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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to grill Tilapia. Learn the tips and product picks to perfect the seafood favorite.

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Hey guys today we're going to show you How to make some great grilled tilapia On your Weber grill now two different Ways you can get this done Number One Cast iron skillet or number two that Weber roasting basket the cool thing is The process is the same for both of them Now today I'm going to show you how to Use that roasting basket for a couple Reasons right it's a little bit lighter And yesterday was arm day and uh this is A lot lighter and easier to move than Big huge cast iron let's get cooking Now I know what you're thinking hey I Don't have the Weber crafted system and I don't have the Weber crafted roasting Basket what can I use tell you what your Handy dandy cast iron skillet will work Amazingly as well follow the same Process preheat the grill add your cast Iron preheat your cast iron you're ready To cook okay first thing we're going to Do before we get the grill fired up We're gonna take our grill grate out so That we can go ahead and add our Weber Crafted roasting basket into the Weber Crafted frame kit we'll go ahead and Turn on Burner number one we will hit Ignite wait for that to go burner number Two hit ignite also burner number three And hit ignite now if you have a sear Zone go ahead and turn that sear Zone Burner on that'll be perfect giving us Even more heat right over that Weber

Crafted but if you don't don't worry About it three burners will do an Amazing job but since we have a sear Zone turn that one on too All right we've got the Weber roasted Basket in we're going to close this now Drive temperature today to 450 degrees Now once it hits 450 degrees we're going To hold and maintain it there and let This preheat for about 10 minutes That'll make sure that Weber crafted Roasting basket ready to go okay we just Hit 450 degrees now as you can see Because I have the sear Zone look at how I've adjusted those dials that will help Me maintain that 450 degrees but like I Said if you don't have a sear Zone use All three burners in conjunction with Each other to maintain 450 degrees All right let's talk through today's Ingredients I'm starting with some Tilapia fillets that I got from my local Grocery store now they did come Frozen So I left them in the package on a plate Nice and covered and left them defrost Overnight in my refrigerator now we are Good to go you know we have a lot of Different rubs and Seasonings available At your local Ace today I'm using some Of that Korean barbecue from my friends At spiceology and that is going to give This just a rich soy sauce kind of umami Flavor because I'm going to add a little Bit of citrus to this as well so we'll

Add that uh Korean barbecue rub we're Gonna oil it up just a tiny bit and then Today we're going to finish it with a Little bit of lime a little bit of lemon And some fresh butter super easy super Simple but we're making pretty solid Fish all right we have the tilapia Fillets all laid out what I'm going to Do quickly is very lightly oil these Down and just get these guys coated real Nice to help act as a binder and a Release agent that oil will do a great Job helping the rub stick it'll do a Great job releasing from the Weber Crafted kit as well so we'll go ahead And season these lightly and we'll flip It over do the same thing on the other Side we are holding steady at 450 time To go ahead and load fish now if you Want an extra insurance policy about Having fish stick I'll just go ahead and Lightly oil my roasting basket and that Will help release the fish as well so Here's what we're going to do very Carefully we'll add fillet number one Fillet number two Number three number four and number five We're gonna go ahead now and close the Grill and let these cook so carefully Using the delicate spatula we'll go Ahead and give these a flip real quick And cook them until they are finished What is finished you ask 145 degrees is Going to be our doneness temperature

Today All right we'll close the lid we're Gonna let him go for another three Minutes on the second side all right Very carefully using that Weber snap Check and we are at 148 so we are good To go we'll go ahead and get these off I'll see you in the kitchen all right we Are done off the grill so what I like to Do is add a little bit of butter on here And then look at that little squeeze of Lemon on there we'll lay that in the Back a little squeeze of lime Oh so so perfect not bad at all right Fish in six minutes on the Weber grill That is super helpful hey speaking of Super helpful stay tuned because coming Up I've got more amazing videos showing You how to use that Weber crafted system Oh man cheers

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