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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to create a Craftsman Versatrack plan. Hear the tips right from Craftsman on how to set up the system for a perfect tool organization.

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Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert I'm Here with Brandon from Craftsman now I Know all about the Craftsman tools I Love it I go back to when I was a Carpenter starting out I always used a Craftsman Hammer which was awesome and Um but now you've got these Solutions in Particular the versatrack system and It's this tracking system that has all These different options but I think for A lot of people getting started can be Kind of you know like I don't know where To start what are some tips you could Get people if they're thinking about Using the versatrack system yeah Absolutely so I think the the biggest Things to start with is kind of take an Inventory of what are you looking to Store right what types of products Supplies and then what what space do you Have available what space are you trying To fill and I think based on those two Things you'll kind of have a better idea Of what types of Solutions in Versa Track do you need what types of hooks Right to cater towards outdoor power Equipment or hand tools or power tools Because we have a full variety that Really will allow you to store all those Things efficiently and I know that you You you offer some bundles right with Like a 20 piece kit to get you started But it might be that if you're going to Do this that may or may not be enough

But you can buy the individual Accessories to add on to it correct Exactly that's a great thing about Versatrack is it's fully modular so you Can kind of build as you grow as you Obtain more tools and supplies right you Continue to build onto your system both The track and the hooks and accessories Right right and the one thing I know That Brandon and I agree on from Craftsman and Ace you can never have too Many tools if you'd like more Information just go to Ace Or better yet stop by your local Ace Hardware store all right well check it Out our video coming up next is more on The versatrack system [Music]

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