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DeWalt Cordless Combo Kit

DeWalt Cordless Combo Kit is one of the most reliable power tools in the market, known for its durability, power, innovation, performance, comfort, etc. Most professional users prefer using DeWalt than other power tools available, though the price is not that good but it is worth saving for, guaranteed users to fulfil their satisfaction and meet their needs and expectations from DeWalt. As it is stated above, it is cordless, that means, no need to worry about cords and socket, it is powered by a heavy duty battery that would last long and would finish the job before the battery…

Honda EU1000i Generator – An Owners Review

Yes, I own a Honda eu1000i generator. I like to call it the little generator that could. Read about my experience with it here.

Portable Honda Generators – The EU Series

Portable Honda Generators have been around for many years. In this article I discuss the virtues of the very popular EU Series of generators.

10 Safety Tips When Using Belt Sanders

Power tools such as the belt sander can be a very intimidating piece of equipment. I have listed 10 safety tips you can follow that can ease your fears and make your life easier and safer.

Safety When Using a Domestic Chainsaw

With the uprise of domestic chainsaws, many more people are putting themselves into danger. All chainsaws are dangerous, but professional users know the risks and take appropriate action to minimise it and prevent accidents. However, when it comes to the domestic chainsaw, people seem to have the perception that there is less danger, just because it is made for domestic use.

10 Tips on How to Use Stihl Cutquik Saw Safely

Stihl is the leading provider of handheld outdoor power equipment in the industry that has been proven over 80 years. Cutquik Cut-off Saws is one of the latest products from Stihl. Created under the influence of environmental considerations and constantly engineered for advanced exceptional and fast cutting applications.

Make Drilling Easy by Choosing the Right Drilling Machine

The use of the right core drilling machines is quite necessary to get good drilling results. Depending on your requirement, you can choose the type of drill bit for your application.

How To Use A Sump Pump

If your home is subject to a great deal of basement flooding, your best tool to get rid of this problem is a sump pump. Sump pumps are simple, effective devices that pull water through inlets and expel the water through a discharge hose out of your house. When you correctly install and maintain a sump pump in your home basement, you’ll be eligible for saving thousands of dollars in repairing a water damaged basement.

Uses of a Custom Toolbox

Whether you are a home handyman or a tradesman who has lots of tools, you will need one or more toolboxes to keep your tools in. Tools come in all shapes and sizes; some come with their own boxes, but many tools need to be kept in a special box to both protect them from damage and make them easier to find quickly when you need them. There are many toolboxes available commercially, but not all will be suitable.

In Review: Dewalt’s DCF885L2 20V MAX Lithium Ion Impact Driver Kit

Dewalt is famous for putting big power into the hands of craftsmen everywhere, and with the release of a new and improved impact driver, Dewalt intends to also put that big power into a surprisingly sleek and compact power tool. Find out how you can make a greater impact with this remastered compact impact driver.

Increase Productivity With CNC Milling Machines

Development of CNC milling machines has given a new direction to manufacturing business. These machines have made the industrial tasks much easier and efficient. By eliminating the need of performing repetitive tasks again and again, these machines have replaced humans and have placed safety in the confines of these computer controlled machines.

In Review: DeWalt’s DCF885C2 20V MAX Compact Impact Driver Kit

This September 2011, DeWalt released a new and certainly improved line of 20V MAX compact, cordless power tools. This innovated platform has been turning heads and causing ruckuses and, apparently, intends to change the way both professional tool users and weekend-crafters work with 20V of power. Their new compact impact driver is among the new tools released and, for a number of reasons, this driver stands out in a crowd.

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