Now In Variable Speed! DEWALT DCG409VSB & DCG416VSB 20V Angle Grinder with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE Tech

Retractable Clothesline Guide

Retractable clothesline are perfect for line drying your clothes inside your home. The small casing is not noticeable and can be mounted to any wall.

The Advantages of Using an Autodarkening Welding Helmet

For welders, an autodarkening welding helmet is a genuine blessing, no doubt about it. There is no longer a need to fuss with flipping your lens up and down. Having to stop and flip your lens up and down can prove to be a real pain.

High Power Led Flashight

When you turn this flashlight on, you’ll swear you just turned on your car high beams. A mag light torch doesn’t even come close to this LED flashlight. Wondering which LED torch I’m talking about?

Autodarkening Welding Helmet

Autodarkening welding helmets have transformed the welding industry. It’s not a requirement anymore to continuously raise up your face shield to see what you’re doing. The helmets of the past are sometimes a big nuisance since you are always needing to lift the face shield up or down.

Welding Cable and DLO Are Both Types of Power Cable

Welding cable is usually classified as a type of industrial power cable. It’s much more flexible than THHN wire or any type of electrical wire. There are two types of flexible welding cable that I’ll tell you about and a few other types of power cable that are very similar.

Matching Circular Saw Blades to Materials

Circular saw blades come in many different styles to match different applications. The material you’re cutting and the type of cut will determine the right circular saw blade for your job.

Choosing the Right Grit of Sandpaper

Using the right sandpaper is the key to a successful project. The right sandpaper can make a job faster and easier. Soft plastic and metal are vulnerable to permanent damage if the wrong sandpaper is used.

Precision Woodworking Tips – How to Cut Wood to Length Accurately With Your Miter Saw

A popular saying in woodworking circles is that you should measure twice before cutting once. We all know that you can cut a piece of wood smaller but you can’t make it bigger if you’ve made a mistake by cutting it too short. If you want to put more precision into your woodworking then read on for some simple ways to “sneak up” to accurate fits in your woodworking projects.

Owens Corning – The First Name in Fiberglass Insulation

When you say the name, Owens Corning to any walking down the street, they may not know what the heck you’re talking about, but if you say it’s the company that uses the Pink Panther as their mascot, 99 out of 100 will probably know exactly what product they produce. Owens Corning is the leading authority when it comes to glass fiber innovation.

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