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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, helps show you the features and benefits of these two popular grills.

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Hey guys Chef Jason erase Hardware Grilling expert you know what it's time To buy a new grill So today we're going To talk to you about the Big Green Egg Versus the Weber and I'll tell you what You can't go wrong with either now we Picked the Big Green Egg today the extra Large Big Green Egg because we like that Model it gives you that deep rich robust Charcoal flavor and it is really that Ultimate cooking experience and we Picked the Weber Genesis SAE 330 today Because you can't go wrong with that Classic Weber DNA for that beautiful Grilling experience so let's dive in Let's talk about the different features And benefits of each of these grills and See if we can't help you decide on which One you're taking home you know as I Travel the nation and I visit our local Ace Hardware stores I do get a lot of Questions when it comes to the Big Green Egg and the question I always get is What do I get when I buy a big green egg In what is my big green egg going to do For me well let me tell you what first Of all talk about versatility from low And slow to intermediate to high temp Grilling that is what you will get when You buy a Big Green Egg you're also Going to get strong durable and a Lifetime warranty super super helpful There now the Big Green Egg is going to Deliver that rich deep robust charcoal

Flavor that everybody loves and guess What it's going to be ready to use any Time of the year and then last but not Least super easy cleanup now let's dig Into some of the features and benefits Talk a little bit more about the egg now Some of my favorite features and Benefits of the Big Green Egg is Charcoal that's right first and foremost I have that Primal kind of craft your Fire craft your flavors With That Big Green Egg lump charcoal now next up We're going to go from low and slow to Intermediate to hot and fast I can do it All on the Big Green Egg next up you Have a lot of different accessories to Add to your grill from a pizza oven to a Convector when it comes the uh uh Opportunity to cook indirect or more low And slow but I'll tell you what a lot of Accessories to add to your egg Excitement next up like we said you can Cook any time of the year that's right The Big Green Egg doesn't care if it's The middle of winter the middle of Summer raining or snowing you're always Going to have that amazing experience Any any temperature it is and then last But not least we have that lifetime Warranty on the Dome and the base and That means you're going to be around Together for quite a long time enjoying Some cooking now when it comes to buying Your big green a there are a few things

You're going to want to consider first Of all this is that kamado style cooker That's got those lower and upper Adjustment vents to really dial in the Temperature we have various sizes of the Big Green Egg and you know the size is Going to determine how much food your Big Green Egg holds now this is made out Of ceramic so you're definitely going to Want to consider the weight of your egg And make sure that your deck or patio is Up to the task now portability that's Right if you're going to move your egg Around that's going to kind of help you You determine your nesting option we Have a lot of different nesting options For you and then last but not least like I've said you're running this off lump Charcoal and I'm looking at from start To 350° about 15 to 20 minutes as I travel Around the nation and I visit our Different Ace Hardware stores I tend to Get a lot of questions so trust me when I tell you you are not alone because People always ask me what do I get when I buy a Weber and what does my Weber do Tell you what first and foremost when You buy a Weber you're going to get that Classic beautiful amazing Weber DNA That's going to allow you to have hot And fast grilling that's right you can Also do some low and slow cooking as Well by using a smoker box to add some

Smoke flavors you're going to get those Amazing flavorizer bars that capture the Juices those juices explode and vaporize And give you that classic grilled flavor On all your foods but last but not least I always get the question can I do Brisket now the Weber Genesis isn't Designed to cook briskets but I'll tell You what let's talk through some other Features and benefits and help you Understand better what you get some of My favorite features and benefits of the Weber Genesis grills those flavorizer Bars absolutely helping create that Amazing grilled Flavor now from low and Slow to hot and fast I can do it all on This Grill then the ability to use the Weber crafted accessories that's right This is a Weber crafted accessory Compatible Grill so I can add a lot of Cool things to help make cooking on the Genesis much more fun now I get those Pure blue burners that are going to Deliver that high temperature even Consistent heat and then last but not Least with a 12year warranty I know the Weber and I are going to be together for Quite a while having some great backyard Cooking Adventures now some things You're going to want to consider when it Comes to buying a Weber Genesis first And foremost do you need propane or Natural gas because we have both options Available for you now the Genesis comes

In various sizes with various options as Well so when you visit your local Ace You'll get to pick some of the extras That you would like to have with your Grill now it requires electricity if You're going to use the optional Rotisserie so make sure you're located Near an outlet to plug in that Rotisserie when it comes time to uh do Some great amazing things with that now Direct cooking that's right you're going To be cooking Direct on the Weber with a Maximum temperature of up to 650 de the Best part for me that quick startup time I'm going to go from start to 350° in about 12 minutes now I know what You're thinking Weber versus Big Green Egg but wouldn't it be great if there Was a video that was big green egg Versus Trager tell you what there is Stay tuned because that video coming up Next

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