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Watch as Chef Jason, Ace’s Grilling Expert, shows you what a fire bowl is and why you need it for your Big Green Egg.

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Hey guys in today's video we're going to Talk about one of my favorite Accessories for My Big Green Egg that's Right we're talking about the fire bowl So let's dig in let's talk about the Fireball and then we're going to show You what it looks like how it works on My big green egg Now as you can see here I have the extra Large Fireball which is great for my XL Egg now don't worry because we also have A large Fire Bowl too as you can see Right here and that'll work fantastic For your large egg now the difference Between the large and extra large Fireball is the XL has that divider in It but I'll tell you what let's get this Out of the box show you the absolute Features benefits and advantages to Using this Fireball in your egg All right we went ahead and took it out Of the package got it all unwrapped we Are ready to go look at this this is so Cool this is your fire bowl and the nice Thing is look at all the holes in here You're going to get great airflow uh Making great Heat giving you great Control of your grill and the best part Literally the best part when we're done We get to take this out when it's cooled Shake all the Ash off our charcoal and Start over obviously we're going to show You that outside but a couple things we Have to do like I said the difference

Between the large fire bowl and the Extra large Fireball is the extra large Fire Bowl comes with a divider which is Great right put this divider in here and Now I have the ability to light half so Maybe I'm cooking for a smaller crowd And I don't want to fill it up with Charcoal on my XL now I can cook half Makes me more efficient too let's show You how we install the parts that are Going to hold that divider because we Have a little bit of installation do so Come close we'll show you how we do that Okay each Fireball comes with a little Packet and in there are going to be two Retainers and the instructions yeah get Rid of the instructions let's show you How we do it so first thing we're going To do here is we're going to take this Retainer you can see it's got a little Uh bolt on the bottom or a little screw Head on the bottom we're gonna go ahead And put that in there we're gonna make Sure it holds up now this is going to Fill in this space here so we'll flip This guy over now and show you how we do That here All right can you see that So what we're going to do is put that in This spot put that right there make sure That little clip is in the hole we are Good to go and we're going to put the Wing nut on And tighten it down like that super easy

You can see we have both of them done Now let's put it back on the table Carefully carefully we'll flip our Handles out And check this out now that divider sits Right in there and it's not going to Move that is super helpful okay Important to remember when you use the Fire bowl it is designed to replace your Fire grate you'll notice the holes in The fire bowl the stainless steel Fireball are the same as the grate Giving you like I said better control Airflow all that good stuff so we'll go In here carefully and not to rip off our Pinky and we'll get that fire grade out Well look at that also time to clean my Grill perfect time as a reminder to uh Clean your grill too Okay now with that fire grade out we're Gonna go ahead and put in the fire bowl So I have it kind of set like that I put The handles to the side and as you can See I have my brackets in but I don't Have my divider in yet I will put the Divider in right like I said if I'm Cooking for a smaller group right Perfect I can light half of the egg now When I'm cooking for my family or I can Light all of it when I'm cooking for a Crowd okay now that we're done cooking And we've let this rest overnight we Know everything is cool guess what this Is the best part of the fireball now we

Get to come in here pick up the handles Check this out give it a shake look at That say goodbye to all of your Ash now Making it so much easier for cleaning Goes right down into the ash pit Everything is good to go I can set the Fire bowl back in there move the handles And now the cool part is go through here Refresh relight and get to cooking talk About super easy and helpful this is Absolutely one of my favorite Accessories because gone are the days of Stirring the ash now I can just pick That basket up give it a shake and we Are good to go now if you're looking for Another amazing accessory be sure to Check out my Plancha video that's coming Up next because hey what is a Poncha and Why do you need one

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