Adoption Days – Ace Heartware Stories

In this Heartware Story we head to Schaefer’s Ace in New York to meet Cristy. See how she creates adoption events in the store to help the pet population and community meet a new furry friend.

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[Music] Today at Cha for's Hardware in Glen Cove We have a couple of dog rescue groups Coming in who are going to bring their Rescue dogs in in hopes of finding new Homes for Them I started Yorkie 911 rescue in 2010 we are a foster-based rescue we Take in small breed dogs under 15 lbs Because we're a foster but the majority Of dogs are at my home I have volunteers Who come and they help take care of the Dogs we play with them and feed them and Just give them some socialization so That then they might go out and get Adopted properly I started proud Rescuers of Puerto Rico 5 years ago The Rescuers are actually on foot in Puerto Rico doing the the live rescues there There's so much abuse in the world with Animals that you can't stop doing it so I feel like whatever I do with fostering It's just one step towards one more one More is adopted one more is taken off The streets one more can be taken out of Say a dog fighting area I can't stop Because this need will never stop so we Invited both of the groups to come and Bring the dogs in we also decided to do Some grilling cuz that gets other people To come in and hopefully see dogs they Didn't know that they were planning to Adopt and now they are because they fell In love dog adoption here at Ace is is a

Great opportunity for people who don't Know that we're even around it gives us More exposure today we have met so many Amazing people who really had no idea Who we were just because they were Coming in to pick up something for their Barbecue or or some some screws or some Tools we'll get people who might not Really be ready to adopt a dog but They're open to volunteering or they're Open to becoming a foster home and the More foster homes we have the more dogs We can take in I'm excited ex I am happy And they are going to have the best home This will become either a monthly or Every other month event for us in our Stores we'll just go from store to store And um keep trying [Music] It christe is an amazing Warm passionate woman as soon as I met Her I said to her I think we're going to Be long-term friends I just loved her Energy and she has been an asset to Proud Rescuers and to Yori 911 she does a phenomenal job promoting It and she's one of our Fosters also so She's a great lady and runs a great Operation we can't help them all but the Ones that we do help they have a whole New life ahead of them there's no better Feeling than seeing the Love on their Faces when they take their new dog home I can go home at night and feel like I

Did something good before I put my head On that pillow so there's no way I'm Going back there's no way I'm not doing This until my sorry till my dying [Music] Day

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