DEWALT PowerStack 5Ah Rocks the 12″ XR Chainsaw Long Term In Two Tests

Household Fix-It 101 – Tools of the Tinkerer

If you are a new home owner, you need to learn to do some easy fix-it jobs and become familiar with the term ‘do-it-yourself’. And you don’t need to be a new home owner necessarily. You could be out on your own for the first time and moving into an apartment or condo. Or maybe you are just a college-bound student and you are heading off to live in a dorm.

The Importance of Looking For Black & Decker Parts

The search for the best kind of replacements should one’s power tools get broken should not come as a challenge. The first instinct is to choose the best brand since in the first pace, they are using a quality brand and that is Black & Decker.

Here Are Our “Top of the Line” Tool Chest Picks

For those of us who have tools, it’s always nice to have a container to store them in. If we have tons and tons of tools, we need a great tool chest. In this article we will outline four of the best…

Hand Trucks – Lightweight Vs Heavy Duty

Which hand truck is right for you? Do you need a light weight easy maneuvering one or a strong heavy duty one?

Choosing the Best Corded Reciprocating Saw

Choosing the right reciprocating saw be a daunting process but ultimately there is a tool that best suits every degree of craftsman. These six corded recipro saws are some of the very best in the industry with design innovations to compliment your every specification from power and longevity, to overall value.

Choosing the Best Cordless Drill

Frankly, if you are shopping for the best cordless drill for your biggest and best household projects and it will be the first power drill in your home toolkit, you should not start with a cordless drill. You will get a lot more power from a much smaller, lighter-weight corded model than you ever will get from a cordless. If you survey the pros’ tool boxes, looking at what they have and which tools show greatest signs of wear, you will see their 5/8’s-inch corded power drills show all the signs of tough love and everyday use.

Know the Clinical Instruments That Are Required to Be Clean Always

I have always wondered how tedious the cleaning process in a hospital would be, yet it is a basic need and very important to keep the environment clean for the resident patients. All reusable items have to be sterilized under high pressure and at the required temperature.

3 Knife Sharpening Tools Everyone Needs

We all need to use one or the other knife sharpening tool to sharpen the edge of the tools we use. What kind of tools should you use, and what all tools are available? Read more to know.

How to Choose a Compact Cordless Drill

How to choose a compact cordless drill is a challenge with so many available at many price levels. Here’s a summary of what you should look for when buying a cordless drill.

Choosing the Best Miter Saw – 6 Saws That Will Rock Your Shop

Choosing the right power tool to best suit your specific needs can sometimes be a daunting process, especially when choosing a miter saw. All miter saws are not created equally, but there is a light at the end of that tunnel as these six miter saws are designed to compliment every user from professionals to hobbyists to the most cost conscious craftsmen.

Latest Advancements in Tape Measures – Laser Measures and Measuring Wheels

When you are buying a measuring tape, you will have to give a lot of thought. If you want to have very accurate measurements, you can buy a laser measure. If cost is a concern and a laser measure is very expensive, you can buy measuring wheels.

Latest Advancements in Measuring Technology – Measuring Wheels

With the advancement in technology, the traditional tape measures have now become a rare sight. For the latest gadgets and tools, log on to the Internet and search for the desired tools. Measuring wheels are now in great demand these days.

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