Makita HW001G Pressure Washer Review. Are Battery Water Blasters any good?

Can a Battery Pressure Washer really get the job done? Today we take a look at the Makita 40v XGT HW001G Pressure Washer.

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[Music] Human beings have done some amazing Things on this planet and on others We've been to the Moon we've landed Things on Mars we've been to the bottom Of the Mariana Trench but of course all That pales into comparison because now We can heat up our lunch at work with a Battery from a drill and we can also Make a coffee and now we can water blast Our dick so I'm going to get straight Into this one I think I could tell you a Whole lot of numbers about the flow rate Of this thing and the PSI you know the Pressure how much it does this that and The other and whether it's waterproof And all sorts of things but I think I'm Just going to get stuck into it and We'll see how it works and I'll tell you All that stuff after I'm done okay so as You see I've just stuck two 4 a hour Batteries you will have heard just came Off the charger we are ready to go I'll Test it with 8 a batteries as well to See how the maximum run time goes with This thing but most of you probably Going to use it with fours so that's Where we're going to start okay this is Probably a pretty good place to start This painted block wall it's got a bunch Of mud splattered on it from a previous Drainage cleaning Expedition and we've Got a lot of just built up gme and mud And on the bottom here some of it

Also from the clay stuffs from cleaning Out drains as well we blast those leaves Off up there and we've got this timber Here give that a bit of a blast see how That comes up as well so it's sort of a Lot of surfaces all in the one shot Hopefully so let's Go well it brought that Timber up pretty Good I'm liking that right let's try one On mode One Okay so it did it but it's going to take Me a Month of Sundays at that rate I'll Try it on number two setting T Okay so setting two does do the job all Right uh but I think I'll whack it back Up on number three A okay so that's coming up pretty nicely Let's now take a look at the concrete as You can see it's pretty black and Horrible and there's clumps of clay and on it as well so let's see how we Go it does seem to be struggling a bit With that just remember there's another Head on this thing so I'm going to Chuck That on right this is more of a turbo Head let's TR okay that attachment is a little B Better it's a bit of a glare on this Camera I don't know how well you can see What that Did let's um take a closer look Here it's probably a slightly better

Angle although The sun reflection is not doing me any Favors but as you can see pretty black On that side nowhere near is black on That side when it's dry it will look a Lot more different we'll just have a bit More of a play with this one cuz this is An adjustable nozzle we'll just have a Play with that see how it Goes [Music] Why would you want that because you're Washing your car or something like that You're just rinsing it off and you might Go back To to be honest the other turbo washer Attached m is I'm guessing that's what It's called cuz that's what the ones That I've had before are called I'll Switch back over to that cuz that's much Better at getting this Off that is 10 times at least better at Removing this sort of stuff although It's still a pretty tough job for this Little water Bust just going to check the batteries See what we're up to So one battery still fully charged cuz It only uses one at a time and the other One one bar left so it's basically done We've used a 4 a battery just with what You've seen so far so I'm now just going To finish off this area here see how far We get time wise try and work out how

Long it's Lasted and yeah then we'll try something Else [Music] Right now just a moment ago you no doubt Heard it kick into the second battery it Lost quite a bit of pressure before that Slowly just winding down and then that Second battery kicked in although it Lasted a lot longer on that one bar than I thought it would might get a bit of Shot here without so much glare of the Muck actually coming Off as you can see the grime coming off Much easier Here no problem at all there it's not Very noisy which is good could get away With doing it without ear if you wanted To I usually have ear running with music Though when I'm doing this sort of thing Because yeah who wants to just listen to A water blaster all day before I get too Carried away trying to go around there I'm going to actually run out of Hose so I might just come back around here and Look at these boards on the house again Cuz I haven't tried it with this Attachment and we'll just see how it Goes with that hopefully it won't spray On the camera too Much there you go is that a good Illustration of how much came off this Is the style of head I prefer when I do Most water blasting unless I'm doing a

Deck or some sort of paved area Something flat on the ground then I go For the um large round deck cleaning Head attachments these turbo ones that Sort of they oscillate basically instead Of just doing a constant spray they sort Of go in a bit of a bit of a circle so And that that stops you getting those The lines you get you know or the lines You get when you're normally water blast Um but it's just to do need to make sure You go over it a few times just to get Rid of all the tiny little bits that are Left behind The good thing about these turbo heads You go in any direction without the fear Like I say of leaving lines and Think I'm going to carry on there's Quite a lot of timber here while I'm Here if I stop there it's going to look we also got STS here I can do o so Many things to do just Here I can hear and feel it winding down Now see are all dead it's quite good When it's slower like this though to Maybe see how this nozzle Works can't of course fire it straight At the camera to show you how it Works when I finished with those two 4 A Batteries I chucked in an 8 AM power and I got a lot more oomph out of it because One thing I certainly noticed is not That powerful if you're used to using

Other water blasters you're used to Using a petrol one it's gonna come as a Bit of a shock here but you know you've Got to remember this is a battery tool After all one thing I like about it is You don't have to worry about where the Power cord is so you don't have to worry About electrocuting yourself or blowing A fuse or anything like that because Always I was always paranoid you know The water whatever water runoff you had From the water blasting would always be Running right where you left the lead Laning right where the plug was so you'd Have the plug either wrapped in tape Plastic bag around it or up on a block To try keep it out of water but you can Always turn around and spray the thing Of course so it's nice not having to Deal with that but as soon as these two Eights are charged up I will Chuck them In and we'll go do a runtime test with That basically can be a little bit Tricky cuz it's hard to keep your finger On the trigger for half an hour or so at A time without stopping for some reason Or another but we'll see how we [Music] [Music] Go [Applause] Just to show you how quick that came off As you couldn't see it from back there Pretty good that was a lot quicker and

Better than I thought the 8 a battery Filing the way to go Now can you hear me I'm this probably Can although microphone is in my pocket But this water blaster is not very loud But I think it's getting close to the End of the first battery because we're Losing a little bit of Power that is a little bit of a problem With the um time 2 Mita tools is that When it's one battery that kicks over Into another battery As the battery gets close to dying the First one it loses a bit of Power then that second one kicks in There it's like Woo you should notice when that Happen definitely starting to lose a bit [Applause] Now Okay winding down now hopefully not too Far and picking into the next battery Still working okay but got to get the Nozzle a little bit closer to move it as Well such a quiet tool to use though Compared to every other Water Blaster Pressure washer that I have ever [Applause] Used okay the power now getting a little Bit Annoying I want the big power back come On makito change over change over just Give it a rinse while we wait for it to Change

Over wow it's very Low come On there we Go she's back Baby Woohoo feel nice when it comes back but It did take a long Time [Applause] So I've deliberately left a bit here so You can see where I've Stopped so that should be pretty clear There as you can see the green even with The glare of the light so dirty [Applause] Clean when you're not pushing it around On the wheels the wheels are up off the Ground and it's got some rubber feet Which even on the slope are holding the Tool in place which is nice wow take a Look at this neglected dead end path Hidden around the back path of nowhere And this bit of ply here look at all the Green on there we're going to see now if We can get that off with a couple of Freshly charged 2.5S how long are they going to last not Very longer with The have they got the Power Well it appears to be taking the Moss Off that path no problem at all I can Definitely tell it's not as powerful as The eight you can definitely get away

With the 2.5 amps if you need To those 2.5S did not last long at all But I did something different with that One um which wasn't on camera but when I Did the eight I ran that eight on didn't Take my finger off the trigger when that First one was dying to see how low it Would go before it switched into the Other one but this one I did it Different because with most of these xgt Tools that take two batteries but are Only 40 volt when one starts to die if You turn it off turn it back on again It'll jump onto the second battery Rather than completely draining that First one that's what happens with the Vac and the lawn mower and this thing so When you feel the power start to drop Take your finger off the trigger pull it Again and it should kick over into the Other battery that way you're less Likely to damage the battery and you Remain at full power this is my hot tub That I built that you may have seen on My channel before and it is coming into Summer now it needs to be reoiled but First I'll give it a clean when it's Oiled and looking good it looks like This how good is that but at the moment Looking a bit crap so I wasn't able to Do it this year at all throughout the Year because the weather's been so Rubbish So thanks for that Mr motorbike anyway

I'm going to give this a clean up got a Couple of fours in it now and um yeah Hopefully the weather stays good over The next few days and I'll be able to Oil It all right you probably don't want to Watch me water blast this entire hot tub So let's find something out there I got Chicken on my Deck Bloody stain That so this is the outside wall of my New shed which is covered in green And mud that sprayed up before I got That bit of deck put down I haven't Cleaned it yet so now's the perfect time To do it with the new water blast and This is the neighbor's C ping on it like They do just about every Night Bob's your Uncle my poor old tripod is in a bit of A need of a clean and it's not the only Thing that needs a good clean as you can See the water blaster itself it's kind a Little grubby um got very carried away With it yesterday as you always do when You're water blasting right you start You think I'll just do this little bit And then it's like oh while I'm here I'll do that oh while I'm here I'll do That while I've got it set up I'll do This I'll do that I'll do that and Because you don't have to move an Electrical cord around it does make it a

Lot easier to just quickly sit up just Hook on a hose and Away you go although I did go through a lot of batteries Yesterday I went through two sets of 8 Amp Hour then I went through an eight And a five two sets of fours and a set Of 2 and halfs so yeah goes through a Lot of batteries you don't get much run Time with this thing at all and while The turning off and turning back on Thing that I spoke about earlier worked Well with the 2 and 1/2 amp hour Batteries so that you didn't have that Loss of power with the bigger batteries It's still drained down quite a long way I kept trying to make it click over by Turning it on and off on the trigger but Yeah it still does run down quite low Before kicking into the other battery But you do at least know then when one Battery is dead so that you can quickly Chuck in another one if you want before You carry on now you only need one Battery to make it work you don't need To have two batteries in it at any one Time and they don't need to be in peers Like I put in either like I said at one Point I put in an eight and a five Because I didn't have both eights Charged in time because you're going to Need a lot of charges if you want to use This thing constantly although of course This is not really designed to be used Use constantly it is for small jobs

Where you maybe don't have access to Power like I know a lot of people are Going to think this is pointless and go Oh we'll just plug it in man or just use A petrol one well if you're out on a Farm or something and you want to wash Equipment it's dead easy to have access To water you know large properties They'll have access to water just about Everywhere but not power and so Something like this if you want to just Clean down farm equipment and quad bike Something like that water blast the dags Out of a sheep's ass then there you go When you've got the thing turned on and The batteries run flat this flash is red As you will have seen and these both Flash with just one bar green when you Put the new batteries in it won't Automatically start up again or anything You need to turn it off and then turn it Back on to reset all the lights taking a Look at some of the features it is not a Quick connect style for your hose you Have to screw on your hose that you are Using for the blasting this is where you Clip on the water coming in this is your Water coming out it's also a screw on Onto the gun itself which gives it a Good solid connection but makes it a bit More time consuming when you're setting It up or pulling it apart now the hose On that wand is only 5 m long as well Which is a little bit shorter another

Couple of meters would have been nice 7 M maybe but because this isn't attached To electricity you can move it fairly Easily cuz you don't have a hose running Off in One Direction the electricity Cord going another Direction and you're Kind of stuck in the middle with it you Can move it much easier than when it's Plugged in battery gauge mode setting Power on and off Storage in the side there Chuck your Lance in there and then on the back we Have a pretty simple area here nothing That you wind the hose around which is Nice no reel to wind the hose around Those sort of things annoy me and just I Never end up doing it and the hose just Always ends up just wrapped around the Top of the handle or some but the Hose if you bundle it up just jams in There quite nicely and you can jam your Other fittings in there I have borrowed This tool I'm not 100% sure what it Comes with in every country it's one of Those sort of tools that could come with Different accessories in different Countries but the two heads that you saw Me use the um turbo Cyclone jet one uh Which is the one I use the most and that Blue variable one they both come with it In this part of the world along with This short extension and this variable Head here can come out and you can put It directly onto the gun so that it's

Nice and short if you want it short for Storage or chucking it in the back of Your vehicle the handle pops down like So locks in place push the button up she Goes locks in place and now you can Wheel it around on the two wheels when You put it down the wheels sort of don't Touch the ground much but you've got big Rubber stoppers on the bottom which help Stop it from moving and vibrating and Works quite well on slopes I've found so Far so got rubber feet under here two There one in the middle there now it's Ipx4 rated so I'm not sure if that's Good enough to like water blast and Thing clean at the end of the day like This one is I mean I am going to have to Clean this up good and proper because I Have borrowed this tool this is not mine I'm going to have to return it to Someone and um yeah so I'm going to have To give it a good clean cuz it did not Look like this when I got it um it Doesn't have a silicon or rubbery gasket Or anything to stop water coming in but It's got something better in a way it's Got a gutter here with two separate Plastic ridges on the lid here so one Goes on one side one goes on the other Side and you've got this little gutter With a couple of little Nicks there for The water to get out if water does get In in there so you don't have to worry About a gasket getting stuffed over time

Cuz there's nothing there to go wrong Basically just got two layers of plastic To stop the water from getting in and That's about that moving on to the Numbers so how much pressure does it Actually put out well there's a max Pressure number which is kind of Misleading that some Makita marketing is Using which is 11.5 MPA which is just Over, 1650 PSI but that's not actually What it puts out in any of these Settings so that's what the tool can Handle without it exploding basically With but you're not using it with that Pressure um so I'll give you the numbers Of these and the pressures that you're Actually water blasting with and they're Not high and at the beginning when I First started using this I thought H not Very powerful but as I got used to it And learned you know it's a little it's Little ways um I realized it wasn't too Bad but it isn't very High when it comes To NPA and PSI so number one mode is 3.3 L of water per minute at 3 MPA the Middle one is 5.5 MPA and the top Setting only 8.5 MPA not 11.5 so 8.5 MPA Is only around 1,50 not even 1250 PSI at A flow rate of 5.5 lers per minute so it Doesn't sound very powerful but I was Surprised how much it did actually Remove from things um as you can See in the video Here I would say it was similar to some

Of the 1600 to 1800 PSI advertised Models that I've seen for sale at places Like Bunnings so it's not too bad there Is one other company that I know that Does a 36 volt cordless one which is Rated much higher but I haven't tried it To see if it actually is that high and Whether it you know does actually Perform to what they say it can because Power toour companies and numbers eh the Whole unit's pretty light um according To Makita New Zealand's website it's 8 And 1/2 kgs I would have said it was Even lighter than that it's it's a Pretty light unit it's very easily just Pick up with one hand and Chuck around It's very compact as well it's not too Very tall it's it's pretty damn short It's shorter than any of the electric Ones I've seen before and it's not very Wide or anything it's a nice light easy To handle unit but it's not super Powerful and runtime you're going to Want to know some runtime numbers well I Haven't timed it as such it's a tricky Thing to kind of time cuz you're not Using it constant constant all the time Um when it's not running it you know it Turns off when you haven't got your Finger on the trigger it's dead silent Uh which is nice it's the quietest Water Blaster I've ever used by a a Considerable margin um it's very quiet And you can tell when the batteries are

Winding down you can hear it the pitch Of it change very easily um so you know That it's time to get some new batteries Ready to go so when it comes to run time It's going to vary a bit depending on How much you're stopping and starting And what nozzle you're using and that Sort of thing how what your water supply Is like few little factors like that but If we start on the 2.5 amp hour Batteries two of them so all these Numbers are going to be for two Batteries you'll get less than 10 Minutes you get between 14 and 15 Minutes with a couple of 4 amp hour Batteries and with 8 Amp Hour you'll get 28 to 30 minutes somewhere in that Region and that's on the highest setting You'll get much longer on the other Settings but I found I tended to use it Pretty much only on the top setting so Half an hour max run time with a couple Of 8 Amp Hour batteries and so that's Going through them pretty quick this got Batteries as hot as any tool I've ever Used as hot as any angle grinder or Blower or vac so if you wanted to run it All day you're going to need a lot of Batteries and a lot of chargers but it Is amazing how much water blasting you Can get done in half an hour but if you Want to clean a 300 S me house then you I would not recommend this particular Unit but it was great not having to

Worry about power if you're at a Client's property if you're like say if You're pouring concrete and you just Want to clean out your wheelbarrow or Something like that clean out the back Of the truck not having to say hey can I Borrow some power can you like Chuck a Lead out the window and all that sort of Stuff real good and of course much safer Back to the batteries F batteries if You've got F batteries use the F Batteries if you are new to Makita xgt And you're wondering what an F battery Is this 8 amp battery is an F battery Battery the 5 a battery is an F battery And the new 4 a is an F battery now if Your battery looks like that and it's Got the f on it clearly an F battery if Your battery looks like this it is an Old school no F battery basically the Differences it's got different cells in It so this is like a high output sort of Battery so it doesn't get as hot as this One will and it can let all the Electrons flow much easier and get you a Bit more power because these larger Batteries certainly made a difference When I was using this machine ideally if You're going to use it get yourself some 8 Amp Hour batteries because the eights Made it much nicer to use than the 4 A Batteries like this that I started Testing it with as I suspected would be The case and attachments we haven't

Talked about attachments yet there is a Lot of different attachments you can get For this thing hopefully Makita won't Mind me playing some of their video over The top of my footage here because I Haven't got them all to show you and the Best way is to just play this bit of Video here and show you all the Different ones the fittings include a Variable spray nozzle as you will have Seen me use in the video and as you can See you can have it shortened just Straight on to the Gun and then we've got the Cyclone jet Nozzle what I call the turbo nozzle Throughout the video and that is the one That I use the most remove dirt the Quickest so hence why I used it and as You can see you can get a little brush Attachment for it I don't think this Water blaster is powerful enough to run A dedicated deck cleaner and we've got a Foaming attachment There a Brush and then these are really handy I Got one of these recently a few months Back I did a I filmed a video I haven't Actually edited it yet but I'll get Around to that hopefully and then you Got something to clean underneath Vehicles and then another variable type Nozzle And a rotating brush set I've got one of Those too and actually can be

Surprisingly Handy you can also get extensions to put Those brushes on as well and longer Hoses longer hose would definitely be Handy this would be nice if they had put With the tools to stop the thing from Twisting you know for the sake of the Price of having that on it all the time It would have been nice because yeah if You've ever used water blasters you know The cords get all the hoses get all Wound up all over the place oh and one More thing it is self-priming so if you Are using a water tank or you're just Taking it out of a bucket or some other Small water thing where that isn't being Blasted through like your home water Supply then being self-priming it can Suck the water through and get you going So it is truly portable you can use it With a bucket of water and a battery in The middle of nowhere if you desire so That is makita's new xgt pressure washer Remember it's 40 volt not 80 volt takes One battery then the other battery and It is just being rolled out around the World right now I think you can Pre-order it in Australia and New Zealand and it'll then go through Europe No doubt and eventually maybe you'll get It in the US as well and I think I'm Going to go and blast a few more things Before I clean this up and get it back To its owner Che for watching if you

Haven't yet subscribed please consider Doing that hit the like button thumbs up Comments tell me what you think down Below all that stuff and I'll see you Real soon Cheers

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