No Need for GAS Generators! Milwaukee launches the all NEW M18 Carry On Inverter!

Buying a Used Metal Lathe

If you are looking to save money by purchasing a used metal lathe you can certainly find some great deals. But there are a few things you need to look for before you hand over your hard earned money.

Start Your Business With Backhoe Loader

Owning a piece of land sometimes becomes troublesome simply because you lack the idea on what to do with it usefully. Such piece of land could actually become a successful business someday so thinking of ways to develop it would be a good start.

Scissor Lift Designs and Their Functions

Engineering lifts have been quite conventional in the field of industrialization and manufacturing location to lift up work pieces, people and necessary equipments. To make it easy for you to understand, scissor lift is just a raised podium attached with wheels that acts like a forklift. The scissor lift can also come mightily handy in a non-industrial location where it injects more mobility, speed and people and things off the ground.

Do’s and Don’ts of Renting an Ozone Generator

Ozone generator rentals are quickly becoming a trending topic due to the concerns people are having about the state of health of their homes. Why are they now so popular?

Tips on Renting a Portable Generator

Portable generators are simply engines that generate electrical energy that can be moved from place to place—unlike a standby generator which is permanently affixed to one spot. They are typically used during emergencies like black outs caused by natural disasters.

Should I Rent a Signal Generator?

Why should you rent a signal generator? Info about different types of signal generators.

Surge Protectors – Basic Information You Should Know

Every home that has a TV or computer most likely has at least one surge protector. They are usually bought the same time you buy your large electronic device. Any good salesman will try to sell you one on top of your TV or computer anyways. When it comes to their safety, there are a few things to consider.

Extension Cord Safety Protocol

Every year at Christmas there are households across the nation that display lights as decorations. Most if not all displays will make use of extension cords. It is very important to follow a couple safety guidelines when using them. One bad extension cord can not only cause a lot of damage but may also put you and your family at risk.

Help! – Should I Rent Or Buy a Generator?

What is the right generator for your needs? Should you rent or buy?

Understanding Lathe Cutting Tools

When you get a new lathe you are no doubt excited about all the great projects you will create. But before you flip the power switch it’s important to learn about the lathe cutting tools you will be using to do the work. Otherwise your project will not turn out as well as you had hoped.

Sliding Miter Saw – Ten Inch Or Twelve Inch?

A question often asked by prospective sliding miter saw buyers is whether to go for one with a ten inch blade, which will be cheaper, or whether to go all out for a twelve inch machine. In this article you can find out the pros and cons of each.

How to Make the Proper Use of a Diamond Blade in the Construction Field?

The proper use of a diamond blade in the construction field requires more than just a good diamond blade and a machine. Knowledge of how diamond blades are designed to perform is significant. Once the blade is in the field; it is up to the cutting operator to apply a blade to the job at hand in a profitable manner. There are many variables that affect diamond blade performance in the construction field.

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