Makitas NEW High Output Battery, A Makita Compact 5Ah Battery

Makita have finally mad a compact 5Ah battery, but there is a catch, it’s on the 12v CXT tool line… So does this mean that Makita are about to release some newer more power hungry 12v tools? Let’s hope so.

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Good day Makita fans and welcome back to Another Makita video today we are taking A look at cxt we don't take a look at The 12vt stuff too often on the channel And there is a reason for that which I'll get into in a moment today we're Going to start with batteries so Makita Have a few batteries on the 12vt system Starting with the 1.5 amp power which I Don't actually have at the moment a 2 Amp power I got rid of my 1.5s because 1.5 isn't much and they don't have the Fuel gauge on them so the the twos then The fours came Out and now surprisingly we have a new Kid on the Block and that is the 5 amp Power or is it 5 amp because why does it Say typ beforehand we'll get to that in A moment so why have Makita now released A 5 a battery why is it shorter than the 4 a battery I'm going to answer these Questions for you in this Video so the video is mostly going to Focus on this the new battery um I don't Know if anyone's reviewed it yet on YouTube but that's what we're taking a Look at today there will of course be Some Japanese reviews no doubt but Hopefully this is the first English one So let's take a look at the size of this Thing compared to the 2 Amp Hour which Is the one I use the most just cuz they Came with everything and so I've got a Heap of them and if you take a look

There she's a little bit wider she's a Little bit taller but it's pretty Similar in height Not too much taller that way we're Looking at ooh I'm ducking down here to Have a look under and it's it's only a Couple of millimeters it's a lot less Than it probably looks in that shot and Whereas the width is sort of wider than It looks in that shot if we stick one on Top of the other like that put those two Sides up against each other like so this Bit here is the extra width so why are They different and why isn't it bigger Than this one because if that's four Surely the five should be bigger again Well the two and the four have the same Footprint they're the same width and Length just a different height basically This is two rows of these it's two of Those stacked on top of each other on The inside this having 3 18650 CS this One having two rows of three six 18650 Cells this one 21700 cells so this has Three rows of higher output 21700 cells So presumably these have three that are 2,000 milliamps each giving us our Overall 2 Amp hours of runtime and this One like I say six of those cells at 2,000 milliamps each as well so three in Series and then another three in series Paralleled up and that gives you the 4 Amp hour on that One so to get 5 amp hour you either have

To have 18650 cells that have a bit more Umph I.E 2,500 milliamps worth of output And then you could have two rows like You do in this and it would be a 5 amp Battery but they haven't done that They've gone with one row so they're Using completely different cells with Much much higher output so these have to Be 5,000 milliamp cells but are they Because we've got typ do 5 m power Written on the front I have never seen a Makita battery with typ in the front I Don't think I've ever seen any battery For power tool that has typ on the front Typ standing for typical so 12v Max Typical 5 a power you know they're kind Of going yeah it's not really 5 a Because if we take a look on the bottom This is really a 10.8v nominal battery At 4.9 amp or 12v Max typical 5 aamp Power and 52.92 WS that's very specific Normally sort of it's rounded to the to The nearest you know but 52.92 you think they just rounded to 53 W hours they after all they did round This from 4.9 up to 5 so all 12 volt Tools are really 10.8 volt tools that's What the three cells in here add up to Cuz they're 3.6 each and 3.6 and 3.6 and 3.6 adds up to 10.8 Vols but for some Reason everybody's happy to call them 12vt even though lots of people get Their nose out a joint with 18vt tools Getting C 20 volt and 36 getting C 40

Volt but nobody seems to have a problem With the 12vt ones for some reason Anyway so 5 amp hour is kind of pushing It but we won't really know unless we Sort of have a look at what cells are in Here and it'll be interesting to have a Look at these as well and make sure These are the same as the ones in here Like I've just kind of stated or whether They're using something different in the 4 a to the 2 a I'm guessing this is the Same as this and I'm pretty sure I know Already what cells are in this and this And this there is a little giveaway by Looking through this sort of vent at the Top here where the air flow goes through Uh because you can see a pinky sort of R Purpley color through these two that Look the same and a green one in here so Quickly leave your guesses down below Now what battery cells do you think are Being used in these three batteries Sorry what's That yeah you're at the back what was That yeah I thought someone would ask That so Tony at the back has just asked Why is it that this 40 volt battery and This 40 volt battery and this 40 volt Battery all use 21700 Cells and this new 12vt 5 a battery also Uses 21700 cells yet none of the 18V Ones yet use 21700 cells when this is The most common of makita's tool lines This is possibly the most popular tool

Platform in the world the Makita 18 volt Been around a long time very successful Range of tools very good range of tools But a lot of people want 21700 cells Well I'll tell you why there's no 21700 Cells in Makita 18 volt batteries and it Is Because so that is why Makita currently Doesn't have any 18vt batteries that use 21700 cells but the Makita 18vt 21700 Cell batteries will be So that's exciting and something for you To look forward to and now you know the Reasons why we can carry on with the Rest of the video which now involves me Opening these three batteries up I think So that we can take a look at the cells Inside and just confirm what I think They are because I have it on good Authority that these are most likely Sano ur1 18650 RX cells and I'm assuming That's the same in here and that these Are Samsung 50s cells but there's only One way to find out so let's do it now When it comes to opening a Makita Battery there is a white bung here in The bottom they are like that on every Type of Makita battery whereas you can Hardly see it because of the camera but It's in there so it's a little Polycarbonate bung and they all have Them over one screw in the base so that To get these open any Makita Batteries You're going to have to break that and

Get that out of the way cuz the screws Underneath it once you've done that if You ever take your battery in for Warranty purposes or something wrong Then the Makita representative that is Dealing with your battery will know You've been tampering with the damn Thing so chances are they won't warranty Your claim they'll say hey you've been Playing with this thing do you make tool Review videos or something why are you Opening this thing up anyway because I Make tour reviews I have to open them up So here we Go so here they are with their skins off And as suspected s your Rx cells here And here and the Samsung 21750 s's on the end here which Interestingly enough say not for Vape Never install carry or handle if you're Never allowed to install carry or handle A cell what's the purpose of it existing But it's interesting that they put don't Put in a vape not for Vape usage what is The world coming to when you have to Print that on a battery cell now a Little pointless nerd fact all of them Have the same screws okay same length Same Torx 10 nice and easy so if you've Got them all on your bench mixed up Doesn't matter this is perhaps a good Time to show you the size difference in The battery cells between an 18650 and a 21700 this being the 21700

Of course and pointed to it at the wrong Time there but 18650 here the little Pinky red ones so you can see it's 5 mm Shorter that's what the 70 is 70 is the Length 70 mm 65 mm 18 18 and 21 is the Diameter so 18 mm in diameter and 21 mm In diameter make sure they don't touch Each other too much and shorten anything Out but there we go so that's the size Difference while we're here shall I just Show you this difference as well should Have shown you this before I pulled it Apart maybe I'll show you when I put it Back together it'll be bit easier than Trying to push this tiny little there we Go red LEDs for the battery gauge and Green ones for the new 5 a so those ones Have red all the previous ones have red But this new one has green ones which is Nice cuz green are easier to see it's Only got the one showing there cuz brand New battery hasn't been charged that's How they ship them and on the top we've Got a lot more stuff going on here than The other two if we take a look here Much more battery management stuff going On here then we Have on this very simple 2 aamp power Battery and the 4 a battery looks the Same but they've put a bit more effort On this one which is good so going to be A deer battery presumably so this 5 a Hour here now has more energy stored in It than this one here I mean this is can

Run longer than this and look twice as Many cells why is that well these are Like I said earlier 2,000 milliamp cells Basically 1950 Nominal um and typical that word we used Before 250 so cut it in the middle 2,000 2 Amp Hour battery you don't add each one Together so you don't go 2 4 6 8 10 12 Three of them are in series here and so They stay as two amps but stick another Row like we have there it's another row Of 12vt or 10.8 Vol and so we end up With four amp hours can all get a bit Confusing I know if you don't do this Sort of stuff all the time confuses me Sometimes as well if my brain isn't 100% Switched on Anyway this one here different sales the 211700 Samsung 50s sales put out 5,000 milliamps or do they so this one Is a 5 amp hour battery 5,000 Mah hours Is 5 ow give you a quick closeup of the Three of them together and then I'll Tell you a bit more about the new one Damn it I haven't got the right lens on For getting any closer than that oh well There you go there's the three of them Two four five now this new one the 5 amp Power is what I'm going to call a high Output 12 amp battery 12 Amp 12vt Battery when you're saying voltage is an Owers and amps and everything so many

Times you get a bit muddled up sometimes Anyway so these cells can put out a lot More current than these ones so let's Introduce some more numbers these ones These cell will put out 20 amps no Problem um you start getting more than That they're going to overheat overload Pretty quick you might get spikes up to About say 30 amps with those okay but You won't be able to run it too long at That whereas this one starts at sort of 20 25 amp no problem at all and I've Seen figures saying 45 amps but depends On which data sheet you look at but up To 45 amps or 35 amps depending on where You look Uh if it's 45 then that's pretty damn Good but you'll only get that for a Shorter length of time because if it Gets too hot it will cut out but should Be able to supply a lot more power to Your 12vt tools not that Makita have Released many 12vt Tools in recent years But maybe that's about to change with The addition of this battery maybe they Have put this battery out because They've got some juicy 12vt tools coming Here's hoping because like I said the 12volt line is a little bit lacking and Some of the other brands have really Taken over 12volt tools very popular now Of course Milwaukee and DeWalt everybody Does them but Milwaukee certainly Smashes it they put a lot of effort into

Bumping out the 12vt tools whereas Makita have let it slide a little bit Since they um started doing 40 volt Shall we say but it would be nice if They got back into some 12vt stuff and Tried to take on Milwaukee again in that Voltage range Milwaukee's best M12 Battery is a 5 aamp high output so it's Basically one of these I haven't looked Up what cells are in that particular Battery but might be exactly the same And some of these other batteries which Are now currently not shot but here we Go these ones may get an overhaul in the Near future too because 18650 Tabler Cells uh starting to come online 21700 Tabler sales already becoming quite Popular with mum using them in um where Is it this battery and also we have Milwaukee using them in their new MX Fuel high output batteries and I think In the new Forge ones they're going to Use them not the 6 amp power but the Bigger ones if they make them I'm Guessing that's what they're going to Use because I don't think they'll be Using the the Stacked lithium or pouch Cells that they used in the 6 a one due To size and there'll be thermal runaway Issues and all sorts of things like that Um but we we'll have to wait and see who Uses what and what but yeah all these Have the possibility of being tabless Which will give even more quicker power

Boosts to your tools and keep the Batteries running cooler and hopefully Lasting longer that way overloading less And cutting out less and all that sort Of stuff we could talk about batteries Forever but now let's see if there's any Difference between this and these when It comes to the power output in Practical use am I going to feel any Difference using a tool now I have to See what 12vt tools got kicking around I Know my wife takes them up to her Mother's place all the time so I'm not Sure how many of them are up there and I Need something that I can show you guys On camera is being different so we need Something with like a spinny blade or Something usually use angle grinders or Circular SS for this sort of test but I Don't know I've got anything 12v Oh wait on oh where is It probably my least used tool and um I'll see if I can find it so they are All back together and they all appear to Be working just fine so that's good this One never been charged so I need to go Chuck that on the charger of course Before we test it and I will of course Time it although the first charge Usually takes a lot longer than Subsequent charges but we'll see how Long it takes it only has to fill up Half the amount of Sals that this one's Got so maybe it's quicker to charge the

Five than the four let's go take a look We are fully charged all around now There's the green and the red lights There so this one the 4 amp this one the 5 amp this I charged first took just Over 70 minutes hour and 10 minutes this One same length of time so I then looked It up of course I thought have they Actually got the information about this Up on the old interwebs yet so I looked At Makita New Zealand's website and sure Enough they're saying 70 minutes for This 75 for that so basically the same And this one is about half an hour and The 1.5 is about 22 minutes I think Haven't charged one for a while but I Know this one takes half an hour half an Hour hour and 10 hour and 15 that's the Official numbers and roughly what they Do depending on temperature and stuff of Course which does change things somewhat Anyway now I'm going to test Them just to see if there's any Difference see if there is higher output From this and we're going to Chuck it on This glass cutter here let's just zoom Out for a moment so this thing what was That Bloody Tony again is that you Tony Yeah why does it look so new because I Never use it how often do you ever want To soore up a piece of glass Tony it's Not something you do very often so yeah This would be my least used Makita tool And I have another problem I want to

Test the RPM on this thing but but I Don't know where my tachometer is it's Around here somewhere but it's not in The usual drawer with all my other Measuring equipment unfortunately so one Moment while I wait for it to magically Appear let's do some weights so the 2 Amp is 214 G 375 and 315 so 315 and 375 so six 6 G less weight one whole Extra amp hour of runtime and Potentially more power if I can find my Tachometer okay we have 2 Amp Hour just Off the charger now this thing is pretty Slow but let's take a look just how Slow about 12290 RPM let's jump straight to the five now Reckon we're going to tell a difference Let's just do this side by [Music] Side yeah so I don't even need to stick The tachometer on it because you could Hear there that the five is definitely Faster so let's have a we go Here not that much faster though but Somewhere around the 1360 Mark and the 4 Amp power check that Out is it going to be somewhere in the Middle or is it going to be the same as The two let's have a we Squiz so look at that over 1,400 this One sounds

Faster which makes sense [Music] Of course this one has twice as many Cells as these two the cells don't have To work as hard each individual one Doesn't need to pump out as much to get The same job done so with that extra Energy in there it can put a bit more Into your saw So was that 1290 13 something and just over 14 for The four so this seems more powerful Than this needs a lot more testing to Try it out on a few more tools though Unfortunately I don't have a lot here I've got a drill sitting here Um and I got a tire inflator and oh I Might have an impact wrench oh yeah Where's that um but jigsaw impact driver And stuff is not here at the moment as Well as being more powerful than the two This is 2 and 1/2 time longer run time With a battery that is the same height Just a little bit wider and a little bit Longer it's a good little battery so if You're after run time but you still want That small size and weight then that is Very good remember this one still weighs More than the 5 amp power so each one Has their they pros and cons you could Say four looks like it might be the most Powerful two smallest lightest shortest Run time though this one good Compromise pretty small still not too

High lighter than the four runs longer Than the four more power than the two is That a good summary anyway maybe I'll do Some more tests in upcoming videos Hopefully Makita will release some more 12vt stuff to go along with these longer Runtime batteries but until then go Watch some of these other videos that Pop up in the end and down in the Description there's I don't know how Many hundreds of Makita ones I've done Now and I will see you on another one in Another week cheers A

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