CRAFTSMAN V20 RP 4.5″ Paddle Switch Brushless Angle Grinder Review Model #CMCG451B

Selecting the Best Home Elevator

Selecting the best home elevator is a difficult job, with so many dealers providing state-of-the-art products. A responsible dealer helps you in selecting the best home elevator.

Pillar Drill Jargon For Beginners

When I was starting out with pillar drills, I found all of the terms for the different parts and measurements really confusing. This article is designed to help you if you are trying to choose a pillar drill and need to understand what all the terminology and jargon means.

Why Buy Equipment When You Can Lease It – When Leasing Makes Sense

Obviously, there are times when buying your equipment makes perfect sense, but there are also times when leasing is a better alternative. For projects that are short in duration or when money is tight, leasing equipment is a great way to get the tools and machinery you need to get the job done.

Chainsaw Gloves

When working with a chainsaw, safety is one of the primary concerns that you need to keep in mind. Several types of gear are made to help protect you from injury in the event of an accident. One type of gear you should consider purchasing are chainsaw gloves. A chainsaw can “kickback,” when the saw becomes jammed and jerk back in your direction. This can cause injury to the individual, which the gloves can help to reduce the seriousness of or avoid.

Everything You Need to Know About Used Finger Jointers

As its name suggests, a finger jointer is a woodworking machine that allows woodworkers to cut finger joints. A finger joint is accomplished by making a set of complimentary rectangular cuts between two pieces of wood, after which the wood pieces are glued together. Finger jointed wood products are popular for two reasons: their aesthetic appeal and their durability, which is significantly more than is offered by a butt joint or a lap joint.

Everything You Need to Know About Used Feeders

Also referred to as “stock feeders” and “power feeders”, wood feeders are machines that feed wood stock into wood shapers and table saws. While some woodworkers prefer to feed stock by hand, there are numerous instances of injury due to kick back (i.e. when a cutting blade forcefully propels a wood piece toward the woodworker) and cutting blade accidents when stock is hand fed.

Everything You Need to Know About Used End Matchers

An end matching machine is used to produce wood pieces whose ends compliment each other in terms of wood grain patterns, producing a product that exhibits a cohesive aesthetic instead of a disjointed aesthetic. End matchers can be used for a variety of wood products. But their most common application if for the making of wooden floorboards, wooden wall paneling and wooden countertops.

Rotary Clothes Line – Top 3 Tips For Choosing the Right Rotary Style Clothesline For Your Home

These lines have become quite popular over the years because they help to save space, they allow you to dry many clothes at once, and there are many options available to you today. If you are ready to purchase a rotary style clothesline of your own, keep the following tips on mind for the best results.

Retractable Clothes Line – 3 Tips When Buying a Clothesline That Retracts

When you want to stop using your dryer to protect the environment and save on your electric bill, drying clothing outside can be a wonderful option. One great option that is available to you happens to be a retractable clothes line.

Everything That You Need to Know About Used Edge Banders

An edge bander is a machine that produces thin strips of wood that are commonly known as veneer, which is applied to a variety of wood products to offer an attractive surface appearance. For example, veneer is commonly applied to furniture that is made of plywood or constructed wood-also known as particle board-to give it a more luxurious appearance.

Overview of Gas Soldering Irons

Soldering irons are hand tools most often used when soldering or welding. Their primary function is to provide heat, which in turn melts the solder and allows it to flow through the joints between two different work pieces, effectively joining them. A gas soldering iron is generally composed of material that has a heated tip and a very insulated handle to protect the hands. Heating can be achieved through the passage of an electrical current through a resistive material, but the more common method includes the combustion of gas which is either transmitted through a tank attached to the iron, or directly through and unprotected flame.

Everything That You Need to Know About Used Dust Collectors

In woodworking, a dust collector is a mechanized device that uses a downdraft or a vacuum to automatically collect wood dust and wood shavings from woodworking machines. Heavy-duty dust collectors are also capable of collecting wood chunks.

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