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Choosing Vintage and Antique Hardware – A Basic Overview

Antique hardware or antique reproduction hardware refers to time period specific door, window, cabinet, furniture or other home hardware pieces. Depending on the era, hardware was (and still is) produced in a wide variety of materials including forged or cast iron, solid brass, pewter, bronze, steel, or even glass.

Metal Cutting Band Saw

One of the foundational tools of any real metal shop is a metal cutting band saw. This can be used for cutting large pieces down to size and even for some more precise jobs. It works by using a saw blade that is continuous circle with a blade or cutting surface on one side. It is spun at high speeds in order to grind through the metal. It’s usually important to wear eye protection and use cutting fluid in order to maximize efficiency and safety will cutting metal. Some saws may require that you push the workpiece through the blade, while others have a gravity driven blade that cuts through a workpiece that has been clamped down.

Chop Saw

A chop saw is a type of saw that is generally meant for cutting raw stock down to the approximately correct size. Some of these saws are meant for wood, while others are meant for cutting metal to size. Usually you clamp or otherwise hold your workpiece in place, and then the circular blade rotates down to cut through the material. Often they have blade protector so that the dangerous spinning blade is almost exposed for as little time as possible while cutting through the material.

Saw Blade

A saw blade is an integral part of many tools found in a wood or metal working shop. Saw blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are not typically interchangeable. One thing to keep in mind is the general difference between saw blades meant for wood and metal. A blade for wood generally has teeth that cut through the wood due to their sharpness.

Horizontal Band Saw

A horizontal band saw is usually used for cutting large pieces of wood or metal. It works differently than the standard vertical band saw: instead of moving your workpiece into the blade, the reverse is true: You typically clamp the work piece in place and then the blade descends through the workpiece as it is cut.

Step Ladders – Safety Tips That Can Save Your Life

Each year, thousands of people in the UK are injured or killed due to falling off their ladders. Some of them were on a ladder that was not sturdy enough. Others used an otherwise safe ladder in an unsafe fashion. No matter how good the quality is of your ladder, there are several things you must know to minimize the risk of injury, whether you own a step ladder or some other type of ladder. Let’s look at a couple of safety tips that can keep you protected or even save your life.

Top Quality Scaffolding Towers

Do you have jobs that often require you to be up above the ground and still have two free hands? If so, a regular ladder isn’t quite up to the task. Fortunately, there are special ladders known as scaffolding towers that combine the functionality of the standard ladder with a solid work platform. Let’s explore some of the best scaffolding towers available in the UK.

Searching For the Highest Quality Loft Ladders

Perhaps you are someone who uses an attic on a regular basis, but you are having some difficulty getting in and out of the loft. Don’t fret – you won’t have to look very far to find a top quality loft ladder in the UK. You’re sure to find a wide variety of loft ladders offered by some of the most well known names in the business. We will discuss a couple of those options.

Finding Quality Aluminum Ladders

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a DIY lover doing some odd jobs around your house, a laborer attempting to do your job, or someone trying to do engineering or emergency work – everyone across the UK needs ladders. Among the kinds of ladders that many people use are aluminum ladders. Considering there are varied grades and classes of ladders to choose from, people must choose carefully to select the proper ladder for the tasks they must perform.

Cordless Drills For Home Projects

These days one of the most useful tools to have at your disposal is a cordless drill. Whether you are doing small work inside the house or building a deck in your backyard, the versatility and power of modern cordless drills is unmatched.

Certified PAT Testers For Your Safety

It is essential to test and inspect your portable electronic devices or appliances for safety, whether for domestic or commercial purpose. There are so many various appliances and gadgets which we use in everyday life, and we very conveniently ignore the wear and tear that occurs during the daily usage. At times, minor damage goes unnoticed and undetected, which if aggravated can cause serious and severe accidents and cause damage to life and property. To avoid such undesired accidents and incidents, one should have proper portable appliance testers.

Stihl TS400 Cut Off Saw – 10 Horrible Ways to Hurt Yourself With One

It doesn’t make pretty reading, here are 10 ways you can do yourself some serious harm with a Stihl TS400 Cut Off Saw. And you thought they were easy to use.

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