Makita 40v Jigsaw Review… A Barrel Grip Beauty?

The Makita 40v XGT Barrel Grip Jigsaw is now a thing… any good?
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Foreign Yes it's finally here the Jv001g barrel grip xgt jigsaw it is a Variable speed jigsaw running between 800 and three and a half thousand Strokes per minute Now as I just spun that round did you Notice it has power buttons on the left And right hand side of the tool just Like the 18 volt version What else is the same and what is Different between this and this this is The Djv181 the brushless Barrel grip they're Both of course brushless this one made In the UK the new 40 volt IC is made in China my other d-handled jigsaws also Made in the UK this one also does 800 to 3.5 000 Strokes per minute it has the Same settings on the side here the Straight cut and then the three orbital Modes same as the 40 volt The area for putting in your bayonet Style blades is the same the dial on the Back for your speed settings is in the Same place so all that so far is the Same but there is some slight Differences so let's take a look at what Those are if we have a look at the base Of each model We put them next to each other like so You'll see the xgt is slightly longer Let's put a bit of light on there shall We

So the xgt coming in at about not much About half an inch longer or maybe not Even that 10 millish 3 8 of an inch Longer than the 18 volt They both have the Allen key in the back Here for adjusting the angle on your Base if you wanna tilt your base and the Other thing I've noticed is the width in The hips here So I'll just take this off so it's Easier to maneuver We take a look at the 18 volt on the Left The 40 volt on the right This is quite a bit thicker than it is Here So when you hold it the 18 volt not Quite as nice I find as the new 40 volts Just that little bit Slimmer just makes It fit in your hand just a little bit Better So that's nice but apart from that They are As far as I can tell without turning Them on Basically the same tool Got some vents in the front of the 18 Volt one here that are not present in The 40 volt maybe that's to stop dust Going in there because the 40 volt Should run a bit cooler than this and Not need as much venting as the 18 volt Models in theory now let's just take a Look at what the 40 volt comes with in

The box so you get the tool you get this Removable plate there on the bottom it Comes with a splinter guard which if You're anything like me well it will Disappear off the face of the Earth Pretty quickly comes with a pack of five Blades that are made in Japan and it Comes with the dust Port which is nice Lots of tools often don't come with These sort of things so you pop that in There or if you wish to have it on the Other side you spin your tool around Spin the nut around on the I mean the Screw on the end there and poke it in That side so it can be used either side Nice and easy and Use this one the old robbery job and Poke that over the end And you're good to go so that's about All there is to that Now is it any difference in power to the 18 volt I'm guessing it's pretty much Not gonna be it's got the same specs oh One more thing I need to talk about Before we go any further after the siren Goes past a lot of people were annoyed At some Makita jigsaws because they have An auto mode which would start off slow Once you start cutting Timber or Whatever it would speed up and if you Take any pressure off slows down again It was quite frustrating And you can turn it on and off on some Models but some of the earlier models

You couldn't turn it on and off and some Of the models sold in certain countries You couldn't turn it on and off So you'll be pleased to know that Straight out of the box the factory Setting for this has it turned off now I'm assuming it's going to be like that Everywhere but it might not be But hopefully Makita have made all the 40 volt ones the same that you can turn It on or off and to turn that on and off Make sure your tool is turned off put Your dial on one it goes from one to six Of course Turn on the tool not running just unlock It Better put on a battery eh Put your battery on first Unlock it I think flashes stick it down onto six Stick it back up to one flashes again Now we should be on the soft load Setting I think Turn it on Yeah that didn't sound full on so let's Undo that So I will put it back onto one stick it On Turn this to six and back to one flashy Flash now if we put this on six it Should go flat out Turned off Yeah see there you go much more Aggressive so that's how I would leave

It set so that I can control it myself I Don't want the tool trying to tell me How to cut and I know a lot of you did Not like that feature but if you want That feature you can turn it on and it's Pretty easy to turn on and off now if You're fairly new to jigsaws and don't Know the difference between a barrel Grip and a top handle or D handle I'll Give you a quick rundown this is a Barrel grip this is a top handle or D Handle As you can see very different in shape This one has a trigger this one does not So you have the on off button once it's On you don't have any control via a Trigger you can set the speed with the Dial but as you're going along a bit More tricky to adjust than this this one You can just feather it with your finger And get it exactly how you want it Slowly start but ramp it up and then Back off towards the end of a cut stuff Like that and that's one of the reasons I tend to prefer a top handle one like This over a barrel grip but these are a Bit more awkward in shape for different Tasks if you're cutting above your head Up walls things like that underneath A bench or a sheet good this is much Easier to hold because you can hold it On any angle you want and it doesn't Matter because you don't have to touch a Trigger now some d-handles now have

Variable speed and you can lock the Trigger in a certain place and it'll Behave roughly like a barrel grip but This one you cannot do that doesn't have Variable speed just variable speed in The trigger and you can't actually lock This trigger on on this particular model So yeah this is one of the first ones It's brushed but I like that jigsaw so You can use them for different purposes Basically and this one you can sort of Use two-handed as well you can Hold it like this if you wish There is this one your hands are in a Slightly different place you can hold it Two-handed of course if you want have a Hand around there but it is different This one you can also control just by This front but if you want gives you a Lot more options depending on how you Want to hold a tool depending on what Your job is or whatever it is you happen To be doing so that's why a lot of People like the barrel grips over the D Handle or top handle because there are More options available to you now all These jigsaws that you've seen on the Bench thus far they are all rated to 135 Millimeters that is they will cut in Theory 135 millimeters deep in Timber Which is extraordinarily deep for a Jigsaw and I don't know how often people Do a cut that deep that's pretty deep But let's go test these two out and see

How they do cutting through 45 Millimeter Timber which even that is Pretty thick for what most people do With jigsaws now if you're wondering What the difference between the straight Cuts and the orbital functions are Basically use the straight cut when You're wanting to do something fine if You're cutting through thin metal or You're cutting laminates and things that You don't want to chip and you just want To slowly go along then use the straight Cut if you want to whack through Something quicker then these orbital Functions come into their own if you Stick it on that highest orbital Function and you're cutting wood you can Quickly just you know if you want to Just quickly rough something out but by Rough you will get a rougher cut it'll Do it much quicker but it won't be Anywhere near as smooth and nice so if You want nice finish at the front and Then these ones will give you slightly More orbitalization each time and If you're doing aluminum and stuff you Can get away with say the first orbital Node but you know the highest one I Would only use for rough cuts and Timber Now I'm going to run these on full whack I.E number six I'm also putting them on Full orbitalization got some new blades Here some of these jigsaw blades you Might have seen me um talk about on a

Previous video that hoslo tool company Blades so I'm going to use those and We're going to cut through some eight by Two See who can do it the quickest see if There's any difference between the 18 And the 40 volt [Music] Too easy Okay let me tell you what happened there So you'll notice the 40 volt finished Quicker started the cut much faster That's because the 18 volt here was on The auto mode And it's on the auto mode because it's One of the ones you can't take off the Auto mode I tried it but doesn't work This is one of the older ones so if you Purchased one of the first versions of These before they changed it to be like What that one's like then the auto is Always on you can't turn it on and off By doing the dial trick And unfortunately this is one of those So I will have to do the test again with This one also on the auto mode Thank you Okay so there we go that's both of them On the soft start mode So like I say you need to check if You're going to buy one of the 18 volt Ones check to make sure you can turn it On and off if that's something you want To do and I'm not sure there'll be a

Serial number and a and a date stamp for When that changeover was maybe I'll Check it and find out before the end of The video I don't know so if you're in The shop just put a battery on one Before you buy it and just test to see If you can do it see whether they've got The old ones or the new ones and I've Also had people say that in some Countries even the supposed new ones Don't do it either so that's why I just Showed you them both on soft now how About we put it up against This one the old brushed top handle and See if there's any major advantage or Not with the 40 volt over this one Well as you saw a bit of a thrashing This one is only 2 600 Strokes per Minute three and a half thousand so 900 More than this so it was always gonna Cut a bit quicker the stroke length on This is 26 millimeters which is the same As the 40 volt and the other 18 volt We've got here Um so it's not the stroke length that is Making this one slower than this one It's just a fact this can do an extra 900 passes in a minute which makes it Much quicker than this incidentally this One has a max power output of 340 Watts that is and this is 390 watts and The 40 volt coming in at 700 Watts so Continuously this will feel nicer under Load because it's got the power to just

Keep the tool running whereas the 18 Volt ones more likely to bog down Because this one's got just that extra Bit of oomph to it although to be honest You don't notice it that much unless you Are doing something pretty hardcore and For those of you who want to know it Fits let's see just how good I am at Following a line with this thing Foreign Should have used a nicer blade but [Music] So what I find with the dust extraction Probably gets probably gets about 50 Percent maybe a bit more somewhere Between 50 and 75 percent of the dust Problem with the jigsaw blades going up And down like this so a lot of the Dust Automatically gets pulled up past the Point where it's sucking because when This is hooked up it's sucking there's There's a lot of suck going on there but The dust doesn't end up going in the Right direction to be caught to be Sucked up but it's not it's not bad it Sucks up a fear but Um the problem though is that you do Have to of course have a big hose on it Which sort of Jigsaws you want High maneuverability And as soon as you put that hose on There your maneuverability goes out the Window somewhat also it doesn't have AWS So it comes with the dust extraction

Port and everything But you can't turn on your vac with it So that's that's a little bit annoying And a little bit disappointing in a 40 Volt tool you think by now they would Just stick that on anything that creates Dust like this has a dust port for you To hook it up to a vac you think they Would put AWS in it but alas no Thank you If you want to know the difference in The weights well the 18 volt one is Slightly heavier it's about 20 grams so Basically nothing in it [Music] Now this jigsaw is rated to cut at 135 Millimeters deep which is deeper than This piece of wood which is 125 Now that's something fairly Hefty to try And cut through with a little jigsaw I Think you'd be much better suited with a Reciprocating saw or a chainsaw or a Circulus or if you're going to be Cutting that deep but perhaps rather Than cutting through wood that deep Maybe you're cutting through some sort Of composite panel you know like a Cooler panel where you've got foam in The middle and then you've got aluminum Or thin Steel on the outside sandwiching That foam would be quite good for Cutting that sort of stuff I suppose Because 135 through Timber is going to Be a bit of a slow ride but of course if

I did have a blade long enough on me I Would be trying it [Music] Foreign Thing that's different with these models Over the old brushed one I was showing You before is the way the blades go in So on the 40 volt and the 18 volt Barrel Grip grab your bayonet Style Blade and you just poke it in nice and Easy if you can line it up so you just Shove it in bang locked in place ready To go whereas this one the old 180 you Can't do it because if you have a look At the opening here The slot is going over to the left and Right of that vertical slot there you Need those to line up so to make it line Up you do that shove your Blade in and then release the I was Pushing that by the way a bit hard to See It's tricky to film some things and On the 40 volt here and the other 18 Volt Barrel grip if we release it Fires out but not only that if we have a Look at the slot the slots line up in The direction you want them to when the Blade needs to go in there so it's kind Of like And then spins the other way so 90 Degrees different to the other one so That's nice One-handed insertion and when you Release it

It fires it out Just a little improvement over the old Ones if you want to do a beveled cut Take your Allen key out of the back here Turn your tool over and in the middle Here you will see a Allen screw undo That Once you've loosened the base you can Then tilt it to where you want has a Couple of marks on here for 45 30 and 22 And a half I think so if you stick it Over onto 45 you can then lock it when You've got it loose like this as well You can also move the whole thing back And forth depending on how you want to Use your tool so you can get the blade Closer to the front back depending on What you are doing once you've got it on The angle you want do it up again And Away you go that's quite a slant Foreign So as you saw it cut no problem at all On a 45 degree angle through that 45 Millimeter Timber with a pretty old Blade It was really easy it's it's fairly Smooth that was on the highest orbital Node which is of course the most violent But it did it fairly well I was more Than happy with that but you do have to Be aware that I showed you earlier the 8 Amp Hour battery fitting well once you Have put this on a 45 degree There ain't no way you're using that

Eight amp hour battery because it's just Going to crash and it's the same with The 5 amp hour battery as well so you've Got to use a 2.5 or a 4 if you're going To tilt the base now as well as just Doing free hand cuts you can put a fence In here so that you can run it along the Edge of a bit of Timber or use a fence With a hole in it to do circles you can Also run it on a guide rail with an Adapter although presumably if you've Got a guide rail you've got something Better to cut a straight line with than A jigsaw because jigsaws one of the Greatest things in the world for cutting A straight line you can use a circular Saw blade much better than a jigsaw but It is something that's possible and the Adapters are available so I like this Tool but there is one thing about it That I really do not like and that's This All right Don't like having to do the reach around And find the button I'd far rather just Take my finger off a trigger like this One with this old school D handle you Have much greater control you don't have To try and Fiddle for a dial while You're cutting to change speed and you Don't have to fiddle for a button when You want to stop And you can be going flat out And then just ease it off before you pop

Out the other side So you don't blow out your Timber I much prefer that sort of control Like that although I have to say The barrel grip did a far nicer cut than That just did so after I filmed that Shot I saw that it was on orbital not on The straight cap that's why this did not Do as nice a cut because it was exactly The same blade so it should have been Basically the same having said that Though I'm still more of a fan of D Handles than Barrel grips okay there I Said it let's get this going in the Comments which do you prefer the barrel Grip designs or the top handle d-handle Whatever you want to call it design Barrel D handle let me know down below I Just prefer having all the control at my Fingertips whereas with this you don't Have that when you want to stop you've Got to lean forward and try and touch That right at the right moment and if You want to change the speed you've got To be dialing with this while you're Cutting and it's just I don't like that Style okay Some people prefer that I Don't But having said all that of course this Is a very nice jigsaw to use and it is More comfortable to use than the 18 volt Barrel grip low vibration good comfort In the hand Plenty of power and finally you can all

Stop bugging me about it because this Has been one of the most requested tools That I have reviewed on the xgt platform And so now I know down in the comments Section what's it going to be I know Exactly what it's going to be it's going To be where's the multi-tool where's the Table saw And the other one I'm not even going to Say the other one Now remember if you want to win one of These things head on down to my patreon Page down there up in the top corner Sign up for that and very shortly I am Going to be giving one of these away Not this one not a used one a brand new One still in the box so if you want to Be one of the first in the world to get Your hands on one of these check out That patreon link down there and I'll See you guys on another one next week Cheers guys All right Foreign

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