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Each year the team from Elder’s Ace takes their team out to the community for a day of service. See how their Impact Day helped Signal Centers, a non-profit center providing services focusing on disabilities, early childhood education and self-sufficiency.

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We've got a lot of challenges in our Community everybody does you know Whether it's poverty education so many Things that we're constantly seeking to Solve and we're all deep Believers that We can't get the job done alone in fact We've got a saying as you walked in the Door here at United Way that the task is Too big to do alone and too important Not to do together and we really believe It About 15 years ago Elders Ace and United Way got together and we started talking About there's companies that are wanting To volunteer and there's local Non-profits that need projects completed And so how can we help bridge that Gap And so we created this event called Impact days what we do we go out to the Project site we look at what needs to Happen we really take an assessment of What they need and then we put together A team of Associates to go out and Actually do the project so Elders Ace Hardware is sending their own team to Signal centers and Signal centers is a Long-term partner of the United Way and A really critical piece of our fabric Here in the community one of the Projects that we've needed to have Happen is to really spruce up our baby Playground we have a beautiful tree out On the playground and they are trimming Out the dead branches off that will give

That tree an incredibly long life one of The other projects is we have these Wrought iron railings that have rusted And they are sanding scraping and paint Them for us so they'll be all fresh and Ready for the children and we have a Really delightful little shed out there That is falling apart and Ace is Rebuilding that they're putting a nice Metal roof on that they say will last For years so every year Elders does a Great Labor daycl and so it's a great Way to promote the United Way alongside Elders when people go shopping five Percent of their sales are going to go To help support materials at impact days It's five percent of the gross sales of Our entire organization so all our 20 Plus stores this year we raised over Forty thousand dollars for impact days Those funds will be used all around town The different volunteer projects over a Hundred volunteer projects this year and So typically we'll have about 25 to 30 Volunteers that will come out and Volunteer each year to help us with a Project and we knock out that project in One day we're just really thankful to be Part of the Chattanooga community and be Able to give back to these great Agencies that do so much for people in Need I think it'll look great I think The kids will love it I think the Community will love it I believe it's

Just an excellent project and going Towards a good call Foreign S are always happy when they're here They enjoy this this is obviously a Passion of this organization to make a Difference in their community and to be Engaged with the people who are trying To make a difference when businesses Like Elders Ace Hardware step up they Are saying that this work is critically Important that they believe in the value Of community helpfulness is important in The stores and that's meaningful but When you get outside the store that Helpfulness is Meaningful too to see What it started with in the morning and What it was before and then by the end Of the day to see actually what was the End result it's very satisfying to look And see and look at what your team put Together our team always comes out and Does a great job and each year I look Forward to that oh my gosh look at that Kids are going to be amazed so you have Created an environment for them that is Special that they will always remember And that their families and our teachers Will appreciate so thank you so much [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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