing back the it second One sort of takes up the pressure and The second one pushes it back a bit Quicker and so the hammer can get back To the Anvil a bit quicker and get more Impacts in in a shorter length of time And reduce a bit of the impact on you And get a few more impacts into your Tool and into your drill screw should I Say screw damn it and Uh it's been a busy week and as well as That some people think these are a Little bit quieter haven't really Noticed to be honest but I use so many Different impact drivers sometimes it Gets a bit confusing next up a 40 volt Impact driver so similar to this but a Bit more compact they've sort of managed To chop the front bit off the plastic Housing looks like it comes forward a Bit further and this part of the tool is Sort of recessed in a bit more so the Whole overall tool is a bit shorter here Few other little tweaks on the tool but The most interesting thing like the

Impact wrench I just showed you is the Insides of this thing they're coming up With different ways different methods of Making your tool not have as much impact On the tool parts so that it last longer Hopefully give less impact and Reverberation into the user as well so There are several different designs in This patent and there's several other Different patents they're all released Around the same time that sort of Override each other and what have you And this particular one if we look at This one here look look at all these Springs what is going on here so there's Some interesting designs some of them Might just be red herrings to throw off Other tool companies I don't know that's Just speculation of course but you never Know or some of these might be you know Coming out soon in the the Td004 G who knows next up another impact Driver but this one is an 18vt and it's Along the lines of this one the 173 but once again they've managed to Make it a little bit more compact taking The front off a bit pressing things up And changing the insides as well but Most of the patents for this is they Release like three of them at the same Time most of them seem to focus mostly Around the ring light and different Versions of a ring light different Technology for that so they're still

Looking into that because those patents Were only Filed in April and they've all been Released just in the last week most of The patents I talk about in this video Are were filed in April um after the 173 Had already been released so it's not For this particular tool it's presumably For the 174 at a guess um this area here is Different on the picture as well so the Screw is like going through the top There's a little bump they're trying to Take as much plastic and weight out of This thing by the looks they've left the Control panel on the back which is nice Because that's very good that and the Ring light were the major improvements On this particular tool but there is a Couple of designs some with more Aluminium on the front instead of having The plastic come forward like this sort Of stops halfway it's bit hard to tell Whether they're just in makito playing Around or whether they are seriously Looking at those options or whether it Is showing the tool with part of it Missing next up back to 12v we have have A drill now this is patents that have Been added to and added to since 2015 and the big difference for this one Is mostly what they're showing is stator And windings so they're looking at ways To get it more efficient and more

Powerful and that leads me to believe They're making it in conjunction or to Work with the new 5 a 12volt battery Because some other brands 12volt tools Certainly do smash makitas when it comes To power so maybe they're trying to up The anti with the battery and with the Drill and I wonder how many comments Have been left by now on this video About new 21700 cells in 18vt batteries H another thing that Makita could do With 18vt batteries if you've watch my Video on this battery in the background Here the new 40 volt f battery 4 amp F Battery high output battery basically um You will have seen that this has new Cells in it that nobody else has been Using and they are presumably tabless I Haven't cut one open to find out and I'm Not sure if the information is up on the Interweb yet H there was no information When I made the video for that it was All speculation on whether they're Tablet but I'm presuming they are the Battery sell companies are also working On 18650 sales at a tablis all the Makita 18vt Batteries use 18650 cells so If we could get 18650 cells that were Tablis they could keep these the same Size but have a lot more output maybe Like this depending on the tool you can Get like up to 30% more power on certain Tools I've noticed um particular like Circular SS this is pretty darn good um

So different things will give you more Power same runtime but more power and a Bit more power in the 18V tools would be Nice but I know a lot of you want Extended runtime as well and maybe They've done 21700 in this will they now Do 21700 cells in the 18vt batteries the Main reason according to the internet That they don't is because you have two Of these next to each other on an 18x Two tool if they change them to the 21700 Cs the batteries have to be bigger And they'll crash into each other you Won't fit them on the tool some of the Later by two tools they put a bigger gap Between the batteries so that also led To speculation they were about to Release 21700 cells in their batteries But it hasn't happened yet anyway back To this 12volt drill it also has a Strange looking back on it where the Bearings come out the back there is Usually an indent in the back of a drill Or impact driver where a bearing will Sit um but on this one it seems to be Outside the tool essentially also with a Little Loop where you could I guess Hanging on your belt clip it on to Something so hopefully we will get some New 12vt tools cxt tools to go with the New 5 a Battery here's hoping next up the most Elusive Makita tool the cordless framing Nailer so three patents were released a

Few days ago they all seem to supersede Each other from what I can tell from What I've read and if we take a look at The image here they don't give you a lot Of detail about what certain things are If we take a look at this image you'll See this area here which I'll Circle in Red it's actually open it's not an Sealed piece of plastic it's like an Open cavity um if you look at the Description of the patent you'll see That it says that it may be used or Could be used for a motor housing they Might put a motor in there if they need To so it's it's definitely not a Finished p Um or it's just another vague one to try And throw people off uh if you also look At the top of the tool here you'll see This strange bit which has evolved from This patent to this patent and the first One it sort of looks like a slide switch It goes from one side to the other which Would maybe be a quick release for the Top or maybe a bump fire switch in a Strange location um whereas on this next Patent picture here you'll see that There's like a screw perhaps So maybe this is so you can top it up Maybe like the um Ryobi and AEG framing Nailers if the air cylinder gets a bit Low and loses its pressure but these um Patents mostly focus on the driving Mechanism so there's lots of images lots

And lots of images if I have time I will Do another video over on my other Channel voiceless tool reviews what do You mean you haven't heard of voiceless Tool reviews really um look down in the Description you'll see two other Channels of mine builds and stuff and Voiceless tool reviews builds and stuff Is kind of like a b channel it's yeah It's just little thing sometimes people Ask me a question and I just test a Little thing it's not worth making a big Video for tools and stuff um so that's Builds and stuff and voiceless tour Reviews is as the name suggests they're Just short little sort of up to five Minute long videos no no audio well There's music but there's no talking From me it's all just stats on the Screen just telling you about the tool So go and subscribe to both of those and If you're lucky there will be a whole Lot of patent picks of this nail gun now When I say this nail gun if we take a Look at The Battery area it is clearly An 18vt tool not a 40 volt tool from Information I have found out it looks Like Makita will be releasing two 18volt Nailers first two 18vt nailers you say Tools that's right two of them so one Will be clipped head and one will be for Full round head nails now some nailers From other companies can do both and Some don't and some do if you're lucky

Occasionally and sometimes they don't so Maker have taken any ambiguity out of That by just making one or the other so Most guys I'm guessing will go for a Clipped head um bit annoying that you Have to buy two if you wanted to use Some full round head nails but if you Are a Builder just framing houses and Decks and things like that then you're Only going to need clipped head Nails Anyway but I know for certain things you Have to have a full round head so in That case you can always buy the other One now these aren't going to be out Anytime soon so I will give you more Information when I know them I've heard All sorts of dates but I'll wait until I Get a bit more concrete evidence before I get your hopes up but it looks like it Is finally going to happen so go and Check out voiceless tool reviews now Down there I'll put a link also in the Um comment section if I've if I've Gotten around to actually putting a Video together to um show all the Different patent photos um not photos Sketches drawings and is this the last Update of the Year well who Knows Makita tend to release something Really exciting usually right at the Beginning or right at the end of the Year or right at the beginning of the Next year right when I want to take a Holiday um so there might be one more of

These in December before the end of the Year if there isn't merry Christmas and All that stuff happy New Year yada yada Yada and I will see you all on another One of these maybe this year maybe next Year cheers everyone have a good one Don't forget to go and watch the video For this and the 12-in mitur video that Just came out as well and if you haven't Seen this one oh look at this isn't that A funny color this has got teal colored TPU overmolding oh and it's only 14 Volts oh okay Cheers

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