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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, show you how to grill pumpkin seeds. Try this method for other seeds and nuts.

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Hey guys today we're going to show you How to make some amazing pumpkin seeds On the Weber griddle but I'll tell you What we're turning the grill into a Griddle with our Weber griddle insert All right prep today is super super easy Because we're starting off with one Pound of pumpkin seeds right there those Are absolutely beautiful now I know we Have a lot of different rubs sauces and Cooking oils available at your local Ace Today I'm using my favorite duck fat Spray and my very own Rub-A-Dub now I'm Keeping it simple I have a great cooking Spray uh it's going to give me that duck Fat flavor really nice oil and then I'm Keeping it simple with the Rub-A-Dub Because we're going to be doing these on The Griddle today so I don't want too Much sugar so I want to make sure I Don't burn these My ultimate goal is to Toast them season them lightly so we're Going to head out to the grill get the Grill fired up and then we'll show you How we get the season into the bowl a Little bit of rub it up back onto the Griddle All right so we went ahead and removed All of our grill grates and added in our Seasoned Weber griddle insert now we're Going to go ahead and fire this up we'll Hit burner number one Hit ignite burner number two Hit ignite and burner number three now

We're going to be cooking at about 350 Degrees today so we'll go ahead and Close the lid adjust this we'll come Back get ready to go when it's at 350 Degrees First thing we need to do we'll go ahead And add those pumpkin seeds to the bowl And then we're going to go ahead and Coat them with a nice coating of duck Fat sprayed out what I'm going to do is Put it a little bit heavy on the top Here and I'll show you why because we're Actually going to hit a little bit of Rub it up seasoning in here and then We're going to go ahead and mix them up Now we'll add our Rub-A-Dub in here like So and this is going to be a two-step Process here so first step will be just A light coating to get things going then We'll come back and check it now time to Mix it up we are all done mixing and as You can see kinda coated right so what I'm going to do is go ahead and repeat This process one more time but I'm being Careful I don't want to add too much rub I'm just trying to get these lightly Seasoned all right so we are preheated The 350 degrees which means we hit 350 Degrees and then we kept it there for About 10 minutes just to make sure the Griddle was hot now I'm going to go Ahead and coat this again with a little Bit of duck fat spray just to get things Started and then look at this we're

Going to add those pumpkin seeds on here Now keep in mind our goal lightly Toasted so we have them lightly seasoned Lightly toasted I'll spread these out And we'll start that cooking process now This is not a walk away from it process So we are going to hang out here until We get some nice toast on there my guess Is we're probably looking at five to Seven minutes of moving these around Getting them all set to go Okay here we are right after three Minutes you can see starting to get a Nice little bit of color on here now as They cook you're going to start hearing Them pop so the key to this is keep Stirring these up because then they Won't sit once they sit that gives them An opportunity to burn so we're just Kind of moving them around here on the Griddle make sure we get them nice and Toasted we're gonna keep going now until My desired doneness and I'm telling you I think we're about two minutes away Look at those nice and toasted total Cook time about five minutes which is Great super easy like I said keep them Moving so that we don't get them burned But carefully scoop them off we're gonna Go on to a cooking sheet pan so that They cool off because once they come off Definitely want to get them cooled so They don't continue to cook so look at The rest of these guys off we'll be

Careful not to get too many in the grill Right but we'll get them off And I'll see you in the kitchen And just like that we've got a bowl full Of Happiness now the great thing about This recipe is yes I'm doing it with Pumpkin seeds today but imagine you do It with cashews almonds pecans sunflower Seeds and more great recipes super easy To use on my Weber griddle insert now if You're looking for more amazing griddle Videos stay tuned because I've got those Coming up next

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