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In this Heartware Story we meet Dan and Betty, owners of Crosslake Ace in Minnesota. After Dan’s father passed away, he and Betty stopped at a shrine for a bit of peace and prayer. They saw how the garden space of the church needed some hardware TLC. The couple travels six hours each way to care for the church space.

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[Music] Foreign [Music] Actually died on his birthday with the Rosary in his hand originally they were Thinking about sending the ashes back Like UPS or whatever it might be and I Said no we're going to come out to get Belongings and Ashes and as we were Coming back from Wyoming we saw a sign Saying visit Fatima family shrine [Music] The story of Fatima is when Mary Appeared to three little children in Fatima Portugal what Mary's Wish was is To pray the rosary love one another and Bring peace to the world so when I drove In I just I don't know I had a different Picture I guess in my mind and it's so Beautiful but it could be more you know The first things out of her mouth and my Mouth are almost simultaneously was it Looks like that place could use a little Hardware store cleanup or something our Shrine had been neglected not because Nobody cared about it it's just lack of Funds the walls were collapsing up in The bell tower the basement flooded so We had terrible walls got all the walls Out tear the carpet out and so it's been A big deal for our little church I Totally believe it was divine Intervention the good Lord said we need To clean this up a little bit and also

Here come Dan and Betty so we set up a Day on a Saturday we met with Joe we Started walking and looking at things And I said I made notice of myself I Took pictures of all this stuff that I Could help with you know as an Ace Hardware we can do so much we had all These ideas and I was like well yeah That sounds great but How are how are we going to pay for this And then all of a sudden find out we're Just going to send this all down they Not only said we're going to come help You but they also gave us a check So Alexandria is exactly six hours and Three minutes from our store here every Time we needed stuff I had we jumped in The truck drove it down to him said here You go what else do you need our grass Was in top shape we had a lot of shrubs That needed to come out and do curbing Edge and new benches there was a calling To to do something and then it become a Mission the lighting on the shrine was Obsolete and broken I go okay if I get You some lights do you know how to stall Me goes no but I know a guy oh at times There was probably you know close to 30 People working on projects they done More than they realized they yeah they Contributed physically and they gave us Money but they they also United our Parish back together I think we just Gave a little spark to a flame that was

Already there just needed Fanny our Favorite time is to come out and sit on The benches at night with the lights Shining on the the shrine it's just so Peaceful and just a great place for People to come once again the light Shine on Mary is it's unreal I've Received so much more from them than I Will ever be able to get just it's a Beautiful Parish well I just think it's Incredible for a business and Dan and Betty they're so far away that they Would get this involved in our little Community your community is your family He is a family oriented environment and I'm not going to say business it's an Environment that is is built that way And families always give to others and And help others out they said they're Going to adopt the shrine and I believe They did that for us My sister told me on the nthower of his Life that my dad was very proud of me as A son And I think that this would just Probably add to it

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