Warming Hearts – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story, we head to Edmunds Ace Hardware in New Hampshire. See how Rick and Jeanine’s family support the Grapevine Family & Community Resource Center.

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In rural New Hampshire you know we don't Have um natural gas piped to our homes Like they do in many of the Cities it Means a lot in the cold New Hampshire Winters to to be able to keep keep you And your family Warm the great Bine uh do to volunteers Providing wood and then the labor you Know we cut it and split it um they're Able to get free wood to help Heat their Homes well let Gallagher the executive Director of The Great Vine family and Community resource center as a Family Resource Center we like to say that we Serve everyone sort of in the Continuum Of life so that can be an expectant Parent that can be a senior in our Community that's looking for connection And kind of everything in between the Wood bank is really intended to serve Anyone that is in need of an emergency Um wood source during the heating season It's meant to get people through a hard Time while we connect them with longer Term forms of assistance such as fuel Assistance and that kind of thing and so The wood bank is here as a resource to Really anyone who needs it so me my Brother and my father are going over to The grape vine we donated a bunch of Wood that we're going to split and cut For people that are less fortunate that Doesn't have the resources um when you See young people doing positive things

You know thinking about other people Rather than just themselves you know it Gives you faith in the the future of our Community and the future of our country The family that owns Edmonds has been a Long-standing supporter of the Great Vine and so that's through um grants and Financial support Rick Edmonds is is Actually been serving on our board for Quite a number of years and so he's Really handy when it comes to just those Like last minute kind of in a pinch Fixes that we need he can run right over And help us and he's just been a delight To work with and he's he's he and his Whole family are very supportive of the Gra Vine feels so good to be able to Help somebody because we can I had Cancer years ago and the community was Bringing us food and supporting and Driving our boys around and it's like we Got that feeling but now to be able to Give it is is great often people that Call for wood it's really a one-time Need that they have people who receive Help from the woodbank often come back And give of their own time we'll call Them the following year and they'll Actually come to the wood bank and help A stack and kind of give back and pay it Forward My dad Rick is a great guy he's always Here to help people out all around the Community and in and outside of the

Store I like to give back and and I Think it's a uh it's a powerful thing to To give back and it feels good and it's Something I've always done you know Helping out people whether in the Hardware store or out in the community And I you know I think um I think more People should should find the uh the joy Of giving back to their community [Music] A

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