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In this #HeartwareStory we see how Beaver Dam Hardware in New Jersey is bringing meals and toys to in neeed kids. See how the team at Point Pleasant Toy Drive are helping the community make the holiday season easier for their community.

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[Music] My father started beam Hardware in 1974 And I was just pretty much raised Here I was Nuts and Bolts hardware Christian took the store over in 14 but He would call me with all these ideas And stuff and and pretty much they've All turned out you know Dave had built a Pretty Rock Solid business here kind of A staple in the community and Christian Wanted to take that one step further he Really wanted to like the staff to be Community-minded he wanted us to really Be part of the community and not just Sales people or [Music] [Music] Staffing about 7 years ago one of my Children was in kindergarden she said That a child had been getting sick every Day at lunch and I was really floored Because when I dug a little deeper I Found out the child was so hungry by the Time they got to lunch that was their First meal of the day and were eating so Fast that it was coming back up the Parents figured this out and went to the Administration to say what can we do to Help and from that was born a program That helps hundreds of kids in our town Every day that's one of the things that Makes Panthers Le seat so unique we help Feed the community when school is closed That's what really got me involved

Originally is these are potentially Children they sitting next to your kids In class they could be your child's Friends and you would have no idea and I Learned more and more about it and I was Like this is a really cool program let Me see what I can do and help them raise Funds and do different things to promote The the organization and we realized With very limited time that a lot of the Kids in our program were not going to Get much for Christmas because when you Put two and two together it was very Easy to assume that if they don't have Money for food there's not going to be a Lot of money for Christmas so the first Thought for the toy drive was in 2020 Christian buys majority of the items That he donates through ACE he has Access to so many different things that Makes it so much easier for us to be Able to do it so this year we were able To do blankets for all of the Participants in the program thanks to The donations of companies like Ace 40% Of our customer base donated to the Roundup so 40% of our transactions People said yes to rounding up so it's Been it's been really cool I always do a Big order from beaverdam Hardware as a Donation this year it was like 650 Individual items I donated but we have Different collection spots around the Town that that that the community drops

Off presents to that then go to my Garage at my house where I sort them all And then we bring them over to Danielle's business before Christmas and Then we we drop everything off at night Time to the families we include wrapping Paper in the bags so the parents can rep For their children the way that Beaver Dam Hardware jumps in for the toy drive Is unbelievable it's next level Christian is one of the most giving Caring individuals I think I've ever met Anybody who asks he's there to help even If you don't ask he's there to help he Just gives of himself of the business It's great to be part of something to Help the the way it operates and think Of new ideas of how to raise money and Funds and stuff to help these children Out you know it's a great feeling and I Get to see it firsthand and not a lot of People do I had a parent email this Morning that said I'm just sitting here Crying because there was literally Nothing and now like there will be Christmas you know to know like that That parent's going to go to sleep Tonight and just sleep a little easier And like enjoy Christmas morning it's Not going to be stressful it's going to Be fun and light and that's what the the Kids deserve you know and that's what The parents deserve I think we we Equally worry about the parents as much

As we do about the Kids I'm very proud of him you know for What he's done basically what I did is I Turned him over a business that was Doing well and he just made it better You want the business to be the there For people you know when if you need a Helping hand you can come here for more Than just a piece of Hardware Christian Is is well known and respected in town So he's setting the standard you know if Someone said could you point out the Helpers could you point out the people Who are making a difference I think Without a doubt quite a few people would Be pointing to Christian he's humble he Doesn't like anyone to point out the Nice things that he's done but he's Doing really important work yeah it's Not it's not for the recognition or Anything like that I definitely just Knowing that you someone in need is Being helped you know it's a they say it Takes a village and that's what it does That's that's that's what it is you know So thank you to all those people that That help out I got four young children That it's good to show them what it's Like you know this community has given Us so much you know we need to give back To the community as best as we can where We can and and CH what a better way to Get back to the community than to [Music]

[Applause] [Music] Children [Music]

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