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Have you seen Makita’s 4 Mode Impact Drivers? They sure are a bit odd. Would you use one?
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Good day Makita fans and welcome to Another Makita video here on tools and Stuff now if you want to see more Makita Videos make sure you hit that like Button down there it all helps to get These videos out there and make me be Able to make more of them for you and Also hit that subscribe button if you Haven't already and the notification to Go along with that and you will not miss Out on any of the Makita reviews and Other Makita videos that I put up on This channel and don't forget my other Channel as well I'll put that up there And down there that's called builds and Stuff that's got plenty of Makita stuff On it too sort of smaller tests and Stuff that I don't put in the fulllength Reviews such as this one right today we Are looking at a rather odd tool and if We just get it to focus you'll see that It has what's going on is that four Different modes what is this have we got Screw hammer drill impact driver and Drill two different speeds drill gearbox What and we've got a clutch ring here on The front I mean what is this thing cuz It's not a drill because it's got a Collet on the front with a/ Quin drive So what is going on here this is a four Mode impact driver now I don't know if Anybody else makes these from Makita um And this is one of those situations Where I'm sure you've had it in your

Life where somebody gives you something For free and it then ends up costing you A heap of money so you think oh yeah Cool I'm getting something for free and Then you got to buy a whole lot of Accessories to go with it or you've got To pay to get it fixed or whatever and The thing ends up costing you a fortune Well this is kind of one of those Situations because this was sent to me For free this is a very old tool been Out a very long time it starts with a B In instead of a d most Makita tools now Well all the ones that are not the US Versions and not the Japanese versions All have a d they all start with a D This is the ones before the battery Protection came in and the star Batteries and all that sort of stuff the First range of Makita alext tools were B Range so then a lot of them they they Changed put the battery protection Everything in them and just Chuck the D On the front instead of a b and changed The whole new ones from that point on 2 D's anyway enough of the history of that This was sent to me by someone a lot of You will know he is a mad bugger over in The UK and his name is John and he looks Like this now I've watched tools and Stuff for years and he's got the sweet Spot as the Mr tools as he likes to be Called because he comes across very very Naturally you know what I mean he's he

Comes across very likable bloke he he Could tell he could have a bit of crack With him if you saw him and I believe he Had a few of these kicking around he Repaired them he buys them off eBay Fixes them up and sells them again and He sent one to me cuz he's just a good Nice bugger and so I need to get around And sending him something really don't Know anywh who but I figured this is a Pretty old tool you know how am I going To make this a video you know reviewing An old Makita full mode drill well it's Interesting because it's four modes and There's not probably that many videos on YouTube about it and I've never made one I've almost bought one multiple times Years ago this has been out for years um But anyway I had to buy the newer Version of this there is a newer version Whichever you've been paying attention Is sitting just out of shot here and so I had to buy that to compare it didn't I And I couldn't find one in New Zealand They do not sell them in New Zealand Makita New Zealand do not sell them Anymore Makita Australia do but not too Many countries are still selling them They still sell them in the US and not This version but this version This is the dtp 141 this is the btp 140 Once it had the battery protection that Would have course have been changed to a Dtp but yeah this is a pre battery

Protection tool it's now actually I Think the only one of those that I have Anyway this is the newer version which As you can see very different on the top They have got the four modes on a Selector ring on the front here no Selector ring for the clap setting like This one instead they have shifted that Down here we've got a digital clutch an Electronic clutch that has allowed them To change the shape of the tool somewhat So it's significantly shorter not as fat On the front a little bit narrower at The back as well these aren't the most Attractive looking impact drivers They're sort of weird shaped they're Quite long but they've got a lot going On in them I mean can this really Replace everything is this an impact Driver a drill a screwdriver and a Hammer drill for going into concrete are You serious well I didn't have all of The drill bits required to make this Video so once again I had to spend more Money I often use impact drivers with Small bits like this to drill holes Impact drivers for drilling holes are Awesome for small drill bits I know so Many people are against it they seem to Think that impact drivers are not for Not for using for drill bits even though In the manuals they tell you to use it For drill bits and there's so many drill Bits that are made

With 1/4 in HEX drive and impact rated For using an impact drivers anyway so I Went and bought a bigger one just so we Can test it so I've got a a 10 mil one There and we have a 10 mil one I Couldn't find a concrete only one or Masonry one this is a a multi-purpose Multi- material drill bit I'm not a big Fan of multimaterial products I'd rather Have something dedicated ated but seen As this is basically a multi-use tool as Well it kind of fits so grabbed a couple Of those they are of course by a rival Brand I grabbed those from trady while I Was actually in trady I saw this this Was a prototype hat from lead head um This was theyve just just released them I think um the lead head hats have been Around for a while lead head because you Can um bung your pencil in the end here So put your pencil in there I wanted one With the the big flap at the back Because it's been stinking hot here Sunny as anything and I wanted to keep The neck out of the Sun so I was talking To try Republic about it um and it was The only one they had and it was like It's a new one a sample one so they Wouldn't let me buy it but then the Owner of this company hooked me up with It for free so cheers man I have been Using it the last few days been very Nice not having to um put sunscreen all Over my neck and my ear and being able

To keep that sun off the back of the Neck yeah been good been very good I'll Have to put a sponsored thing here I Suppose seeing as he gave it to me and I'm now talking about it if you're Interested in those I'll put some links Down there to trade Republic where you Can buy them or you can get them Straight from his website I'll put those Links down in the description anyway Sidetracked right where were we well This one here is I don't know if you've Been able to see it but it is a Japanese Version it is made in Japan which is Nice this one here is also made in Japan Probably because they were a bit weird Technology-wise and they small runs Probably not going to be anywhere near As popular as a standard impact driver So often when there's small runs they Just make them in Japan rather than Shipping everything over to China and Setting it up over there so they're both Made in Japan but they have a difference This one has a worldwide Chuck and this One has a Japanese Chuck and what was Also annoying me about them is that They're not one-handed Chucks either of Them I got to I got to pull a collet Back so these are the only maker impact Drivers I've got like that all the other Ones you just shove it straight in so But what's the difference between a Japanese one and a non-japanese one well

It's the bits you use this here is much Longer than this so This goes in here Nicely moves back and forth a little bit Whereas the ones you're used to using no Doubt goes in a lot further and moves Back and forward a little bit more So this one the standard one goes in There doesn't move as much as the Japanese one and the Japanese bit with The longer piece Here won't lock in at all too long so Just will fall out so this one will run On either size bit but ideally Japanese Ones are better anywh who if you're Interested at any point in purchasing One of these I don't know if you'll find One of these um I don't know if you want One after the review we'll see how it Goes um but I will put some affiliate Links down in the description for Amazon You can still get these on Amazon and I'll see if I can find any eBay links to Them as well and so there'll be links Down there for those right let's look at The features of these things so four Modes as I said why would you want four Modes on one tool well you know if you Could eliminate a heap of tools and just Have one instead of you know this Basically replaces three tools a drill Driver an impact driver and a hammer Drill or you could say it basically Replaces two tools an impact driver and A Combi drill or what we would call here

A hammer drill where you would have the Hammer drill function the screw function And the drill function all on the one Tool such as one of these which you are Of course all familiar with now I Haven't had a look inside one of these To see how the mechanisms work and from What I hear I don't want to have a look Inside it because I might never get it Back together again and functioning Because this thing is a little bit Temperamental I found and even the new One also not the greatest I would Suggest these tools are best for DIYs or People that don't use tools too much Because if you were using this every day It's going to frustrate the hell out of You and you're probably going to break It um or throw it somewhere uh having Said that this one has been quite nice When I first got this I used it as an Impact drive for a few days was driving Me insane it was way too slow and noisy And just whereas this one not not too Bad at all I've been quite impressed I Haven't drilled into concrete yet with It so don't know how the hammer drill Function works on either of them yet That might be a bit painful we will see Shortly but the biggest issue I have With both of these tools is the Selection of whatever mode you want Because it is a pig to move moved not Too bad then

But it is super tight now this one has Been refurbed so some of that could be To do with that but I think this is an Issue on all of them basically so when You want to try and Change Change the Setting it can be a bit tricky they're Tight as anything and they lock in place And sometimes you got to pump the Trigger a few times so that it'll let You change it and even then it doesn't Want To Move damn It so yeah there's some issues got a Light in the front as you can see so That's how you change the settings on That one and then if you're on the screw Mode you of course have the Clickety Clickety clutch for setting your screw Depth and I'll um show you how Horrifically noisy that is in a moment And how beautiful this one is compared To it anyway this one has the selector Ring on the front like I said which like That looks like it's going pretty [Music] Good functioning not too bad at the Moment but let's stick it and drill see If we can change that oh yeah it's Working Oh not see it's not the greatest doesn't Like going between Gear 1 and Gear 2 on

Drill Mode just like this one this one has Gear one one and gear two right at the End there so stick it on drill mode and Then you pop it forward and backwards Like So so they're a bit clunky when it comes To that and it wouldn't take much to jam Them up particularly this one you get Some dirt and dust and in there I Mean that's Just that's Almost panging open there that's just a A nightmare it's a a stuff up waiting to Happen a jam waiting to happen this one Looks a little bit better because it Doesn't have that open sort of space There but I have noticed it does still At times and if you do things like that It sounds bloody horrible but this one Is a bit more refined it's brushless has A bit better Tech in it and so if we are On the screw mode we have numbers down Here which are upside down because That's the way they do them to just try And make filming YouTube videos as Tricky as possible but basically if You're on the screw mode you can then Just pump through your numbers on your Clutch like so we can keep it in shot so We've got nine settings and then P I'm Not sure what p is you I haven't looked It up I don't know if that's a Programmable one or what that is or some

Other special mode not sure anyway I'll Show you the difference between these Two because between this and this it's Very different with a manual sort of Slip clutch there and an electronic Clutch on this one It's a big difference I'll show you what I mean going to try each one on the Screw setting on number five on the Clutch let's [Music] Go Oh what A noise let's Crank that right Up to the top which is 16 oh clutch is Totally not even Engaging oh might have killed it What's going on nothing's Moving well that was a good Start anyway let's now use the same Battery on this one and we will set this Onto clutch setting five also grab Another Screw and let's see what happens Here Completely Stops the electronic clutch kicking in There and it just completely conks Out that was in gear 2 supposedly now Look having trouble getting it into Speed one there we Go that's interesting in speed one there Was no clutch clutch didn't work these Are strange tools man strange

Tools okay this video maybe about to go Off on a bit of a Tangent Because oh nothing happening there in The screwdriving mode let's put it in Hammer Dril okay see to be working there impact Driver I said Impact a you son of a come On Jeez what have you sent me John oh oh oh man dear oh Dear this is Not makita's best design let's get that Out in the open right Now and then we're kind of stuck between Two modes there by the Looks Ah you must be Joking for the love of God I can't get it to go past the um Hammer drill mode It's stck [Music] There And the screw Mode Oh well this might end up just being a Review of the 141 rather than the 140 Versus the 141 I think already the 141 may be the Winner Here also I noticed on the front here We've got P equals and then a bunch of

Japanese stuff saw the Japanese text on The front there and just sort of ignored It but then once I saw there was a p There I thought hey I can just translate That on the app on my phone so isn't Modern technology wonderful so if we Have we look see Here plus mode recommended for Tightening screws Etc in Brackets Detects load and automatically stops so Let's try that see what it Does wow that turned out to be Absolutely Perfect holy moly that was brilliant Let's try that again trying a different Bit of Wood want to go quick in the P Mode didn't quite get in There yeah it doesn't want to go in There So the P Mode goes Quick but what exact screw it's going to Work for and what particular Timber or Metal or whatever is going to be pretty Hit and miss I'd say here it is on the Top clutch setting which is setting N so much faster in the P mode than it Is on any of the other numbers and it Only goes up to 9 which is a bit Disappointing needs a bit more pep Really to sink these pretty small headed Screws really now also on the control Panel down here if we can see it is

Three settings for the impact driver so I stick the selection ring onto the Impact driver we've now got three lines Pop up here and I can cycle through Those 1 2 3 slow medium fast oh we've Turned off need to pump the trigger Again so medium fast slow medium fast And over on the side there if you Haven't already worked that out that is A battery gauge there's so much going on With this tool battery gauge shows how Old the tool is Makita don't put battery Gauges on the tools anymore because all The batteries now of course come with One on the back anyway let's now take a Look at the impact driver setting and See how this thing goes and hopefully I Can get the other one into the impact Driver mode right I think it's an impact Driver mode Let's see I don't have a lot Of faith this is going to even work Look at that it's an impa Driver that's not too Bad doesn't sound too [Music] Healthy right it works let's now see it Up against the Black Version this one of Course has the three different impact Settings we'll start on number three see How we go So that pretty basic setting Two setting One setting one would be for for some Very small

Screws boy that shakes your arm around It's not a lot of dampening on that back To setting [Music] Three setting three and setting two not Too bad but of course the blue one the 140 only the one setting on impact Driver mode there's not multiple Different settings you can have it's Just all enough Now seen as it's a bit tricky to go this Way at the moment let's try the concrete Function will that kill this Thing I'm not confident it's going to Make it to the end of this video Guys wow smashed it holy moly it got hot Fast though wow I was not expecting that To do that well that was a good job job I'm impressed for a 10 mil drill bit Yeah they're both a lot better at Concrete than I thought they would be And that's a real bit of concrete too H Interesting well that surprised me in More ways than one mostly because I Didn't think this was going to do it at All I thought it would probably end up Killing it it's very hot whereas this One not hot at all but this one even After several minutes of sitting around Is still very hot and it was hot just After even the impact driver mode um Whereas this one still feels cold um so Yeah surprised that it did it and Surprised how quick it did it and this

Only has the one speed for the hammer Drill function whereas this one you can Slide it between two different ones Although it doesn't like doing It sometimes you'll have to pulse the Trigger to get it to change these are Not there we go gear one gear gear two Gear one and if you're in the right Place it's okay if you're not then it Doesn't want to go through these are not Makita's finest Moment but yeah this one also smashed it I did it in the second gear the high Speed and it conked out at one point or Two points or whatever it was there you Will have seen um because yeah I should Have done it in the lower speed but I Figured I would do it in the top speed Cuz that one basically felt like it was Going pretty damn fast as well also I Was surprised how good this drill bit Must be because I don't like I say have Much Faith normally in multimaterial Drill bits but that smashed it that was So quick and easy so yeah perhaps this Is a good little option nice light Little um hammer Drill H beginning to like it more and More so one setting left drilling just Plain old drilling now in the drill Setting they both have two speeds it's The only one where they're basically the Same so will they have the same speed in RPMs well let's have a look at that

Shall we this one says 2,300 RPM and 3200 impacts now is it 3200 impacts in every mode in the Concrete mode and the impact driver mode Not too sure that's all the information That's on there this one says 0 to 700 To 2700 per minute so 700 I'm guessing On the lower speed and 2700 on the high Speed and 3200 impacts as well so the 141 has a torque rating of 150 new M Whereas the 140 a little bit less at 140 Right 10 mil drill bit top speed with The 140 let's Go Oh so not a lot of torque on the top Speed and um released a bit of smoke There as well that quickly yikes right Let's check it on the low [Music] Gear I don't think you're going to want To drill anything bigger than that and I'm pretty certain that's probably the Rating for it anyway 10 mm I will check That out for you now according to Mita This thing's rated to do 21 mm holes That's the diameter in Wood 21 mm on the Lowest gear and 9 mm on the high gear Well it definitely couldn't do it on the High gear with a 10 mm and 21 mm on low I don't think it'll be able to do it it Also says 10 mm on low for Steel I don't know about that and 6.5 on High this tool remember though is pretty Old and so it's probably lost a bit of

Its o over the years being a brush tool I'm not sure what condition the brushes Are in and it's I know it's been pulled Apart and repaired so it may not be Punching quite as high in the number Stakes as once it was anyway let's Chuck This drill bit into the other one and See how that goes high gear let's go Oh Cuts out even quicker than the other one Low [Music] Gear once again I wouldn't want to be Doing anything bigger than a 10 mm drill Bit with wood with that because yeah There was a lot of heat coming out the Back of that then it was struggling I Would say on a 10 mm Um yeah I would tend to use this just For small pilot holes small holes for Screws maybe up to about 6 mm I don't Think I'd be wanting to use it for big Stuff for very long cuz I don't think This thing would cut right it's torture Test time will either of these still be Running at the end of this I don't have High hopes for this one to be honest I'm Going to drive these with them or Attempt to anyway these are 300 mm long Landscape screws 8 mm in diameter oh This is going to be harsh and I'm just Charging up some batteries believe it or Not all the batteries I've got and I Didn't have two that were both freshly

Charged so anyway charging up some Batteries while we're doing that I'll Just show you a couple of other things They both have a glowi in-the-dark ring On the front they both have forward and Reverse obviously they both have Variable speed triggers they both have Lights yes people ask me these things More than any other and I usually forget To say them because I figure everybody Would know that all tools like this come With variable speed triggers by now and Have done for well 20 plus years but Anyway it's still a question I get asked All the time because I don't normally Mention it but they do all have variable Speed triggers they of course have Spaces either side for a belt hook which It did come with but still sitting in The Box I don't like putting the belt Clips on them for videos because as you Can see if I had you wouldn't be able to Sit it on the bench like that cuz it Would be like that and it would just Fall over because the belt clips hang Down below unlike Hilty which don't hang Down below they come down and go up that Way and then you can just stand your Tools up without having a battery on it Whether Makita tools you can't which is Somewhat annoying something to look into Makita hooks that just go up that way Not hang down first and then come back Up okay because yeah it's annoying I

Know it would get a bit close to your Handle maybe there with your hand but I'm sure you can work something out Anyway back to the screwing task what Setting am I going to put this on I'm Going to let you guys decide because We've sort of got three options here We've got the screw setting the driver Setting you know the drill setting or The impact driver setting so let me know Now we got 5 Seconds oh oh oh those two Are close it's close it's close and it Looks like it's going to be the impact Driver mode which I guess makes sense so Let's go do it no pre-drilled hole let's See if we can do it with the 140 let's [Music] Go [Applause] No she's done next up the 141 3 2 [Applause] [Music] 1 [Applause] Did it 141 wins no surprise there 140 Not too hot so that's good the 141 oh Still not hot what about in Reverse let's see This isn't going to do anything is It just shake The Living Daylights out You what about this One [Applause] Awesome you little beauty so what do you

Reckon would you buy a four mode impact Driver let me know down in the comments What you think I'll give you my two Cents here I think if if we had an Impact driver a standard impact driver That you could turn the impacts off on So that you just had a drill SL impact Driver then I think that would be pretty Cool I mean this thing as an impact Driver is not all that nice because look At the size difference I mean this is The flagship maker and it it's just so Much smaller and lighter so if you're Using an impact most of the time then This would kind of be annoying um as a Drill it's not too bad size-wise you Know it's quite good Uh but as an impact driver yeah not so Great now when it comes to drill SL Impact driver the 150 Newton met torque Rating is for impact driver it's not Going to be 150 new m in the drill mode As you've already seen anyway else it Wouldn't have crapped out so easily uh If this was 150 new m in the you know Hard torque in the um the drill mode you Would um be in trouble because you would Need a side handle cuz El the this thing Would end up oh tweaking your wrist but Maybe just maybe if they could make one Of these that you could turn off the Impact mode so you've got the option to Have just drill or impact driver and it Had some sort of anti- Kickback feature

In it I mean you don't need it with an Impact driver because they don't do that That's the great thing about impact Drivers that so many people don't Understand that use drills they always Say why would you buy an impact driver When you can do it quicker with a drill Because when you're driving in with a Drill and you get to that end and if You're driving a big screw or something And it catches and you're not ready for It it goes bam and your wrist will be Very sorry for it whereas an impact Driver can never do that to you but if They made an impact driver where you Could have drill only mode impact driver Mode and it had some anti- Kickback Feature in it so if it did kick on the Drill mode it would cut out then that Would be pretty awesome cuz a drill that Size and an impact driver that size or Built into one would be a nice little Unit I myself will probably not use this Much because I have plenty of other Tools that are much better at all of the Tasks that this thing can do this thing Does four different things but it Doesn't do them that well although I was Pretty impressed pretty impressed with The concrete drilling concrete drilling Was the best thing about this as an Impact driver this is also not too bad But there are of course far better Options for all four of those things and

I'm the sort of person that have I Wanted to use all of those things on the Same time on one job sort of thing I Would be annoyed having to change the Bits all the damn time I would rather Just line up three or four different Tools all with the correct bid in and do It like that now I know some people Don't like doing that cuz they haven't Got the money or they're up a ladder and They just want one tool that sort of Thing fair enough but yeah not my cup of Tea now I think Makita may be making Another one of these there was a patent That I did in one of my patent videos I Don't know how long ago um but somebody Will know let me know down in the Comments which one it was um where the There was a patent for one of these These four mode impacts now is that Because they're going to make one on the 40 volt system or they just updating This one I don't know anyway thanks for Watching guys just something a bit Different I thought we'll finally get Around to doing this it's been a long Time coming cheers John for sending me This thing even though you know you kind Of just sent me a a very I mean my left Thumb is absolutely killing me from Trying to change this thing it's not too Bad at the moment it doesn't like going Past the middle it just nah it's a It's a bit of a dog it's a bit of a dog

But cheers anyway gave me a video made Me spend several hundred on this and Drill bits and stuff but cheers Anyway I'll return the favor one day Soon anyway thanks for watching guys see You later check out these videos at the End and down in the description there's Links to buy and all that stuff you Know see you Later

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