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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, tells you about the Big Green Egg Plancha. Learn why it’s the perfect addition to your grill.

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Hey guys in today's video we're going to Talk about what is the Big Green Egg Plancha and why do you need it so let's Dive in let's talk all about its Features and benefits and then today I'm Going to show you uh one of my favorite Uses as well what is the Big Green Egg Poncho well first and foremost it's cast Iron right so we're going to season it Treat it clean it store it just like we Would our favorite cast iron pan now you Can see the first side here we've got That smooth side so great for anything That you're going to be crusting right Maybe your breakfast item some french Toast some grilled cheese or maybe You're going to do paninis or Steaks and Chops vegetables or some of those Blackened Foods or breakfast foods right Now we'll go ahead and flip it over on This side this is the rib side so Another great surface for you to do Steaks Chops anything where you maybe Need a little bit of a channel for some Grease to flow or you're looking for Those beautiful Diamond marks as well This is great and the best part about it It also fits on my expander system too Now for tips and advice first and for Foremost make sure you season this Before your first use so go through and Give it a scrub make sure you follow the Same process you would for your favorite Cast iron secondly always be careful

When you're using this to keep your Temperature from getting too hot we are Going to be cooking with the lid open on The Big Green Egg but I'll tell you what One of my things I do to keep it from Getting too hot is I cook with the Bottom closed so that I can control the Airflow in when you're done go ahead and Scrub it with a brush use a damp towel To remove any of that Grime that you may Have left on the surface and then when You're done re-oil it in between uses Now dishwasher safe I say definitely not Your dishwasher may not be able to Handle the food particles coming off Here but keep it out of the dishwasher Super fast and easy to clean right okay Let's head out I'm going to show you one Of my favorite things to make on my big Green egg Plancha now for today's Demonstration purposes you can see that We are on my extra large Big Green Egg I Put my expander frame kit in and I also Offset my charcoal to 1 on the side so We'll go ahead and start that charcoal We'll bring it up to 200 degrees and Then we'll go ahead and add our Plancha Okay we hit 200 degrees so it is time to Add the Plancha in there now we're going To adjust the top of the bottom bring it Up to 400. here's my tip once you reach 400 we are not quite there yet we have To make sure that that Plancha is hot Enough so we are going to let it sit at

400 for about 10 minutes make sure that We're ready to smash some burgers so we Are all up to temperature we started off Sauteing our onions get ready to do my Favorite Smash Burgers like I said when The lid is open and we are Plancha Cooking my tip is to close the bottom to Make sure we don't get too hot so saute These guys up right here we'll show you How we uh smash a burger right go ahead And put that on there like that move That to the side put that one right There move that to the side All right Let those go for just a minute I'll tell You we'll give them a little uh Seasoning right there a little Savory Pecan all right little parchment paper And we do the smash and hold so we can Set that burger Look at oh yeah that's delicious same Thing over here Okay got them all flipped I'm gonna hit The top side with a little bit of Seasoning as well then time to add the Cheese Just like that done it's like this Plancha was made for Smash Burgers And just like that lunch is served off That amazing accessory now if you're Looking for another cool accessory stay Tuned because coming up I've Got My Big Green Egg carbon steel walk video Definitely don't want to miss that

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