New Smaller Metabo HPT 18g Brad & Framing Nailers

Get Every Tool You Need in One Remarkable Tool Set With the Dewalt DCK500X

Working on any construction project requires a good set of tools. Shopping for different tools separately takes a great deal of time and effort, so why not purchase a tool kit that has everything you need? The Dewalt DCK550X is a combo kit composed of five basic tools you would need to tackle different construction jobs.

The Dewalt DCX424A2 Combi Drill – A Combination of Power and Flexibility

Dewalt is a well-known and respected company that designs and manufactures corded and cordless power tools for workers around the world. Their tools are used both to build new buildings and retrofit older ones, providing a wide range of choices for each job. The Dewalt DCX424A2 DC725 18V Combi Drill is a powerful eighteen volt kit for driving screws, drilling, and hammering.

The Makita MAC2400 – A Durable Air Compressor

If you are looking for a portable air compressor that is not only easy to carry around, but performs at a high level output, the Makita MAC2400 might be what you need. The Makita MAC2400 is a small compressor that runs hard, yet because of its advanced design, it maintains a cool temperature.

The Dewalt DW777 Miter Saw – A Classic Look With Modern Capability

If you are looking for a time tested saw that is unique and of superior capability when measured against today’s best miter saws, the Dewalt DW777 is your solution. The Dewalt DW777’s parallel sliding arms allow for widened cutting, a feature that broadens its range of use. An amazing 1800 watts of power pushes this saw through even the toughest projects; it is able to take on even the toughest of materials.

The Dewalt DG7000B Heavy Duty Generator – Power to Run the Big Tools

If you are looking for a generator for your house or shop, the Dewalt DG7000B generator is one of the most popular generators available. The generator will give you 7000 watts of power from its gasoline engine, which is twenty percent better than its competition. But even with this kind of output this generator can run for hours on just one fuel-up.

Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Saw – For Cutting Extreme Materials in Extreme Cold

Why mess around with trying to operate a circular saw in the freezing cold and having it fail time after time, because that particular saw is not made for extreme weather conditions? It is simply a waste of energy and resources. That is why Makita, a master at the art of designing and constructing power tools, has built a circular saw made for extreme weather conditions.

Why Is Your Tuttnauer Autoclave Displaying A Low Temp Error Code?

When your Tuttnauer autoclave starts flashing error codes your first reaction is probably panic. Your autoclave is one of the most important pieces of equipment you have and without it you can’t sterilize your tools. And if you can’t sterilize your tools you’re out of business. Don’t worry though.

Work Platform Ladders – Do You Have to Work in Altitudes?

Are you having issues locating the stability required when working at high altitudes? Then the work platform ladder might be the device that you require! This is the type of ladder equipment you need:

What Should You Do When Your Tuttnauer Autoclave Has A Low Water Error Code?

It’s not uncommon for people to buy used autoclaves that don’t come with any documentation or user’s manuals. So when those lights start flashing you have no idea what’s going on. Well, here’s what’s happening when your Tuttnauer autoclave starts flashing that Low Water error code, and what you can do to fix it.

What Does The Power DN Error Code On You Tuttnauer Autoclave Mean?

Once you place your equipment into your autoclave and turn it on, it’s important that the cycle be allowed to run until it’s complete, without interruption. Depending on the size of the load, the cycle time can vary from 15 to 45 minutes. If something should happen with you Tuttnauer autoclave’s power source you’ll get a Power DN error code which means, for some reason, the power was off and the cycle was interrupted.

Tuttnauer Autoclave Repair: What Causes The Add Water Error Code

It seems like it should be pretty easy to repair, right? Your Tuttnauer autoclave is giving you an error code that tells you to add water, so that probably means all you need to do is add some water. But when you take a look, you see the reservoir is already full. Now what?

Tips On Selecting Power Tools

Nowadays, many different types of power tools can be found on the market, which can be used for a number of projects, whether you’re a professional or planning to work around the house. However, at the same time, having too many options can sometimes trap people into feeling that they have to buy more than they need, while others may become confused about what they should get. Due to this, it may be ideal to have an understanding for what items do what and what might work best for you and the projects at hand.

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