The Redesigned CRAFTSMAN S2000 Series Tool Cabinet & Chest

In Review: Skil’s 3600 Flooring Saw

Skil has been designing and manufacturing industrial power saw’s for nearly a century. In that time they’ve gained an impressive and well-deserved reputation for building some of the best cutting machines in the industry. Their 3600 flooring saw, of course, serves as the proverbial cherry-on-top of their cutting line. Find out what makes the 3600 such an exceptional saw and how it can enhance your flooring jobs like no other.

Duct Cleaners Review: Duct Mask

You can bet there’s a number of different ways to cover the events you are about to clean. One of which is using duct mask. Is it the best method available. Let’s have a look.

Duct Cleaner Review: Volume Regulated Blowgun

You need to quality blowgun to do air duct cleaning properly. Now with a volume regulator on heat seals blowgun you may have just the tool you been looking for to get the job done right.

What To Look For In A Wet Vac

There are tons of choices if you are considering buying a wet vac, they come in all shapes, sizes and power level. Here is a guide to some of the features and benefits to look for.

Rig Up Drama Class With Rigging Supplies

When I was in high school, I loved drama class. I enjoyed memorizing lines, trying out for speaking parts, and rehearsal. It was also fun to watch the magic that happened backstage thanks to our stage hands.

Commercial and Residential Uses for a Neoprene Rubber Sheet

I was helping a friend set up a workbench in his garage last weekend. When we finished he wanted to go to the hardware store to buy some kind of cover to protect the top of the bench. One of the salesclerks at the store suggested a medium-strength neoprene rubber sheet to do the job.

Information About Different Categories and Types of Accessories for a Table Saw

In a wood shop there are a number of very heavy duty powerful tools strewn about. One of the most important tools that no wood shop can be without is the table saw. It is the most used tool in the shop. It is a power tool used to cut material usually planks of wood. The advantage of having a table saw as opposed to any other kind is that it makes the allowance for the support of the material.

Review of the Toro 38361 Power Shovel Snow Thrower

The Toro Power Shovel Snow Thrower is one of the best buys currently on the market. It works much better than other similar snow throwers, it is lightweight, and it is extremely easy to start, use, and maintain.

Which Cordless Drill?

Why Cordless? Charge it up and take it anywhere.

In Review: Makita’s AC310H High Pressure Air Compressor

Having a good compressor is the real backbone to any pneumatic job. The performances of your nailers and staplers, essentially, rely on the performance of your compressor. Accordingly, it’s pretty dang important to ensure your backing-up you jobs and your pneumatic tools with a high-power compressor like Makita’s AC310H. Find out what makes this 2.5 HP high-pressure air compressor exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Application of Trowel Blades

Trowel blades are the components fitted on power trowels in concreting works used by construction companies, contractors and architects. They have the function of enabling the concrete to set and for the slab to have a smooth and fine finish. There are several companies making trowel blades and supplying them to power trowel manufacturers. They are also supplied as spares and replacement to contractors as and when required by them. Many of them are on their regular list of suppliers to original equipment manufacturer.

Table Saw Reviews – Is The Dewalt DW745 The Best Table Saw In Its Class?

Table Saws are one of the most important items in the site carpenter’s arsenal. Choosing the right compact table saw to use on-site needs careful consideration. This review will look at the areas you need to consider when buying, and ask the question – Is the Dewalt Dw745 table saw the best compact saw in its class.

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