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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to remove rust from a griddle.

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Hey guys Chef J your Ace Hardware Grilling expert so uh sad day today Because you know what I uh forgot to Cover my griddle but the good news is we Are going to show you today how to Remove rust from your griddle surface That's right we're going to show you how To get the rust off and get you set and Ready to go to uh re season that griddle And hopefully I never ever do this again Let's get started okay cleaning tools Today I'm going to need some good stuff To get rid of the rust the grease the Dirt everything that is there so Starting with a little bit of Dawn soap Going into a bucket of warm water I have Dawn power wash as well cuz I really Like this and it's going to help eat any Junk and rust and stuff off there now Scouring things off today stainless Steel scrubby uh steel wool that will Work great as well uh and then I've got Some microfiber towels to clean Everything up so let's get to work let's Get that Rusk on when we get into Removing the rust we are also going to Remove all of the seasoning so just be Prepared uh to reason the whole thing we Don't sweat it we have a video coming up Now first thing I'm going to do is I'm Going to go through and hit it with a Little bit of that Dawn power wash I Want this to kind of soak in cu the First thing I need to do is get all the

Oil and grease off and then we're going To get in and scrub down so we'll let This soak for a couple minutes what I Love about this Dawn power wash look at That you can already see it starting to Lift a little bit of that Gunk off there So I'm going to start and go in a Circular motion because I want to get All this off look at that we're already Starting to pull some of that rust off But we're going to go in a circular Motion just to get aggressive we are Aggressive on this because we want to Get that uh rust off so we'll get this Going here and then we will get the Sides as well and the back now once I Feel like I've gotten a good start then I'm going to start going back and Forth and that way I can feel any Resistance I can feel any rust bumps uh But I want to do this good really good The first time and then we'll show you What it looks like once we wipe it but I'll tell you what uh we got a lot of Rust off there right no edits or fun Cuts or anything today I want to show You exactly what it looks like so look At that we are pulling that rust off as You can see right check this out here Real quick let me just get that out of Here you can see we still have a little Bit of rust and a little bit of pitting And look at that look what it did to the Seasoning now we're going to go ahead

And wipe this clean again and then we're Going to come back back through with Some dish soap this time in the soapy Water and scrub again till we get all This cleaned up all right bringing that Soapy water back in now I'm going to do The same thing again but I'm going to Focus harder on these rust pots look at That round number three we're going to Do the same thing get in here and be Aggressive now in the beginning you Notice that I did some circling uh but Now I am going back and forth uh trying To keep the grains if you will or the Scratches I'm putting in in here the Same way so that we don't have rougher Edges but that Dawn is doing a great job Lifting all of that rust super super Happy with this cleaning let's take a Look and see what we've got super super Happy with this guess what start to see A lot of that orange and now you're Starting to see more of the bare metal Exposed which is exactly what we want to Do less rust less orange more bare metal Getting us ready for reseasoning all Right now we're going to go ahead and Spray this one last time uh for round Number four of the cleaning and Scrubbing and derusting goodbye rust Goodbye rust look at that and it's Starting to pull up a lot less orange Now we're getting into some grayish Which is perfect exactly what we wanted

Goodbye rust goodbye Rust as you can see this is round number Four uh look at that it's it's not Orange it's more dull brown or gray Which means we're starting to get all of The metal so uh or into the metal I Should say so what I'm going to do now Is I'm going to come through here and Wipe all of this down and then I'm going To hit it with some clean water to get Everything uh wiped down and then guess What you guys we should be in a good Spot so we'll come back here I'll show You what it's like after the final final Wipe down before we're ready to reason It again now that we're done we've got It dried off this is the point where it Is time to get in and reason this Immediately we have exposed a lot of Bare metal it is time to start that Reasoning process Again that's right is exactly right Because we saved it we got the griddle Surface rust free and now we are set up And ready for a uh reseasoning Experience so stay tuned because coming Up we're going to show you how to Properly season your griddle that's Right once you remove the rust and You've got that surface scrubbed off Time to reason it again and hopefully I Will remember to keep it covered so I Don't ever have to do this Again

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