Rebuilding Tomorrow – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story we see how Caldwell Lumber in Arkansas helped their community after a devastating tornado.

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[Music] Um March 31st was the day that we'll never Forget in Wind Arkansas [Music] We did watch the storms come through Little Rock so we knew that there's Potential But it's kind of one of those things you Never really expected to hit your town We've been told for years a tornado is Never going to touch down on the ridge It'll do all of its damage in the Flatland and um That was not the case on 331 about 4 30 I got a text message that said hey There's a tornado on the ground just Outside a whim so I told my employees I Said y'all go home I lock up make sure Everything's good so whenever a big Storm like that happens in our community This fire station is Storm watching look On the ground I'm hearing them say it's going down Union Union is in the center of our city And I'm hearing these worries but it's Not clicking in my head I walked in my Father and mother-in-law's house with my Wife and three children and And as soon as I close the door it hit When people say it sounds like a freight Train take my word for it it sounds like A freight train this is a massive Tornado 1600 yards wide tornado tearing

Through the city of wind the storm went As fast as it came you know and and I Walked outside and it was just like wow Roofs were laying everywhere parts of Houses were laying everywhere cars were Just pushed around in the street I see The look of people's faces just walking Around it all neighbors are hugging each Other people are crying people are Trying to call no cell phone service People are lucky to be alive It was almost like immediate you hear Chainsaws going people just trying to Get out one of my thoughts was hey I Gotta get to the store if somebody needs Us you know I mean they it's gonna be Bad and we have a backup generator so we Had power we gassed up chainsaws we Gassed up all of our generators It wasn't enough So I get on the side by side I look at Ace and I see what looks like just a Bunch of little minions running around In there just running as fast as they Can and I just pull in there and the Doors are wide open so then we started Dispersing fuel from them Their family was really close to that Debris field and some of those houses Got debris for them to be at their work Opening those doors available for Customers to come in and get supplies That they need you know that was Incredible that's that's moving you know

I didn't want anybody to be able to go Without because they couldn't pay for it I put some tarps in the back of my truck And we just rode around and like hey you Need tarps and I have a personal Relationship with the steel wrap and he Called me as well it's like hey what do You need when you need it we'll do it And I was like I need chainsaws and a Lot of them they said if you can drive Two hours you can have all you want so I Was like yeah absolutely so Monday Morning I sent a guy with a trailer to Uh to go pick them up you know the Probably the first Supplies into this town was the Ace Truck and that's that's just a great Thing about working with Ace we're Helping people during their darkest hour And being helpful for them we had a Local Distribution Center set up right After right on the next day and uh they Called me said hey we need stuff you Know just come get what you want the Impact that Ace had being open Immediately after the storm Was vital to people being able to see The light and see like hey it's going to Be okay we're going to be able to Rebuild it's trying to do your part you Never feel like you do enough but you're Just trying to do your part Ace is the The helpful place is a it's more than a

Slogan it's a it's a lifestyle and when You have owners and employees and Managers and people that all think the Same way and they're all on the same Team your community will be grateful for It our future is bright and I think I Think it's a very hopeful future I mean We can we can rebuild and we can come Back from this it's going to take a lot Of time a lot of effort but we will we Will come back from it [Music]

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