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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use the Weber Griddle Breakfast kit.

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Hey guys today we're going to show you How to make some amazing silver dollar Pancakes on the Weber griddle and I'm Kicking it up a notch because taking Some of that world's finest chocolate in My peeler I'm going to shave chocolate On there before we drizzle syrup on There first things first let's head out And get the griddle started as you can See we've got our griddle surface all Prepped and ready to go it's wiped clean To make sure we don't have any residue On there we have our tank turned on so First thing we'll do is go ahead and Click this burner number one burner Number two burner number three I'm going To leave these on high so we're going to Go ahead and Heat this up on high for 2 Minutes and then we're going to turn it Down to medium and let that go for about 5 minutes before it's time to uh test it Make sure we're ready for pancakes okay Let's talk a little bit about the gear We're going to use and we'll talk a Little bit about the ingredients as well First of all you need heavy duty tools So I'm going to use my heavy duty Weber Spatula and then today I'm putting to Work the Weber griddle breakfast set now This is going to be super super cool Because guess what has a squirt bottle In it so my H pancake batter is going in The squirt bottle and then I'm literally Going to

Go and I'm going to make a bunch of Silver dollar size pancakes now Ingredients today first pick your Favorite pancake batter that you like Buttermilk sweet cream uh whole grain Whatever pick your favorite mix I'm Going to do the larger portion so I'm Going to be making uh 2 cups worth of uh Pancake batter and then uh world's Finest chocolate because that is what We're going to shave on top of the Pancakes then we're going to cover them With some amazing uh maple syrup again Pick your favorite now I'm using butter Today because butter is what we're going To put down on the griddle to get these Pancakes nice and crispy butter is also What we're going to slice to put on top Of the pancakes to add a little bit of Extra o la the batter mixing super easy We're going to go ahead and add our uh 3 Cups of batter and then our two cups of Water yeah it's that easy we're going to Go through here and carefully get Everything mixed up now make sure that We have everything fully uh Blended so We don't have any chunks but that's it Pretty super easy and uh yeah really Simple griddle is warming up pancake Batter is done time to load the uh Squirt BT now I'm going to let you in on A chef's tip I learned this the hard way Don't fill from this side go ahead and Remove the squirt top bottom actually it

Is right and I fill it that way because If you fill it the other way sometimes The way to the pan batter will give you A little surprise on the cutting board So let's avoid that we'll go ahead now Take out the Whisk and then this is one Of those things that is either going to Turn out really really well or not so Good but you're going to get to see it Either way so what I like to do is Carefully make a small Stream and fill my batter dispenser like That and if you get a little bit on the Side like I did on the back here don't Worry about it it's okay but we'll go Ahead and get all that pancake batter in Here we'll get the top put back on and Then it's time to head out and uh get These pancakes made here we are right After 7 Minutes of warmup time look at That that's exactly what we want we want That butter to get on there melt down Nicely and we are going to have some Delicious delicious pancake so I'll get This first dab of butter on there we'll Go ahead and get that spread around Leave that spatula there and it is time Silver dollar size pancakes nice thing About the butter going to give us some Beautiful crispy EDG And we are going to be in a good place With some delicious pancakes so we'll Get a few of those guys spread down now What I like to do is wait until the

Edges start to Bubble a little bit uh And you'll see bubbles form in the Batter then we know it's time to uh get In there and start giving those a flip All right we've got some bubbling going On here so let's go ahead get oh my word Look at that that is pancake Perfection Right there so we'll go through now give These all a flip and let them go and Until they're fully cooked on the second Side literally took about a minute Minute and a half on the first side We're probably looking at the same on The second side but those came out Absolutely perfect we'll let them finish Take them off start round number Two okay we'll go through and get this First batch taken off and of course you Know we want to make them look pretty Right because we might take a picture For Instagram there we are look at that We are all finished now I'm just shaving That world's finest chocolate with my Carrot peeler and it brings in these Nice little nuggets of chocolate that Melt so fantastically and then the best Part is if you're ready for it are you Ready for it right there nice drizzle of Syrup on top hey and then if you want Throw a little butter on there as well Tell you what I'm going to do is we'll Hit it with that syrup first and then Look at this right here nice little Piece of butter up top we'll let that

Guy melt its way in boom fast easy and Absolutely delicious silver dollar pan Cakes covered with world's finest Chocolate on the Weber griddle now if You'd like to learn five more things I Absolutely love about that griddle be Sure to check out that video because That video is coming up next now the Only question left to answer is how much Syrup is actually too much syrup I think If you fold it like a taco it actually Holds extra syrup yeah it does look at That perfect Cheers

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