A Light In The Dark – Ace Heartware Stories

In this #HeartwareStory we head to Alaska to Top of the World Ace. See how the helpful folks are bringing light to the town of Barrow.

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[Music] Barrow is a small community we're always Here to help each other it's it's a Great place to live it's quiet we're Humble here we're thankful we believe in Our Traditional Values of being in [Music] Barrow is a interesting community on the Northernmost tip of the American Continent uh there are no roads within 425 mies of Barrow so everything that Comes has to come by either a barge in The summer or Airline opening up the Hardware business was my dad's dream so We opened Ace Hardware there was no Other hardware stores available at the Time everybody had an order the material It takes about a week or so if not Longer to get up here so it's screws Nails duts bolts all that stuff had to Be special order getting things here in The North Slope of Alaska uh it's really tough a lot of Places don't ship to Alaska or Hawaii um So you're only limited at certain stores We see people coming by just to walk the Aisles and get the taste of a outside of Barrel life I mean you know it doesn't Feel like you're in Barrel walking Around [Music] Here today we'll be giving out uh Happy Light bulbs so Barrow goes through the Darkness about 2 and 1/2 months yeah you

Don't see the sun again for about a Month and a half we're giving out the Light bulbs to kind of help ease the Pain of uh not seeing the sun anymore I Think that's pretty awesome because I Mean uh the light is um is definitely Good especially for people with like Depression and stuff I mean I would see It as a helping thing in this Community um I know some people do uh Get depressed during the dark time and Um our suicide rate is a lot higher than We would like it to be with the young People yeah being born and raised here On the Norik uh the dark Winters does affect You so a lot of people lack in vitamin D People's mood change having a happy Light can make a lot of difference so There's a culture here and people help People there's a stronger sense of Helpfulness I think here and so it's Ingrained in the Culture is help and then T is helpful Full yeah we are the we are the people That help the community in their [Music] Need [Music]

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