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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, heads to EGO’s headquarters to get the full details on their lawn mower options. Hear about the differences between the models to ensure you make the right decision for your yard.

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EGO Lawn Mowers

Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here at the ego headquarters with Barnaby from Eagle you got some uh brand New mowers that have uh distinct Differences can you take us through some Of the progression of these three Products absolutely they're all the same In that every ego product has all the Power and performance of gas without the Noise of us and fumes so say adios to The gas and hello battery powered by ego Because you're going to definitely get a Great cutting experience with all these Mowers it's just dependent upon your Mowing situation if you have a flat yard With no Hills push mower this roll is Like a baby carriage right here run time Is going to be about 55 minutes it's got A gator blade under the hood what that's Going to get you is Great Lift and great Mulching but you can also bag it's got Headlights as do they all so a lot of Similarities it's going to be run time And propulsion on these things as the Differentiator all right so this is a uh Kind of what you would call a Traditional push mower yep no power Whatsoever as far as assisting pinky Push correct they're lightweight and Easy to use now we come to this unit Which is self-propelled it is Self-propelled and so this guy is going To give you you know it's always going To be button Bargo right that's how you

Initiate it and then in for Drive pick Your left or your right hand to initiate The drive with these green handles now The speed control for the self-propelled Is going to be right here where your Thumb is so it's going to be very Convenient the run time on this is going To be five minutes less than the push Why is that because of the energy needed For self-propelled right so this is Going to be about a 50 minute mow right Here but the ego batteries charge so Quickly and again every Ego battery fits And runs every ego tool so if you have a Second battery pop it in while the other One's charging you're good to go so now We step up to this last one here right Similar but it has some uh differences In how it operates yep it's all right Here you can see it right still button Bar go on this but now instead of having The handles here this is innovative Touch Drive technology so you simply Rest your left hand or your right hand On these touch pads and you're going to Get ready to go your speed control is Right here bigger battery on this the Run time is going to be one hour wow yep So you got 55 minutes 50 minutes one Hour flat to self-propelled Great selection of ego mowers that People can either find at Ace Hardware.com or at their local Participating Ace store yep and once you

Go ego you're going to go what took me So long For more information go to Acehardware.com Coming up next a riding mower that Drives like a car and turns like a z [Music]

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