Ryobi 36v Blower Review (Ryobi 40v 730CFM Whisper Series Blower) BEST BLOW FOR YOUR BUCK?

730CFM! This Ryobi Blows Hard!

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Good day everyone this is the r36 XB Lw30 Ryobi whisper series HP 36v blower And I'll let you know right now it's a Beast It puts out a heap of CFM 730 in fact And it is one of the best blowers I have Ever used and it's um likes to lay down Sometimes Though now if we take a quick look at it We've Got it comes off just like That and on the end this is soft and Rubbery and it comes off the same sort Of way just pretty simple clips on as The rain starts to fall we better get Some blowing done features here turn This dial and it will stay on I will Just remove the battery for a moment so You can turn that and it will pull the Trigger up and hold the trigger in place As you can see so you don't have to keep Your finger on there so you don't get Fatigue in your hand especially good if You've got carpel tunnel or any sort of Tending issues in your arm just flick it On and a away you go and then on the top The turbo button but the thing a lot of You are going to want to know it says Whisper series is this thing quiet Because blowers are notoriously Noisy petrol blowers of course are a bit Noisier than the um battery versions but Is this quiet well I think it is Actually quite quiet let's take a listen

On the lower setting which still pumps Out quite a bit of ear it's a variable Speed trigger and you don't have to pull It very hard to get quite a bit of blow There's a lot of blow that comes out of This thing so Let me demonstrate I'll keep talking on My microphone and as you can see you can Blow quite a lot with it making very Little noise at all I assume you can Still hear me quite easily and then I'll Ramp it Up and even at that level it is still Quieter than most of the blowers I've [Music] Used [Music] She's got a fair bit of blow and yeah Like I say that low you can use the dial Here and Just set it like that so you don't have To hold the trigger and it blows quite Well just like That so what I like is you can have it Set with that setting just running on Low and then when you need a bit more Oomph you've got the button here on the Top you can just give it a quick burst Take your finger off again and then let It go back to this level so it's like oh How am I going to shift that block of Wood do fell over anyway let's give it a Blast take your finger off back to Normal pretty cool let's take a quick

Look with it on that low setting just Blowing some grass around so this is on The lower setting and as you can see Still blows small amounts of stuff Around quite easily But if we want to ramp it Up this is now on the highest setting Without the turbo but I assume you can Still hear me quite Well I will now push the turbo [Music] Button [Music] Now I think that there was quite a good Demonstration on the power because these Are not that's not pmus or anything These are heavy stones and it blew them Out of there no problem at all Unfortunately now I got to get them back In there well I know what I can do hey I Can blow them back in let's give that a Whirly Work smarter not Harder might have to get my fingers in For these Ones not too [Music] Chevy [Music] [Music] [Music] This thing is a machine man it's a total Beast I mean that is Awesome that's a good

Blower and I haven't got EMS on and it Seems less loud on the ears than every Other blower I've used cuz I hate the Sound of blowers and I normally have ear Muffs on um so yeah pretty damn cool I'm Loving It [Music] I reckon we got some old iron under here Let's take a we [Music] Look [Music] Too Easy this thing clears dry bamboo leaves No problem at All even gets them out of the [Music] Stone it's actually a bit too powerful It's taken some of the stones with it So I think when it comes to blowage only The ego will probably beat this when it Comes to battery tools uh what about Runtime let's do a runtime test I'll Slap a 6 a hour battery on it straight Off the charger we'll strap down the Turbo button and see how long we get out Of it okay how long does she blow for Freshly charged just off the charger 6 Amp hour 36v battery we'll check her On I'm going to just run it with the Dial so we're going to ramp it up to the Full dial mode which is Top Speed Without the turbo button see how long we

Get and then if I can be bothered we'll Um we'll do the turbo mode as well okay Let's Go hopefully it doesn't blow off [Music] Here [Music] Right well that was pretty impressive That was sort of four or 5 minutes Longer than what I was expecting got Another 6 amp hour here just off the Charger so we can check the turbo button Uh yeah 22 minutes it um about a minute Ago was it it started slowing down and When I push the button on the battery You get the old flashing single green Light but yeah pretty good battery Doesn't feel too warm especially seeing As was sitting in the sun for most of That shade starting to come over it now As it slowed down it did it in steps it Did a step a definite change in tone and It held that for a little bit and then It changed again and then it held that For a bit and then it started to fade Off and cut out let's see how she goes With the turbo button I just went and Chuck that battery straight on the Charger even though it didn't feel hot It was too hot for the charger so it is Cooling down as we speak now there's a Little bit of a flaw with this in that If you stick a battery on with the Trigger depressed or this down it'll

Just start straight away it doesn't have A safety sort of cut off that you know Most tools these days even if they're Turned on you take the battery off and Put the battery back on they won't start Up until you reset the lever or the Switch or the trigger or whatever Whereas this one doesn't so are we ready To go oh better get my phone out of my Pocket set the timer up and we'll go Again so we had 22 minutes on the high Mode what do you reckon on turbo we're Going to get 16 something like that Reckon 18 place your Bets Hopefully once again we don't blow this Thing off my saw horse here are we Ready What A Catch okay she's too powerful I'm Going to have to strap it Down we'll go again okay can the duct Tape hold it now you just have to take 17 seconds off whatever this ends up Being is it safe to leave my phone here I don't know let's [Music] Go [Music] All right there we Go round that up to about 1440 with the 17 seconds or so we had at the beginning With the um false start the battery is Cool feels cooler than the last one but

Sun's not on it like the last one was Yeah feels pretty good so 14 and 1/2 1440 so it's more than half of the Blower of the standard setting standard Sort of high mode without the turbo but I would have liked to seen another Couple of minutes on there but anyway it Is what it is so I just went and tried That battery on the charger and it was Of course also too hot I chucked the First one on which probably been sitting There by the time of the 15 minutes from That and the 15 minutes from before Probably about half an hour and it's Charging now so cool down pretty quick I Just show you something inside here now Right it is a little bit tricky to film But if you see in there we have a heat So the air is constantly flowing over That heat sink it's pretty big heat sink Probably 75 mm 3 in by 2 in sort of Thing and so that helps keep all your Electricals and everything on this thing Cool stop it from overheating keep the Motor cool it's all all got air blowing Over it so that's quite a good idea I Haven't actually noticed that in another Blow before they probably all got them And I just haven't noticed I don't know But yeah it's a good idea might as well Use the air that's blowing through it to Keep the thing cool so if you haven't Already worked out I'm actually quite Impressed with this thing it is a good

Powerful blower it's quite heavy when You're sort of using it for a while it It's it's not a light blower by any Means um but it's fairly quiet and it's Got plenty of grunt now the decibel Number on the tool is 95 on the box it's Something like 58 now there's a little Asterisk next to that which tells you That that reading was taken 15.6 meters I think it was away from the tool and Why do they do it at 15.6 M well that's What they're classifying as bystanders So as long as it's not too loud for Bystanders then that's how they get the Whisper sort of name but it is actually Fairly quiet it's a lot quieter than I Think every other I mean even the little Blowers I usually put AMS on for so this Thing is pretty impressive when it comes To sound um and also of course when it Comes to blowage it also Stands up quite easily like that which Looks kind of cool looks kind of like a Mortar or something now and in the kit You get the 6 amp battery and a Charger uh came with a fast charger too So that was nice and overall I think it Is a very good Ryobi tool and one of my Favorite Ryobi tools now because yeah it Can blow baby so cheers Ryobi for Flicking me that and if you want to see More Ryobi stuff um there'll be some Down in the description and up on the Screen here somewhere at the end of the

Video and up in the top corner and blah Blah blah blah blah and cheers for Watching I'll see you on another one Soon thanks [Music] Guys

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