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In this Heartware Story we see how Silver City Ace in New Mexico helps support wreaths on military graves. This act of kindness has helped those who have lost a military loved one feel support during the holidays.

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[Music] The Race Across America program started In 2009 We purchased threes and distribute them Throughout the cemetery so that Volunteers can then place the wreaths on Memorial markers each marker has a Wreath I later learned the degrees Across America at Fort Baird was to be Discontinued or canceled [Music] As a gold star mother I didn't want to See the program go away so I stepped in And took it by default Foreign [Music] The best thing I did the smartest thing I did was get a cluster of folks who Were interested in the same project I Was asked last year to help out with the Reefs Across America and Ace provides a Lot of the muscle getting the reef Stored and then getting the roofs Dispersed across the different quadrants Of the cemetery and then after all the Reefs are placed we pick up all the Trash and get all the cardboard hauled Off and it's just a very special event Especially for a veteran the ace group They've been a dream come true as far as The logistics of handling the Reese Getting them off the semi into the Storage containers once the Reese arrive

Loading the boxes onto trailers and Pickups they make a sizable donation Each year to our effort because of their Efforts and work we were able to grow it Each year we've had five years of every Marker having a wreath this year we had 4710 Reese placed After Distributing degrees we have the Ceremony I thought it was a wonderful Tribute to our veterans here at the Cemetery remember the Fallen honor those Who serve and teach our children the Value of freedom It's a personal thing if that's all we Can do from the living to the dead is Pay their respects and reach Across America really really does that it's a Touching touching ceremony you can do a Lot with a few significant voices Obviously the ACE hardware folks have Been awesome to just dive in and help Out unloading the truck getting up in The truck literally we hand unloaded 525 Boxes and then to watch the community Come together And give their time give their efforts It's just awesome it's awesome to get The community involved Ace is Very involved in the community you know We support the schools we support the County we're involved in pretty much Everything I like the fact that they Give back As one of our guest speakers said today

To give him back And Ace certainly does that not only With wreaths they support the community They're very active in the community the Time and effort is worth it when when You actually see the Reefs on the Headstones and how beautiful a picture It is if if you've never been in the Military I don't think you understand what it Means it makes you appreciate What the people gave to to this country To me it means a lot [Music] Thank you [Music]

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