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Watch as Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, shows you how to remove and replace a faucet cartridge.

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Hi Lou manfredini and in this video We're going to show you how to replace a Valve cartridge in a kitchen faucet if You have one that's leaking now if You've got a leak like this chances are That that valve cartridge needs to be Replaced so the first thing you want to Do is turn the water off that leads to The faucet from underneath the sink both The hot and the cold because once you Remove that cartridge it will be spewing Water out and you just don't want to Have it hit you in the face then on this Particular faucet you'll see that There's a little spot where an allen Wrench goes in to remove the handle you Go ahead and loosen that pull the handle Off and then there's either a ring or a Clip that has to come off that exposes The cartridge go ahead and remove that And then with a pair of pliers or with Your fingers pull the cartridge out from The faucet now in a perfect world you Know who the manufacturer is and the Model number if you don't take this this Cartridge to your local Ace and show Them what you need and chances are they Have it in stock and you'll be able to Then take the new cartridge and Basically in Reverse put the new one in So you're going to gently place that Back into the hole there then put all The corresponding clips and covers on There the handle back on turn the water

Back on and the leak should be Eliminated coming up next my video on How to clean a stainless steel sink Oh [Music]

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