How To Grill Flatbread On A Gas Grill

Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you how to grill flatbread on a gas grill.

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Hey guys Chef J Ras Hardware grilling Expert today we're going to fire up the Weber grill and make some amazing Grilled vegetable flat RADS first things First let's head out and fire up the Grill talk ingredients do some prep Let's get cooking we'll go ahead and Open the grill and we're going to get Everything turned on and started there We go one burner at a time we're going To cook today over medium high heat Which the definition of medium high heat 375 degrees here's my chef tip for you If you want to make grilling a little Bit easier you can absolutely add in one Of the Weber crafted roasting baskets That will replace your grill grate You'll add that roasting Basket in have A great surface for it but if you don't Have that don't sweat it you can still Do this right on the grill grates okay While the grill is preheating let's go Ahead and talk through some of our Ingredients so we're starting off with Two flatbreads or non breeds uh we've Just got two pieces of those we're going To need a red pepper a yellow pepper a Red onion one zucchini uh some of those Cherry tomatoes about a cup of those now I know we've got a ton of different rubs And Seasonings available at your local Ace today I'm going with spiceology Greek Freak going to give these a Fantastic grilled flavor as well uh and

Then we're going to add a little bit of Garlic and oil to the mix topping it off Some cheese and fresh basil let's dig in Let's get our prep work done first thing We did is went ahead and uh haved and Seated our peppers and then we're going Ahead and cutting them into thirds like That we'll go ahead and get those in Into the bowl went ahead and peeled our Red onion we're going to go ahead and Cut those into little staks like that We're going to grill those up for some Beautiful slices we trim the ends off Our zucchini we're going to cut it in Half and then just go through here and Cut it into some Thin little planks Like that we've got all the vegetables Added we added some of that Greek Freak Seasoning now we have our garlic in There time to carefully carefully mix This up before we uh add in those cherry Tomatoes now just enough oil to coat we Want to be careful we don't have any Flare ups on the grill add those Tomatoes in there get those mixed up and Life is oops good we're good to go right At 375 let's open this up and as you can See like I said we are going to use our Weber crafted roasting basket but Remember what I told you if you don't Have it don't worry you can still Grill Things on the grill grade as well so you Know what we'll add some onions there And then we're going to make it even

Easier look at this we're going to add All of that in there now we're going to Cook these for about 5 to 7 minutes or Until they're slightly charred and Slightly charred is going to be the Important part of it here we are right At that 5 minute Mark let's go ahead and Take a look and you can see look at that We're starting to get some beautiful Char so we'll go ahead and turn these Guys over but like I said if you don't Have this don't worry about it cuz look At this here we are grilling on the Grill grates and those have some nice Color color as well we've got about 1 Minute left here I moved the onions into The roasting basket now it is time to Toast off the non bread so I'm going to Let these go about 30 seconds aside over That medium high heat so we can get a Little bit of toast and then it's into The kitchen to build and uh make some Flatbreads we're back in the kitchen it Is time to assemble the flatbreads so We're going to take those toasted Flatbreads lightly hit them with a Little bit of Oil just like that I want to put a Little punch of uh Greek Creek down There as well just to add a little love If you would all right next up let's add Some roasted peppers in here just like That it's going to be delicious let's Add some zucchini in here like that now

We are doing this while these vegetables Are still warm that's the key you don't Want them to cool down uh this is Something that'll be nice and fast you Can do it if they are cooled down but I Like to leave everything warm so that we Get these done a little bit faster all Right we'll throw some uh Onions on top there and always like we Say as much or as little as you like Works out perfect and then we'll finish It with some of those cherry tomatoes as Well doesn't that look delicious finally Finally we are going to uh reach in grab Some cheese we're going to top these Guys off with a little bit of cheese and We'll use the rest on this One all right back out to the grill how Does that look delicious still sitting Right at 375 I'm going to show you uh How we get these guys loaded now let's Say you don't have a roasting basket Check it out just go right on the grill Grates like that if you do have the Roasting basket leave it in there make It easy as well now we're going to go Ahead and cook these for about an Additional 3 to 5 minutes or until that Cheese is melted everything is nice and Crispy so we'll close the lid set our Timer for 3 minutes sneak peek after 3 Minutes and look at that flatbread is Toasted cheese is melted oh Mama Mia Time to pull pull these guys off we'll

Head into the kitchen cut them up and do Our quality control Hot Off The Grill Onto my board what I like to do is go Ahead and cut these first and get them All set so that we're ready to eat and Then we'll do our final garnish after That now we're going to add a little Hand torn basil to the mix just giving It one more little pop of deliciousness And we're ready time to eat some dinner Yeah who knew flatbreads on a grill now Stay tuned because coming up I'm going To show you how to make pizza on the Weber grill that video is coming up next But first I need to figure out which Piece I am going to uh devour and I Think it's that one right there Cheers

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