Did you buy the WRONG Milwaukee Platform? Power Tool Week In Review!

What is a Step Ladder?

A Step Ladder is basically a standard ladder which is folded in half, to form a V shape, upside down. Normal ladders work by leaning them up against something, and are normally much larger than a step ladder.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Tools – Basic Hand Cutting Tools

Even in this modern day, some basic hand tools are still very must for sheet metal work, no matter a small metal shop or a large one. You should purchase your own set of hand tools and practice using them until you are very proficient.

Picking a Utility Knife

There are a few important things that you should look for when picking a utility knife. A lot of people will walk into the store and buy the cheapest knife on the shelf, but in the long run you miss out big time. The cheaper knives break very quickly as they are poor quality.

Using Curved Utility Blades

If a utility knife is one of the common tools that you use from day to day, you should have a good knowledge of the different blades that you can purchase for these knives. The most common one is simply straight edged along the cutting edge, and you can reverse them so the blade is usable twice over.

Tips For Buying a Band Saw

The band saw is one of the most popular and multi-faceted tools you can own. It can cut long straight cuts using a fence, it can rip, make curved cuts, circular cuts, and did you know that a wood cutting blade works very well when cutting light gauge aluminum? The band saw can be the workhorse of your all your saws if you select the right one.

DeWalt Twenty Pocket Tradesman’s Tool Belt

Why risk injuring a workmate from a falling tool. Know your tools are safe and secure in your belt.

Diamond Saws and Blades

There are certain materials that have a long life and need minimal maintenance for homes and commercial buildings. Among these are stone, cement blocks and bricks. Also, many builders and architects are using glass, especially in commercial buildings to provide an airy and natural light that has been shown to affect people in a positive manner when they move in, around and through the building.

Ironing Boards and Ironing Board Accessories

Ironing boards and ironing board accessories would be great additions for your laundry rooms since they add more convenience to your ironing process. People wearing well-ironed dresses can easily create a good impression on others.

Plasma Cutter – Are You Ready For One? – I’ll Help You Decide

A Plasma Cutter is a really fast & clean-cutting machine, but it can be way too expensive for the beginner welder. I help you decide if you are ready to buy.

Find the Best & Most Versatile Tool Box

Entire market is full packed with a range of renowned brands offering versatile tool boxes such as Knack, Chevy tool boxes and many more. This online guide helps you to find best information about the market’s leading tool box manufacturers.

All About Selecting the Best Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are very handy and the most vital storage unit for your valuable tools to organize or for proper management. These are available in various materials such as Plastic and Metal and should be chosen according to your choice and preference.

Woodworker’s Best Tool – The Table Saw

Table Saws are the most basic and important tools in the wood working business. It is the focal point of the whole operation of ripping and squaring the wood. There are multiple brands of table saws available in the markets which are highly rated for their performance.

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