The Recycle Project – Ace Hardware

In this Heartware Story we hear the relationship between E&H Ace and Blake, a young man with cerebral palsy and special needs. Hear how participating in a recycle program bridge a relationship for this Ace store and bettered the community.

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[Music] So we have a customer here at enh Ace Hardware named Blake Blake has multiple Disabilities and his mom approached us a Few years ago about a recycling program [Music] My name is Rosemary Noland and I am the Mother of Blake Jones Owens he is 44 Years old he was born with mild cerebral Palsy and he's developmentally delayed Blake loves to recycle cans and bottles So Blake's mom rosemary approached us Here at Ace about doing a recycle Program we thought that that was Fantastic Ace Hardware was one of the First businesses that jumped on board With it the manager that was there at The time he was all for it I've seen Blake with people at Ace he is just Absolute friends with the people in There everybody knows him and they're Happy to see him they say hi to him I've Seen guys and stop at a garage and they All stop and say hi you walk into your Local Ace Hardware store and they make Everything better they just you know They make it all better they erase so Many of the hurts and and you don't Expect that so they purchased the Recycle bins and provided them to us we Place them in the break room and then Blake would come to the store Blake Pulls up to the side door he's got this The static smile he is so happy to see

You we usually just kind of take it Right out to him he's always waiting There real patient with a smile on his Face super excited to help out It makes him happy and it just sends a More positive message to people [Music] It's Akron City Fire Department will Take the aluminum cans and sell those And then whatever money they raise they Donate that money back to Akron Children's Burn Unit so we were really Happy to be part of that because not Only did it benefit Blake but it Benefited our community and that's what We're about here we've made some great Relationships with Ace Hardware they're Like family I just can't say enough About the people that work there across The board I don't know who does the Hiring but they should run the United States because it is amazing [Laughter] We know he loves trucks and he loves Brown paper that we wrap the glass in That we cut for customers I know how he Loves paper so I made sure [Laughter] This friendship this giving of gifts It's just really so different from what We're used to in the regular World Rosemary's been one of our customers for Years I think there's nothing more Rewarding than help your neighbor help

Your customers these people support us And our business that I think it's Critically important that we support Them back we are part of the community And The ring and loving everybody in our Community I have always kind of related To anybody that had anything different About them we all we have our Differences but ultimately we're all the Same we're all just here for one purpose And let's do what we need to do [Music] Thank you [Music]

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