5 Favorite Features On The Weber Genesis SAE 330 – Ace Hardware

Watch as Ace’s Grilling Expert, Chef Jason, shows you the features and benefits of the Weber Genesis SAE 330.

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Weber SAE330

Today I'm going to walk you through my Five favorite things about my mostest Favoritest Weber Genesis Grill the sa E330 now first and foremost look at this Beauty our Ace exclusive indigo blue That is a showstopper now another great Feature of the sa e330 is it comes with The Weber crafted griddle because you Know breakfast for dinner or taco Tuesday or fajita Friday should happen On your grill another benefit that Allows you to fully customize this Grill Is the Weber crafted system now with the Frame kit included you can switch out Things like the Weber crafted pizza Stone the Weber walk or the Weber sear Grate making this not a grill a cooking Tool another great feature of this Grill Now it comes included with 9 mm Stainless steel cooking grates they're Going to heat evenly cook evenly and Recover faster allowing you to sear Roast Char and a lot of other things and Last but not least you need some space To store all those amazing Weber crafted Tools and on this grill the grill Locker Gives you that space keeping you Organized dialed in and ready for Cooking Adventures talk about an amazing Day at work here at Weber HQ now to Learn more about these cool products From our friends at Weber be sure to Stop by your local Ace or visit us at Acehardware.com

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