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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to use the Traeger Ultimate Steak Pellet Kit.

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Traeger Steak Kit Pellets

Hey guys it was mail call here yesterday In the studio Traeger sent me the brand New steak blend pallet So today we're Doing tri-tip steak blend pellets on my Traeger grill let's get started all Right let's talk ingredients today now The cool thing about the steak blend Pellets is it's a hickory Mesquite and Oak blend this is going to give us a ton Of flavor on the Traeger then guess what Comes with a Traeger rub and chimichurri Sauce mix as well that is going to come Inside your bag of pellets then all we Need is some steaks right today we're Doing a two and a half pound tri-tip We're gonna add a little bit of oil as Our binder and our release agent same Oil we're going to use in that Chimichurri pretty easy pretty solid First things first fire up the Traeger Went ahead and poured our steak pellets In here we're gonna set our cook temp Today for 400 Degrees we'll hit ignite And we are now that's right good to go We have a little bit of trim work that We'll do on this uh tri-tip to get it Ready and I'm just going to trim off Some of this fat on the top here not Going to go too deep but also want to Get that connective tissue or silver Skin off there as well so we'll go Through here get this all trimmed and Then guess what time to uh hit a little Oil a little bit of that Traeger steak

Rub okay there we go all trimmed up and Ready to go now we're going to use a Little bit of olive oil I always say This olive oil is a great binder and Release agent as well we're gonna be Cooking a little bit hotter and faster Today so this will help us release a Little bit now go ahead and add that Steak rub in here and you know what we Say season is lighter as heavy as you Want totally a preference and once I get This on there go ahead and push that Down a little bit and now we'll repeat The process on the back side here as Well Now that we've rubbed the steak and we Have it sitting and kind of resting Before we head onto the grill time to Make chimichurri sauce now the Chimichurri mix right there is four Parts oil to one part chimichurri mix so We've already added the oil we'll go Ahead and add the chimichurri mix get That in there and then guess what we're Slowly gonna mix this in what you'll Notice is as the oil is absorbed into The herbs the herbs will uh bloom a Little bit all right we're preheated to 400 we're going to use our Traeger probe Today so what I want to do let me do This so you can see I'm going to go Right in the middle here but I want to Go right about into the middle of that Tri-tip as well so we'll carefully

Carefully carefully push that into the Center of the tri-tip just like that Okay we're going to be cooking at 400 Today so I'll put this on the lower part Of my Traeger the lower grill grate if You will and then we're going to go Ahead and close it and we'll show you How to set the probe temperature alert Next all right we just closed the lid on The Traeger it is time to add our probe It's going to prompt us now once we plug It in yes we want to set a goal we're Going to set today's internal temp to be 120 degrees we'll hit confirm now the Best part is we'll fire up the Traeger App we'll kick back and relax let our Wi-Fi do everything today all right After 23 minutes we are done look at That tri-tip now first thing we need to Do we're going to take that probe out Onto the pan I'll see you in the kitchen Where it's time to uh rest it slice it Add a little chimichurri sauce okay time To rest so we'll take the tri-tip and Put it onto our cutting board we're Gonna let that rest now for about five To seven minutes before we slice it well Here we are right after seven minutes of Resting and it is time to slice in for The reveal and I'll tell you man resting Doesn't get any better than that right There so we'll go ahead and get the rest Of this slice time to top it with a Little chimichurri sauce maybe give it a

Little quality control Wow I'll tell you what that Traeger Steak pellet kit is absolutely amazing Between the rub and the chimichurri Sauce and those pellets amazing flavors Now if you're looking for another great Way to utilize this steak pellet kit Check out my Traeger venison video that Is coming up next

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