Wow! The DEWALT POWERSTACK 20V 5Ah Battery Testing

What Do You Do With an Impact Driver?

An impact driver is a long term acquisition and finding one that will always meet your demands is necessary. Getting one has many points to ponder, the first one is to make sure that it can remove any stuck bolt in your job site. It’s pretty important because one stuck bolt can stop a project in it’s tracks.

Keeping Your Chainsaw Sharp

Keeping your chainsaw sharp is the simplest way to avoid injuries and extend your chainsaw’s life. Learn why chainsaw sharpening is important.

Choosing the Right Fire Resistant Gloves

If you are currently employed in a job where you could accidentally get burned, you absolutely need fire resistant gloves. Choosing the right one is important and it must pass the over-all standards of gloves.

A Wrenching Ordeal – Which to Choose?

It does not matter if you own your home or if you rent your home, there are tools that can help you when something inside (or outside) your home breaks or just needs loosened or tightened. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced with fixing things, having the right tools can make a huge difference. If you are not happy about spending money when something breaks, or spending money just for an expert to come to your home and look at it, you may need several different tools to assist you with either a small need or a large need.

The Right Wrench For the Right Job!

An Allen wrench set is a great tool to have on hand for simple or more complicated jobs when things go wrong around the house, whether it is indoors, outdoors, or a problem with your car. The Allen wrench socket set version includes a group of other kinds of bolt heads; for example nut head sockets and star headed and flat headed screws. This type of set can be used with other hand held tools.

Vertical Band Saw Safety – 3 Tips For Safe Sawing

While both horizontal and vertical band saws are generally regarded as some of the safest machine tools in the workshop, without abiding by a few sensible but basic rules they can still be very dangerous woodworking tools to work with. The first thing is to make sure you are always wearing a pair of safety glasses or goggles. The blade on a vertical band saw rotates at very high speeds and even the smallest piece of waste or debris will be travelling at high velocity and they are thrown out in all directions.

24v and 36v Cordless Drills

When most people think about cordless drills, they think about 18v or 14.4v drills. Those are the most widely made cordless tools and they will cover most tasks.

Who Wants a New Set of Wrenches For Allen?

An Allen wrench set is a great set of tools to have on hand when something breaks around the house, or when something just needs tightened or loosened. There are many different sets from which to choose depending on what you will be using the tools for. A large Allen wrench set will more than likely handle any nuts and bolts problem that you may come across, whether you have a simple leaky faucet, or a more major job.

How to Revive That Rusty Shovel Sitting in Your Garage

Do you have an old shovel sitting in your garage that has a beat up wood handle and looks like it has been sitting there for a hundred years? Is it a sturdy, heavy duty shovel? Was it an expensive shovel back in its day? Has it just suffered the effects of neglect? All of us probably have a tool like this in our garage. There is a way to get it back into shape and provide you with several more years of service. Why spend $50 buying a new shovel.

What You Should Know Before Buying a Fire Extinguisher For Your Home

Do you have at least one fire extinguisher in your home? There are different kinds for different types of fires. Read on to for some interesting facts.

A Brief History of the Hand Drill

The hand drill has a history as long as technology itself. From the ancient bow drill the technology has advanced through a number of incarnations to the versatile cordless devices in use today.

Leaf Vacuums For Autumn

When autumn rolls around, nothing is more helpful than a leaf vacuum to clean up those leaves in the yard. It is like having a vacuum cleaner used outside for the leaves.

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