Makita XGT 40v Sanders Are Here… But They Come with a Cord.

Makita are about to release 7 new 40v XGT Sanders. The Makita BO001CG is a 125mm (5″) Random Orbit Sander with a 5mm orbit. The Makita BO002CG is a 150mm (6″) with a 5mm orbit and the rest are as follows;
BO003CG 125mm 5″ 3mm Orbit
BO004CG 150mm 6″ 3mm Orbit
BO005CG Small Sheet Finish Sander 3mm
BO006CG Detail Sander 3mm
BO007CG Large Sheet (1/3) Sander

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If you are here because you're a Makita Fan then welcome back if you are here Because you're a fan of Sanders then Make sure you check out my video I did Last night I'll put a link up here that Was the Mera Sanders I did basically the Mera version of these and I got some Mera here so that we can put them on These makas to sort of compare as much As possible to that I was hoping to have Them at the same time but didn't quite Work out like that I filmed the Mera one Quite some time ago and it is up in that Top corner there like I said but we're Not here to talk about that today we are Here to talk about the new range of xgt Sanders finally from Makita these are The first xgt Sanders that Makita have Put out so on the bench today we have The B001 CG the b003 CG and the B005 CG whoa whoa whoa wait up tools why Are you putting a c in there shouldn't It be a b001 g all the other 40 volt xgt Stuff ends with a G why on Earth would It have CG well because the G stands for The 40 volt platform xgt so it stands For that 40 volt battery that we all Know but if you look carefully at these There's um nowhere to put that battery They are not big enough to put a battery On are they so they have a cord and Battery say what yes that's right the C

Stands for cord so we have a cord going To a g so C to G this is the first time Makita have Done this with an xgt tool and we will Soon find out whether it's a good idea Or not but first let's take a closer Look at the Sanders we have here on the Bench and the Sanders that aren't on the Bench now these are the sort of tools That I imagine are going to vary quite a Lot in different parts of the world some Parts of the world they will only import Certain ones um why is this one this Three this five what happened to two and Four I'm guessing number two here is a 150 mm pad whereas this is 125 and the Same here with number four well hang on A minute why are these two the same well They're not the same this is a 3mm orbit And this one is a 5 mm orbit we'll talk About that a little bit more in a moment So all three of these tools have Variable speed dial down here they have AWS on the other side and they have the Starter button on the front and it's Just a push it once it goes on push it Again it goes off when it's going you Disconnect the battery put the battery Back on it won't start by itself they're All the same at this end here too this Is where of course you would hook your Hose on It comes with this which Clips on sort Of locks on with a Twist unfortunately

It doesn't like rotate it won't swivel While you're using it it's locked in Place would have been nice if that had Some sort of swivel in it just so that You don't get all tangled up with your Hose as well as that you of course get a Bag which is just a friction fit like so And the bag once it's on there can be Clipped off like so to empty and the Power cord Just Clips on nice and easy Like that too push the buttons on the Side to release goes on nice and Easy nice and smooth piece of cake There's a little arrow on the top to Align with the top so you know you Haven't got it up the wrong way even Though the screw should be a bit of a Dead giveaway so all those features are The same on these three models and Presumably the other four so what are The other models apart from the two 150s As well as the 125s here there will also Be a detail sander you know like a Delta Sander with pointy bit on the end that Will be number six and number seven will Be a third sheet sander rather than the Small sheet sander here but those Will'll have to wait for another video Because they're not available yet what About the availability of these well in This part of the world in New Zealand They'll be out in the next few weeks From when this video goes live if you're Heading down to field days maybe maybe

They'll be there in time for that Hopefully they will be nice to see them Down there along with a few other new Things maker have got coming along right Let's now have a closer look at the Tools we'll start off with these two Random orbital sanders are probably the Sander I use the most and 125 is the Size I use the most I find it's the Easiest to maneuver and you can get the Right amount of pressure on it bit Better than a 150 depends on what you're Doing of course but I do a lot of narrow Stuff and so the 125 is good so you Don't have a lot of pad overhanging Which creates more dust if you have that Now these sanding pads here have the Holes in them to help with the dust Extraction so that's nice hopefully Better than the old 18vt one and let's Have a look at the pattern on the bottom Shall we they do come with one of these Net pads so you'll get a net sanding Disc like this in the Box in this part Of the world maybe not everywhere don't Know and you'll also get the interface Pad Here Y 2 pad you say well this one Basically just protects this one because If you're using these sort of net pads Ads the velcro bits can come through Here and if you're pushing and sanding Away too long you can end up wearing These off and then it's useless not only

That it gets full of dust whereas this Helps stop that dust and helps protect Your main pad from getting destroyed cuz It's much cheaper and easier to just Replace one of these cuz these often Come with the sanding discs themselves If we look at the pattern of the holes We've got what used to be what I would Call the standard Makita holes like that So they've got those plus there is an Extra set around on the outside as well Not quite as many as the merker I'm Going to keep comparing it to the merker Ones because that's sort of sort of Industry standard sort of thing you know That's like top of the line so let's Compare it to that didn't line that up Too well did I so the five and the three Both have the same pads this has got a Non net one on it just your standard Sort of pad there it's a very soft pad That we've got here be careful when you Pull this off it's sort of tugging away At the um The main pad a bit just need to hold That up a bit really when you pull that Off maybe because that yeah that's very Soft good for doing certain things Rounded things things that aren't quite Dead flat now why is one got a three on It and one got a five on it well that is The orbit so when you're sanding it's Going round in circles of Course but it's also off center

Basically so instead of just spinning It's going like add at the same time so The 3 mm is 3 mm ones of Those and 5 mm Is and some other brands like the Mera For instance do up to an 8 mm as well so The bigger the orbit number the quicker It will remove material this will remove Material much quicker than the three but This will give you a nicer finish this Is more likely to leave swir marks Ideally you'd have both of them you use This one on the rough stuff get it down To a fairly smooth finish and then use This one to finish things off with finer Grip paper and that smaller orbit and Then we have the sheet sander which Comes with a Net disc as well not a disc pad I Suppose and the interface PAD as well as You can see this one already well used Plenty of holes in there this is a 3mm Orbit as well and the sanding sheets That you'll use on that are 130 long by 80 mm wide right I got a bunch of stuff To sand oh be before I do that I'll Quickly just show you this stuff eh so We got some other little Makita bits on Here to show you I know you guys like Seeing all different things how about This a switch blade flick knife or Something you Know so this is just a as you can see Hold not many 10 comes with some

Phillips bits some posy drive and some Torx drive and then in the bottom bit Here we have a 50 mil extension thing to Put them in I'll put links to that down In the description if you want one of Those I don't know how many places in The world these but I'll see if I can Find some links and Bug them down there And then these cool little ones which You know just look cool cuz they're like The batteries right and you push the Button on the Front and she Springs open Nifty inside this one whole lot of Little short bits there heaps of um torx Bits in there which I like that's one of The reasons I got it but there is lots Of different variations of these but This one Torx and Philips Drive bits and The extension bit holder in the front There then there are ones like this that Are Um empty you can put your own bits in There uh and there's ones that come with 50 mm bits in them there's all sorts of Different ones uh but they're only sold In certain markets I'm not sure exactly Where so whatever links I can find I Will put down in the description if I Haven't put them down there please let Me know sometimes I forget these things And one of you reminds me and then I Chuck them in there but it's might be a Bit late and some people might miss out

So if they're not there let me know Right let's go sand something so when it Comes to putting your batteries Somewhere it has a hook on it here as You can see so if you lift up your pants You could hook it on your belt like so But I think I'm going to stick it in my Little coin pocket here watch pocket or Whatever that little pocket is on your Jeans so it Clips on there then so that Your cord here doesn't dangle you can Clip it in the side of the holder also On the cord you have the strap and clip So you can have it bundled up if you Don't want it too long and then we have Of course the end which Clips in there And away we Go if you watched my xgt chainsaw video Last week you will have seen me rip this Piece of wood here this bit of macro Carper now I'm going to have a go at This with the sander so you can see She's pretty rough because it's been cut With a chainsaw now I could um plan it All first a bit like I have here but I Want to see how long it would take to Sort of get down some of these grooves Here got a 2.5 fresh off the charger Hooked up to the B1g the 125 mm with an 80 grit 5 mm Orbit we'll start on the highest speed The highest speed being 10,000 RPM and It goes down to number one which is 6,000 but yeah I think we're going to

Need it on full whack and I have it Hooked up to the trusty VC 04g with the AWS so it'll turn on and off while I'm [Music] Sanding that is taking that down super Quick turn off please back thank You that yeah that was much quicker than I thought it was going to uh I'm going To move over to the other side and give You a real good closeup of that Those were some very deep chainsaw Grooves and that has taken that back Nicely and nice and quick and very Little dust dust extraction working Super good so far let's try it now With the dust bag instead of the VAC so I might as well turn this [Music] Off well no complaints with that so far Seem to be picking it up nicely let's Have a look this was empty when I Started wow holy that was a lot of Dust that just collected pretty Impressive it's cutting through this Macro carpa so fast presumably Combination of a good sander and some Good sanding [Music] Discs right I've done some of the Planing that I should have done before Let's carry on [Music] Sanding let's do a stall test we do a Stall test down the end here still see

That yeah stall test over here [Music] Okay right you ain't easily going to Stall it that's for [Music] Sure really impressed so far with the Dust collection without a vac wow Collects a lot of sawdust such a quick Period of time you don't need a vac Don't use it I say and that dust Collection is far superior do the crappy Dust collection on the 18V random Orbital sander should get that out and Have a play with that eh we'll do that In the next thing I Sand but let me just finish this off Look how deep this is I mean this is Millim deep that's several millimet deep That let's see how we [Music] Go takes that down so quick a little bit Of a dust done to appear here on the Sander probably because we're not using The VAC don't know how long I've been Sanding but let's have a look at the Battery here what do we got one bar as You can see I haven't actually got it on My belt because well I didn't need to For this so it was nice just having it Sitting there on the sorse but as you Can see the tool is rather Dusty so even Though I thought this was quite nice at First and it is collecting a lot of Stuff

But it is a little bit it gets pushed Around by the cord a bit and it sort of Cuz it's friction fit comes away a Little bit and a little bit of dust Starts getting out of there so it's been A bit coming out of There well packed in the bottom there it Definitely collects a lot though holy It's collecting you know 95% of it but There is still there's a heat more still In there Wow it has collected a lot in the last 10 minutes Wowe it is removing so much material Um I'm not sure how long that battery Lasted but as you see we're down to one Bar So I don't know we're getting pretty Smooth here though the um board's Looking pretty good another 2 and 1/2 a Battery and it'll be done no problem I Would assume um I'm going to do a little Bit more with this grit and then I think We'll change to the the 3 mm to smooth It off nicely at the end I do kind of Need to do something with the outside of It too though to give you some idea of The material removal let's take a look How much dust comes out the back of this Thing well I think that's looking pretty Swish feels nice came up good I do Recommend though if you um are not using A vac To wear a mask uh a lot of that probably

Came from when I didn't have the bag on Either though Uh I was going to have a go at this now With the 3 mm orbit and I probably will But I don't know if I'll bother showing That on camera cuz you're not going to See much if you haven't already got one Of these do yourself a favor look down In the description watch the review buy One from one of the affiliate links or Whatever these are super Handy look at that like a brand new Armag again I have the 5 mm orbit and the 3mm orbit Here we have two 4 A batteries straight Off the charger and I'm going to have a Go at removing this sort of see this Shitty looking moldy stuff on this piece Of 6 for 2 here see if we can Spruce That up make it look a little nicer I'll Give it 1 minute with each sander on a Different section of the board and we'll See how much they remove each sander has A fresh 80 grit Mera pad on there So yeah 3 2 1 [Music] Go now that was pretty good I think I am Happy with That 1 Minute and yeah it took most of that off Look at that That's what it look Like 1 minute 1.2 M pretty good so let's see how much

Material is removed with the smaller 3mm Orbit well I think that was a pretty Good test to show that the 3mm is going To remove the material much slower Because as you can see here we have Still a piece I never even got to with Which is equivalent to well around half Of the area we were Doing and I didn't quite sort of get This bit done either finished it in There so 3 Mm 5 Mm 5 mm much much much quicker but Higher vibration bit noisier too I think But they were both on Full Speed you can See here indicated by the number Five and the three as well in case you Don't believe me is on number Five right we're going to do that same Test again we've got a new pad on the 5 Mm orbit the b001 CG and we've got a new Pad on this the Good oldfashioned 18vt Random orbital sander this is possibly The first battery random orbital sander On the market it's been around a very Long time I don't recall any other one Before that and I will be running it With a freshly charged 5 a battery and Of course once again we have a even Skanker looking bit of wood this time But it looks 18 volt on this side 40 Volt on this side who's going to come Out on top let's go 1 Minute okay so that piece of wood like I

Said much harder to sand than the Previous one look how skanky it is So removed it pretty quick though but Took a little bit more work I left a Piece on the end there just so you can See what it look like There so how well will the 18 volt do Doing its Side this is going to be interesting This is the test I want to see the 18vt Has 11,000 RPM so surely this will Remove at 10% faster than the 40 volt Sure it will tools let's go [Music] Well well well that was um rather Disappointing from the 18 volt I knew it Was going to be a Thrashing but I didn't know how much of A thrashing So here's how I was trying to get the 18 Vault that I wrote on there off and it Didn't even get that off Properly uh yeah didn't really get to This half of the board didn't get to Finish off this end Um yeah so 18 Vol 40 Volt I would estimate that material Removal when compared to the 5 mm orbit At About ooh four times better so this four Times better at removing material than This with the exact same pads on Remember discs and Comfort wise this

Much nicer to use having that lower Center gravity much better much more Comfortable on the hands less vibration Easier to hold than the old school 18 Volt sorry buddy might be time for you To retire what do you reckon let's go Back to the bench and have a look at Some of the other Sanders as well so That is a lot of Sanders it's hard to Get them all in shop so where are we Going to go from here let's start with This the quarter sheet 18 volt here this Was released as several different models Model in different countries in Japan For instance it was several models I'm Not sure it was two or three models um In this part of the world they just gave You all the different plates so you can Just use the one body and change it out To whatever you want so you've got like The quarter sheet this large one here Which you can fold over both sides so You can do underneath similar to this How we've got this Delta sander Point Here which you can do top and bottom and And it's got like a quarter sheet one There you can have this quarter sheet One on there there's lots of different Options This one here is not quite qu a Sheet And not that one either so in between Now I haven't used that much but it is a Nice little sander and that is the

Closest equivalent to that thing you're Going to notice with all these new xgt Sanders is they're all basically going To look the same the same design much More comfortable the lower center of Gravity makes it feel much more natural Easier to control less vibration just Nice as Sanders and so the Delta one of The xgt will be the B006 CG and maybe I will do a review of That and compare it to this once we get That available here this is the third Sheet 18vt which is a rather odd looking Thing uh this one will be the B007 CG when they finally release that It might be the last one that comes out So once again maybe we will review that And compare the two once that is Available now you saw the 18vt one here I think it's time to retire the old Gill Because these new ones the 3 mm orbit is About twice as quick at removing Material as this and the 5 mm is about Four times faster than this roughly you Know in my quick little experiments that I've been doing and just a general tip When it comes to sanding if you're new To it or something these sort of new This one here actually comes with the if You buy one of these in New Zealand you Will get the backing interface pad and You'll get a 120 grit one of these so These sanding nets come in lots of Different styles made by lots of

Manufacturers these days and there's Lots of different patterns this one's Sort of a a cross between a standard one And a net one um I find these are Quicker at cutting and they don't clog Up the same and they last longer than Your traditional ones like this and they They suck up the dust way better than These do so if you've never used one of These mesh net sanding type discs do Yourself a favor and grab some of those These merker ones this 80 grp one nice And aggressive rip stuff off nice and Quick clear all that out of the way for The moment and talk a little bit more About the specifics of these xgt tools And what you get with them and why they Are good so each one maybe they'll be Slightly different opinion where you Live but in this part of the world and Most of the world I'm assuming you're Going to get the dust extractor Attachment you're going to get the dust Bag you're going to get the tool of Course you're going to get the interface Pad at the back there you're going to Get one disc and you are going to get Your power lead now when it comes to the Dust collection you saw me use the dust Bag dust bag does leak a little bit as You can see um if you're doing a small Area not so bad if you're doing a lot of Sanding definitely hook it up to vac Because that thing there still lets out

5 to 10% I suppose of the dust and That's enough to really get up your nose And stuff your sinuses and stuff your Lungs and everything else so wear a mask If you're going to be using that if You're going to do a lot of sanding do Yourself favor Chuck it on the V now When you put it on the VAC screw on your Dust port and then you can just clip it Onto any of these Sanders so you've got A range of them if you've got the five And the three for instance you can just Switch between them nice and easy don't Need anything different so if you've Bought a range of these even though They're giving you one of these and one Of these and one of these every time you Really only need the one hooked on your Vac and you only need one of these that You've got clipped on your belt so You've got the battery clipped on your Belt you can then go right I've done my Rough sanding quickly just do some nice Sanding you got different grits on Different Sanders you can just go like That Chuck it on the next one back to This one Again leave the battery on your belt Having to sort of bend down and fluff Around with other things pretty similar To sort of Fest tool and Mera the way They just plug in all their different Sanders with the both the plug for the Power and the dust extraction the dust

Extraction is not quite as elegant maybe As some other brands doesn't swivel uh But it does the job and it's nice and Quick and simple to use are they as good Are they as high-end as Festool and Mera Well no not really uh although I would like to get that merker back to See if it cuts as quick as this this was Cutting damn quick this 5 mm orbit one I'd say the dust extraction was better On the merker basically use that tool And you can use it all day and it still Looks like it's brand new if you've got It hooked up to a good vac but of course Pricewise I will give you the um I won't Tell you the price of this because it's Going to be different where you live and This is sort of they haven't even been Released in most of the world so the Prices might change a bit but I'll give You the percentage difference so Basically I can buy 4 and a half of These for the cost of that one merker That I did last night so if you've seen That review and you've seen the random Orbital sander on that that is 4 and a Half times the price in this country of This so you could just about get the Whole range of these for the price of That one other sander so instead of Having to change things out like you Might have to do on that one you can buy One of those leave a certain pad on it Buy one of those Chuck 150 on it if you

Want Buy finishing sander as well and You'll still have money to spare when Compared to that Mera although of course You do have to buy a few batteries but Chances are you've already got the Batteries right I didn't find the cord Was annoying surprisingly I thought it Might have annoyed me a bit but you've Got it hooked up to a V and everything You don't really notice if you're used To sanding stuff you're used to all that Sort of thing anyway yeah it didn't Notice it didn't didn't worry me uh I Didn't have it hooked on my belt though I didn't like that so much uh cuz I Didn't need to I just didn't if you were Standing up doing vertical surfaces like This back wall or something then of Course I would clip it on my belt or if You're moving around a large area but if You're doing a flat surface and you can Just plunk this down somewhere just Plunk it down somewhere you know why Hook it on your belt you can just plunk It down and sand away to your heart's Content you barely notice it's there now The adapter that comes with it is 1.6 M Long I think that's what it is about 1.6 Anyway and there is another one if you Want a longer one if you want to stick a 8 Amp power battery on this for instance Bung it on the floor and move around a Bigger area you can get a 5 m long cable So that will have the battery attachment

And the tool attachment and just that 5 M lead instead of the 1.6 that's an Optional accessory and what about run Times I hear you ask I'll give you the Run time mostly with the 4 a power I Found I got about 20 minutes with the 2.5 a the official numbers I think for The 4 amp power are about 35 minutes Which seems about right uh so that would Make get about an hour and 10 minutes For the 8 amp battery that's if we are Using the Bc001 CG if you're using the three Orbital rather than the five orbital you Will get a bit more run time you get an Extra 7 minutes out of the 40 volt and If you're using the sheet sander here You'll get about an hour and 5 minutes Just out of that so you get over 2 hours With an 8 Amp Hour battery if you're Using this sheet sander although like I Said my favorite the one I'd use the Most where are you off to is definitely This one now those official numbers are On full whack pushing down constantly With a 120 grit disc so for what they Are and how good they are I think They're going to be quite good value Actually it may seem expensive when you Compare it to the old school 18vt cuz It's going to be sort of double the Price of that but it's at least four Times better it's four times quicker so That's good time is money and comfort

Vibration dust collection all far Superior on the xgt to the 18vt so I Guess after listening to myself just Then I think these are nice Sanders I Yeah I think this is a good sander and If I was only going to pick one it would Be this one the 5 mm cuz I like getting done quick I don't like pissing About if I want a nice finish I'll just Stick a nice fine 240 320 whatever pad On there I don't do anything finer than That I'm not doing Automotive stuff or Anything if you want to do finer stuff Of course get the 3 mil but if you want To remove stuff quick on Timber and that Then the five is good for Timber paint That sort of thing so if I can find any Links don't get your hopes up just yet But if I remember I'll come back and put Some later once these are released in Other places if you're watching this After the release date but if I can find Any affiliate links I will shove them Down in the description there may be Some other links down there to some of These other tools and gloves and bits And pieces so if you're interested in Any of them have a look down there and Thank you for watching and I will see You all on another xgt video very very Soon and trust me it's another Banger so Make sure you subscribed if you're not And I will see you again next week Thanks to these guys for helping me make

These videos and cheers

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