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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to smoke frozen burger patties on a Traeger.

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Hey guys I know it happens right we're Running late I got home forgot to pull The burgers out they're frozen now what Do I do today I'm going to show you how To take these Frozen burger patties from The freezer to the Traeger and make them Taste delicious let's fire up the grill Let's get cooking so we'll go ahead and Load it with our Ace Reserve blend Pellets and then we're gonna set the Temperature today at 375 degrees we'll Go ahead and hit ignite and we are good To go our ingredients today that's right Frozen Burgers now these are third pound Burger patties that we got from our Local Club store and grocery store the Ones that come in that giant sleeve These are frozen Rock Solid next up we're going to be Breaking in that new Traeger barbecue Rub today then I love a soft squishy bun We went with brioche buns today and then Our normal accoutrement we've got the Lettuce the Tomato the onions and a Little bit of cheese then maybe some Beans as a good side dish let's show you How to get these seasoned okay so we Went ahead and removed the parchment Paper from the burger patties and we've Got them laid out here on our pan now The great thing about this one of my Absolute favorite things about this Recipe that's right no flip we are not Going to flip these Burgers we are going

To leave them on the Traeger cooking at 375 degrees for approximately 30 minutes Until they are juicy delicious and Absolutely wonderful making things so Much easier and a lot less cleanup as Well now got them laying out here I'm Going to take a little bit of that Burger rub and I'm going to go ahead and Put the burger rub on the top side of The burger patties like so I'm not Worried about the other side yet we'll Get to that here in just a minute now That we have the top side season want to Push down on there a little bit just Getting that rub to stick to those ice Crystals and then guess what we'll give Them a little flip here we've got side Number one season and we'll go ahead and Do side number two as well All right we're preheated the 375 we'll Go ahead and add our last Burger on There now we're going to set a timer Come back and check on these in 15 Minutes I estimate total cook time to be About 30 minutes but we're going to come Back and check on them in 15 and see Where we're at here we are right at 15 Minutes and as you can see juices are Already starting to come to the top Guess what they're now defrosted so We're going to go ahead now add our Favorite side dish if we want then we're Going to close this let it cook again Another 15 minutes before we come back

And uh check temperature for the first Time all right here we are right after Half hour let me take temperature we are Sitting at 138 degrees so now it is time To melt the cheese we'll go ahead and do That we're just going to let them go for Five minutes we'll put that cheese there But hey also guess what time to toast Our soft squishy buns too throw the Buns Up there close the lid let them go five Minutes and I'll tell you what the best Part about it no fuss no muss easy Cleanup no flip Here we are right after five minutes and Look at that cheese is melted so guess What buns are toasted time to get those Off the grill time to get the burgers Off the grill and I will see you in the Kitchen yeah from Frozen burger patties To melted cheese 35 minutes not bad at All and there's no cleanup we did Everything on the grill making this Super super easy and total Time Saver as Well now side dishes are also very Important so stay tuned because coming Up I've got my Traeger baked beans and Traeger mac and cheese

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