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Lou Manfredini, Ace’s Home Expert, gets the full rundown of the Craftsman storage options.

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Hi Lou manfredini Aces Home expert and I'm here with Brandon from Craftsman Thanks so much for joining us today yeah Thank you I want to talk a little bit About getting organized in particular uh In your shop or the garage now certainly People know Craftsman as being this Long-standing quality brand and you know You may think of it as hand tools and Power tools and all those things but you Also have Solutions when it comes to Getting organized yes that's correct we Have a lot of great Solutions and we Know organizing your garage can be a Little bit overwhelming yeah you know You've got a lot of stuff yeah don't Necessarily know how to get started but I think that's the great part about our Storage solutions is fully modular so You can kind of build and grow as you go It's really just a couple questions that You want to ask yourself to get started Right how much space are you kind of Looking to fill right and then what Types of tools and supplies Um do you want to want to start with Storing and that'll kind of determine The mix of Wall Storage you might need And and cabinet storage right and Fortunately Craftsman offers great Solutions in both of those categories And with the cabinet storage you've got A bunch of different sizes you've got a Full almost like an armoire type of

Situation right drawers and then of Course the tool boxes which come in all Different kinds of sizes yeah that's Correct we have in our in our garage Organization line we have multiple Cabinet configurations and sizes right And same thing with our tool storage Line so really again it's a kind of About how much bass do you have how much Stuff do you need to store right you can Kind of build that out as you go over Time so lots of different configurations You talked about the wall system yeah so Our it's our Craftsman versus track System so the the center piece of the System is a four foot composite plastic Rail okay that you would install to your Your garage or Workshop wall and then You can build from there you can they're An interlocking tongue and groove Technology so you actually can build Them out to stack them to fill as much Of a wall space as you need and so once You put the track up you just have all Kinds of accessories that are built to Utilize that track that's correct we Have uh about 16 different accessories That work on the track and we're Continuing to to talk to end users all The time to understand what their Storage frustrations are right and Constantly looking to add and build on That assortment we actually just added Four new accessories last year to our

Versatrack offering that's awesome great Information thank you so much if you'd Like more information all you need to do Is go to or better yet Stop by your local Ace Hardware store All right well check it out our video Coming up next is more on the versatrack System [Music]

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